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  1. m4DD0gg

    Salisbury, Skripal, Poison and Russia.

    wow thats some top propaganda........bbc at its best i suppose
  2. m4DD0gg

    Let's have a films thread.

    Wow that looks so bad
  3. m4DD0gg


    Another one of our management teams cracking signings.
  4. m4DD0gg

    Ricardo Pereira

    Even if this does happen it wont be till after the world cup. No player in the right mind representing their national team will make a move now.
  5. m4DD0gg


    Got to be vardy. Imo one of greatest players we have ever had. He would get the lads fired up.
  6. m4DD0gg

    It's not Rudkins Fault

    Ofc it's his fault. The buck stops with him he is the dof. Just like if the players play dog shit it's the manager that suffers.
  7. m4DD0gg

    Ricardo Pereira

    You can guarantee the net will still be about 50 quid.
  8. Manager, DoF and Captain.
  9. Great idea, seeing as the majority of the first team have not played there since xmas why not give some fans a go.
  10. m4DD0gg

    Allardyce gone - Shaky, Walsh and NP available?

    Dont expect the dullards running the show to make a decision
  11. m4DD0gg

    The First transfer IN. Who and when?

    Probably some random crap too late in the window
  12. m4DD0gg

    North Korea

    of course not
  13. m4DD0gg


    Indeed and they have just had a spectacular season.
  14. m4DD0gg


    Knowing leicester there will be some sort of clause where if we wait until a later date we will not have to pay as much compo