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  1. Where is the following options - new manager, new chief scout?
  2. Wave good bye to what building standards are left, the rise of cowboy 'speculative' builders and the destruction of the english countryside. Astonishing to be honest, but hey when people are looking the other way........ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53625960
  3. Being under 40 does not make you immune from the virus, dying from the virus or worse spreading the virus. Like you say its feasible a vaccine may never be found and lets be honest a vaccine isnt a cure despite what some think. Its possible that capacity crowds at sporting events and concerts may not return for many years.
  4. When teams like man city blatantly break all the financial rules implemented in the game then it starts to become whats the point. I would quite happily let the likes of them Man Utd, Chelsea etc all **** off into their own european super league.
  5. Cant be any worse than the 30m slapped out for perez and some of the other dross in recent years.
  6. The man is a massive con artist, proper blagger and a poor manager. His biggest skill is word smithing the media into making them think hes actually any good.
  7. Brenda will be gone by Xmas when we languishing in the bottom 6 after mongleton has done a blinder in the transfer window signing the next bunch of perez's
  8. Cant pass Cant shoot Cant defend Boring negative tactics Seemingly very unfit Couldnt give a **** attitude Claude rogers smiling all the way to the bank with his alan pardew style contract
  9. yay hamza and albrighton on (said no one ever) we are so shit
  10. Top 4 will be the top 2 as they are, chelsea and man utd. We look devoid of anything creative.
  11. Imagine starting the match with that formation. Not a chance this team gets champions league.
  12. m4DD0gg

    Corona Virus

    Dont see the problem, we wont see another ball kicked in the premier league in 2020.
  13. m4DD0gg

    Corona Virus

    Way ahead if italy now after today's figures
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