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  1. I know I’m pretty confused about people arguing it. Definitely a pen.
  2. I agree very impressed with them, yet Man U dicked them 4-0 so I’m confused
  3. Ah right yeah no chance I didn’t actually bother looking at the actual facts.
  4. I would say we are better now but everyone else is also way better so we are actually further away from winning the title. I mean if you look at individual positions then we definitely have better players this time no contest.
  5. Never won the prem. Hopefully that continues
  6. Apparently he wants to end his career here and then continue as coach. Could end up our record appearancer.
  7. They are ****ed. Would hate to support them just no identity just go through so many managers who are all pretty much the same.
  8. Annoying that they both won but still some decent results for us today and I predict Watford will win 2-1 so that will be good too.
  9. Seemed poor goalkeeping for that Man City goal
  10. Klopp is a ****ing dork. He should look at his own actions and those of his players before hanging out ours to dry. Mane is a disgrace
  11. That Mane dive was very similar to his against us. Truly awful and the punishment should be harsher.
  12. Rugby fans absolute weirdos! Went down to my local at around 2 today for a quiet pint or 3 yeah that was wishful thinking. Full of people I had never seen before who had been in there since the rugby game earlier. Absolutely wasted. I appreciate we all like a drink but even after 10 pints I wouldn’t be acting like they do. One thing that stood out was a middle aged woman in Barbour, jeans and boots asked to smell mine n my girlfriends hair and then said “yeah smells ok”. She then says “you 2 look worried” yeah no shit you freak. Then I was at the bar with my dog this woman barges in and boots
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