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  1. m4DD0gg

    Keith Vaz

    Prime example of why the uk political system is a total sham and why the whole thing needs to go in the bin.
  2. rekon there could be a fair few selling tickets for this cos of the stupid ko time
  3. Wheres the not voting option? Not one of these lying inept parasites deserves voting for.
  4. Don't care. Will have little impact on us as we wont win the league.
  5. Definitely you. Watching live live he is different class.
  6. Incredible player and made arsenal look amateur tonight
  7. There team looks very strong on paper. Feeling nervous about this one.
  8. Greatest Leicester player of all time and one a true Premier league legend
  9. His head is already turned and is publicly a Man utd fan. Guarantee he will go down the Mahrez route at some point on the mardy-ness scale.
  10. Questionable? He is one of the worst LCFC players of all time.
  11. Some real dog shit music in that lot
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