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  1. What a ball from Sterling absolute quality.
  2. Looks nice mate. I was at the royal George earlier which was very nice and they have dog friendly rooms which I need. Didn’t realise how nice it was down there though.
  3. I had a meeting today in Tintern and I have never been there before. Wow what a nice place going to look for hotels there it looked amazing.
  4. Nah he created the contact himself then flung himself to the ground.
  5. I quite like watching them, it is different and fairly effective. Makes a change from the dross that the likes of Burnley and Palace play.
  6. Lol them pair of sideshow bobs just had a horror show
  7. How much was that Pepe again? He’s ****ing shit
  8. Where’s Ozil at? Don’t see him play much
  9. Looking forward to this game. decent choice for once.
  10. Wow didn’t realise this was on Friday
  11. Forgot about the fans from both Bristol clubs, heard racist chants from them at the KP
  12. Unabomber


    Also this is a joke. People getting themselves banned for the most trivial of things. Calling each other names? Lol If you are going to get a ban at least go out with a bang. I’ve only been banned once and that was during the Thai sex tape scandal when I had had a few too many beers and advised that the best part of the tape was when Nigel walked in and called his son an ostrich. Got banned as the journos were viewing the forum for news on the scandal and FT must've been concerned they would use me as a source and FT would be tarnished hahaha.
  13. Unabomber


    Who is donk seems to be a abit aggressive for a newbie? Unless it’s some person with another account?
  14. Hope there aren’t any French ginger twats now that would be offensive.
  15. Never thought he would be up to prem football but fair play to him he is looking decent enough for Burnley. I think that is his limit though and will prob drop down the leagues in a few years.
  16. That’s weird that you can’t wear aftershave at work never heard that one.
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