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  1. I’ve genuinely thought we might be drawn into this for the last few weeks - teams below us are starting to pick up points and we’re in a terrible run of form with no clear signs of getting out of it.
  2. Thrust is going on the list - but probably as a framework test or ‘warm-up’ project. Spy vs Spy - I absolutely loved that, that’s definitely going on the list of possibles...
  3. Great response and thanks for the advice. I’ve previously worked in the games industry as a developer (a long while ago mind you) before moving into the boring side of computing, aka developing business software - I’m not looking to do this as a career, im looking to just have some fun with my skills and rekindle the memories and feeling of making something fun. I’m going to be using unity, I don’t really want to have to write code in C++ again (I did say I wanted to have fun!) and it had the basics of what I need to build my framework on top of.
  4. No, we lost because of 2 rare mistakes by Mendy **AND** we allowed them to take advantage of that by being too defensive and defending waaaay too deep, giving them too much space.
  5. Looking to get out of corporate drudgery - I'm looking to put my software dev skills to good use and embark on a project to remake a classic old game. I'm not looking to emulate an old game, but remake/re-imagine it. I have a couple of ideas of which titles to look at, but if you were able to choose a game, which would it be (and what platform)?
  6. Puel needs to go, poor tactical choices, poor transfer market, clearly no rapport with the players and definitely none with the fans - he’s distant and doesn’t fit with the club. poor fit, poor manager. Bye
  7. Voted Remain, but accept the result and now actually want a no-deal Brexit.
  8. The problem is, you can’t argue or hold a meaningful debate with intellectually challenged, stupid, blinkered, pathological liars.
  9. Anyone know what’s going on - road closed.
  10. Literally the only certainty in all of this, is that it's a total bloody mess!
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