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  1. Aeropars

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Who knows. Half of it is because we have never had a true world class player in our team. It’s just all a bit odd.
  2. Aeropars

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    I knew it was coming but it’s still so hard to take. And i I don’t see him working in the Man City team which makes it bemusing.
  3. Aeropars

    Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    Anyone know why Iborra was dropped?
  4. Aeropars

    Spurs (H) 2-1 Post Match Thread

    If that’s a benchmark where the hell does Silva fit in!?
  5. Aeropars

    Premier League Saturday night football

    Best league in the world, with the majority of the best players, the most competition for league places and the most cash. It it stands to reason that people all over the world will want to see it. The Premiere Leage isn’t our humble working mans entertainment anymore. It’s a global brand and consumers demand more games being televised around the world. If if you ask me, the ban on 3pm kick offs being televised should be life red before moving more games for tv. As well, restrict the watering down of games over multiple subscription services.
  6. Aeropars

    Vardy in the jungle

    If ever there was a thread to show just how poor the clientele is on this forum, this is it. Privileged she is, and I doubt she would say otherwise. Course, the charity work and awareness raising she does really does make her a slut/chav/scumbag. Please..... There is about 10% of people on here who are worth reading who offer a reason to visit this forum. I really wish the others would forget how to type.
  7. Aeropars

    Burnley at home

    I just got an additional ticket for a friend. £36 for burnley at home?!? Taking the pish!
  8. Aeropars

    Claude Puel on LCFCTV Tonight

    So I take it he has worse English than Claudio. I heard about 30 seconds. This could be very bad.
  9. Aeropars

    Does anyone realise.....

    Frankly I’ll do what I like.
  10. Don't the FA have delegated authority by FIFA which would mean FIFA are the last word on the matter? So FA working on behalf of fifa who ratify world football? Not sure of the business model but it would make sense.
  11. I'm aware of the rumours but don't really see that your post gives any evidence as to who would be paying his wages. Its probable he's being paid by us but not certain.
  12. For me he looks poor. As does a lot of our defence. The fact he puts his foot on the ball and tries to run and pass does not make him our best player. We are very clearly missing Huth. Its easy to think a defender is your best player when you're spending 70% on average of each game on the back foot. Immature and it shows.
  13. I'm not arguing about it mate (like so many people do on here), i just don't think its as clear cut as he is or is not our player. We will sign him when allowed so it makes no sense for him to be lingering around his old club. I would be very interested to see id, and who is paying any wages in this scenario.