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  1. OK bbe
  2. Bbc is garbage and has been for years. Motd is OK on occasions but perhaps if they spent more money channelling their funds into things people actually want to watch like innovative shows and decent sport people would not be scrapping their license fee left right and center
  3. Sod pensions. If I had the chance I would pull back all my Ni payments and go private on every thing they fund. Also if you want any sort of decent retirement get into property.
  4. That's not my point. The buy back underminds the deal because it's not a healthy situation for us or the player.
  5. This buy back clause underminds the whole deal. That I suspect is what's dragging this out.
  6. Saw this shite on TV briefly when missis was watching it. Summarises everything wrong with the millennial generation both those who participate and those who are obsessed with it. True decline of British pop culture, values and attitudes.
  7. This new information is a piss take of the highest order. I will be ringing up tomorrow demanding a refund on my membership as this points scheme is a total cluster ****. Would rather wait for a stadium expansion to garuntee a season ticket and watch on TV illegally until that point. Lcfc never fail to amaze me at how amateur they are at this side of running a football club.
  8. Too many to mention ranging from kids fighting with teachers, joints and mushrooms at play time, constant skiving and the school bus journey was always a good laugh on a double decker trying to rock it from side to side.
  9. Blimey is that recent?
  10. Fair play to Lewis. Legend of his sport.
  11. Roma is an odd one as basically they are shite. Never gone win their league and will be serial failures in the champions league. Mahrez is scraping the barrel if he truly thinks this is a step up.
  12. Dont care one jot, if it means more money into the club they can sponser what ever they want.
  13. As long as the management team dont have brain fart syndrome like they did for the first half of last season there is no reason why not. Top 10 in no particular order will be i think: Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal, Spuds, Liverpool, Everton, Soton, Leicester, stoke Relegation: Watford, Brighton, Newcastle
  14. the man has a well known cocaine problem, would not touch him for free
  15. If these freaks are caught and prosecuted the punishment will not be enough to deter others. Prison sentences and overall punishments in this country are a joke and if anything are an insentive to commit crimes