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  1. No one will leave in January. Summer is a different ball game.
  2. ISP's will always be a bottle neck despite what the deluded clowns at Google think. Will be moth balled within 2 years and end up on https://killedbygoogle.com/
  3. means nothing really, he gets a bigger wage fair enough and we get a bigger fee in the summer
  4. Keep dreaming. I would wager money right now that chilwell and maddison will not be LCFC players at the start of next season champions league or not.
  5. Basically means he cant be arsed, i wouldnt be arsed going to Botswana or Algeria for that matter
  6. Only a matter of time before him and the spine of the team is ripped out the club. Before any one starts with the whole the club wont sell, if these guys want to go they will go.
  7. Ultimately a system devised to keep the top clubs at the top and punish the **** out of anyone else who dares stray from the line.
  8. this is the problem though, its the same every 2 years in these pointless qualifying games, ever since 1996 and before that 1990 its nothing but shite at the tournament, 20+ years of the same bollocks and people tune out. The last world cup was kind of an exception to the norm but how horse face didnt get us to the final given our route is unforgivable.
  9. literally have no idea why anyone watches england. Zero atmosphere in the ground, usual turd commentary from mr bypass in the studio. Come next summer we will get bummed the moment we play a country that has a population of more than 10 people.
  10. Same old england. Put them up against a team that is not non league standard in something that matters and they will soon be shown for what they are..........shit.
  11. guaranteed to be some mouth piece bollocks from his agent
  12. I like AFTV and the Blood Bruvas stuff is a good watch doing a fly on the wall documentary around a group of Youtube based football teams playing amatuer football.
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