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  1. He’ll shake things up, get a few results, then for reasons unknown to the general public will be dismissed suddenly.
  2. football is like world of warcraft...........it used to be good
  3. i doubt that very much, he is chelseas highest paid player on £170k plus a week, any one who thinks he gives 2 ****s about leicester is deluded
  4. Both utter garbage, if i had to choose it would be perez because he can at least control a football.
  5. Why do we persist with nacho. He is atrocious and completely lacks basic football ability.
  6. Surprise surprise. Theres a reason why Leicester will not be coming out of any sort of restriction any time soon but the cucks on here and in the government are too shit scared to say anything.
  7. The premier league and european competitions are 100 times more intensive and physically and mentally demanding then the ZDS cup. Not to mention the fact that players have had very little preseason.
  8. Anyone willing to blindly take a 'vaccine' needs their head seeing to.
  9. football is crap anyway at the moment and will remain so while ever there are no fans in grounds
  10. playing 1 up front here is yet again a shockingly bad management decision, does he never learn
  11. utter garbage as usual, nacho may as well not be playing he is so ineffective
  12. Seriously got to ask the question of considering how utterly abject we are at corners why didnt Braindead Rodgers have chilwell taking them
  13. 3rd window in a row and no forward to cover or provide competition for our soon to be 34 year old only striker - Ollie Watkins was available. Under is too early to tell but looks like Knockeart mk2 Timothy looks a bargain though and i hope new Wes does well.
  14. Perez and Nacho are both awful players and its a disgrace we have gone 3 transfer windows in a row without signing support/cover/competition for our soon to be 34 year old only lone striker.
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