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  1. I think Pereira will be effective at LB, he drifts inwards a lot anyway. But Castagne obviously has more experience playing there. It's not something I'd worry about at all, I think Castagne and Pereira on the flanks in any arrangement is a seriously good thing for us.
  2. No test is 100% perfect. A test with a specificity of over 95% is a solid test. I have very little good to say about the government but that is a really shitty stick to beat them with. The politicisation of healthcare that has come with COVID is really harmful. People looking to inappropriately allocate blame to what is an incredible natural event, a virus overwhelming an overpopulated species.
  3. The hell is Elneny complaining about there, he's so late
  4. Choudhury and Dewsbury-Hall look a solid pair in midfield so far.
  5. Where do you play him? He's not going to sit on the bench for Vardy. We're not going to go two up top.
  6. I know last season's ending hurt, but you do have try and rationalise it. Finishing 5th in this league is remarkable. The Premier League has a genuine top ten now - Manchester United and City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, us, Wolves, Everton and Leeds will all have European aspirations and that's not even counting teams like Villa who have splashed the cash. To finish in the European spots is the sign of a really, really good team capable of going toe to toe with anyone in Europe. It's still a young team and recruitment remains sharp. You have to be positive.
  7. I'm not usually this way minded but I'd sack this off, play the kids. Crowded enough season as it is.
  8. Think I'd have given Tielemans MotM, totally ran the game.
  9. That's his best game for the club.
  10. Looks a real player. Be quite happy with either him or Pereira on the left. Think I'd lean towards Pereira, quite like the idea of him coming inside on his right foot.
  11. Lovely. Send this dirty, cheating, stingy, anti-football team packing.
  12. Not a bad half against an anti-football side. Think I'd think about getting Madders on.
  13. Seems promising and very low risk given we’re not obliged to buy. Fills a real problem area for us.
  14. Stand by it, think he's a squad filler.
  15. Bryn


    Think we've all known for a while a fit Mendy is a really useful player. I don't think we look good with two defensive midfielders so expect him to warm the bench when Ndidi returns to midfield but definitely very happy with him in the squad.
  16. Big, big win. I don't think you can totally ignore our deficiencies in 2020 purely off beating a poor WBA side but we needed to stem the bleeding and this will be huge for confidence.
  17. On a positive note Castagne looks tidy.
  18. And back up Vardy who could get injured.
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