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  1. Whatever happens, i do not feel we deserve a place. If we did make the cut I would be fearful for how we would fare in the champions league. For me it all feels like who has lost the champions league places. Not who has won one. 14 points clear at one point should not result in a Europa league spot if you have any amount of quality in your squad. I don’t fear for next season because I have no expectations. But we need to learn that we need strength in depth. That’s something we are clearly lacking.
  2. Just out of interest, does anyone have a copy of the BBC documentary that they did? 5000-1 i think it was called?
  3. If you want a smile, Sky Sports are running the 15/16 season summary
  4. Totally and utterly correct. For the record, I am in your camp. It’s so, so sad but my life continues. I have laughed and joked yesterday and today but that doesn’t detract from the waves of sadness that I come back to when hearing and reading about this incident.
  5. All the best to everyone who is taking this hard. I've been reading every post in this thread since about 10AM this morning but now I need to go and spend time with my wife (well, when the roast is ready) Someone posted a telephone number to the Samaritans earlier in this thread and I urge anyone who thinks they need to talk to call them. It sounds silly and desperate to be calling them. For me... this has raised some feelings from my mothers death which I still haven't come to terms with 5 years after the event. I'm OK, but i can easily see how a shock event can trigge
  6. Not speculating mate... just wondering. I remember when my mum died, I just had a similar feeling of 'what happens now?'
  7. Yes, and i see nothing wrong with thinking about this. It does not detract form my thoughts being with the families of this horrific disaster.
  8. That really won't come into it. Its a public interest incident which will be commented on once facts are established. The family wishes may play some part but business will not be considered.
  9. Again, not to be argumentative, I read the comment about "that's for another time" as suggesting it shouldn't be talked about. If it wasn't mean in that way, no problem
  10. Spot on. Thats exactly how it will come out. As with any tragedy, until its announced I'll hold on to some hope... however small that might be.
  11. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but looking at the images from the air, I think the pilot needs to also be recognised as doing a great job of limiting the situation. I can't honestly believe that it was dumb luck that the chopper came down where it did. Not sure if there's anything like a black box recorder but I hope that we find out if he did do this. If so it should also be recognised.... he will have saved lives.
  12. I was thinking about this too. Not just Tuesday, but even next weekend! The last time I had a bereavement of someone close, I wasn't truly at the races for at least a month! And that was from a so called natural death, not some untimely tragedy like this.
  13. This is said with the utmost respect: Please don't tell people how to grieve. I can see it affects some people more than others but if people want to talk about such a thing, they should be allowed.
  14. I do wonder what will become of the club. Now probably isn’t the time but with no news coming out the mind wanders.
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