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  1. How is everyone seeing this Mane dive you guys watching it?
  2. Let’s see Man U fans go on about that defending from AWB
  3. Probably because the question is who is our best player and the answer is Vardy
  4. Cool I didn’t realise it was back. Will get on that.
  5. Rugby is so shit and I reckon a lot of people just pretend to like it.
  6. Watched a film called Sully earlier pretty good. Apparently based on a true story but I don’t believe that at all, you do not land a plane on water and survive.
  7. No chance here. Derby have completely fell off in this instance
  8. This XG stuff is absolutely amazing haha. An arsenal fan and journo rang up Talksport after they lost to Sheffield united and complained about the arsenal fans slagging their team off. He said “our xg was much better than when Leicester won there” who the hell cares. You don’t get goals and points for nearly scoring!
  9. Why were they paying him £1.3million a year? That is absolutely mental!
  10. I would say vote from 30 then you have had a good time to form proper educated unbiased opinions. Absolutely not 16!
  11. Wow whose gran cut Tierney’s hair with her eyes closed?
  12. £13 a day on food and it is spent at subway? That’s mad budgeting man
  13. It just offends me that Cundys job is to watch football and talk about it yet he can’t even do that properly. I mean comparing Maddison to Youri as a player? Wow just inexcusable.
  14. I am not having a go at Geoff just asking a question about talksport.
  15. These horrific opinions should not be getting air time. Also if they are just trolling then they shouldn’t be on the air either as it just eliminates any credibility at all. Geoff please advise what is this all about? Is it just a joke station or what? Surely if so you should move on?
  16. Only used EMA for work but it’s very handy. Only 10 mins from where I am and pretty stress free.
  17. Decent now all sorted thanks to everyone providing links
  18. Wtf no streams on my usual site. Let me know if anyone has any joy please
  19. Booked my flights for New York, going at the end of March. Anyone ever been around that time? Also still looking for best hotel as there are so many options!
  20. Idiots having a go at him wow. Fair play I say and brilliant in play bet. Hope he has a great time with the money.
  21. Our club have some brilliant editing people. That new video is incredible
  22. Yeah agree deffo dive. Concerned if people can’t see it?!
  23. Wow mane dives again! He will surely be punished retrospectively?!
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