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  1. As a young lad seeing that was heart braking, far more so than the blackburn defeat.
  2. wow
  3. Cant believe we have not gone for Defoe. Even if he is not on our radar its frustrating to see teams like Bournemouth have a deal like that tied up already.
  4. Would love to see this happen and a real sign of intent if we can pull it off.
  5. Lazy bugger in first half. You could clearly and audibly hear and see Albrighton screaming at him. If a sizeable bid comes in from China or the 'tards at West ham get rid and invest in someone who will compliment vardy.
  6. Hart is awful. He is crap for England and has been crap at torino.
  7. Well apparantly Kane is one of the best strikers in the world now after scoring 4 goals against a team with no defence.
  8. What's Brian Carey upto these days
  9. Shows what a joke the fit and proper persons test is. Still its a wonder what a few back handers can get you.
  10. chucking it down, so spursy
  11. Bizare none of the fans lips are moving but the sound is belting out loud. Gota love the sky microphones and the play back tapes.
  12. He will be there next summer clogging up the starting eleven like the smell of a rancid fart.
  13. Hard to believe Rooney is just 31. I have seen 40 year old blokes down the local rec look fitter.