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  1. That's a gorgeous goal. Should be 2-0 after 4 mins 😂
  2. Love Scott Mills and Chris Stark me.
  3. Some really brilliant performances tonight. Schmeichel 6 - Didn't have much to do. Doesn't fill me with confidence from corners and lost his rag a bit tonight. Pereira 9.5 - I've called it 10 on the slider because it doesn't do halves. This man is truly world class, if it wasn't for TAA (who I think is going to be in the top 3 players in the world), he'd be the best right-back in Europe. He's got the lot and when he's in that sort of mood he's just unplayable. Soyuncu 7 - Defended aggressively but tidily, outclassed the hammers attack. Evans 7 - See Soyuncu, except he's the ice where Soyuncu is fire. Chilwell 7 - Yeah, a few sloppy touches. But he carries the ball wonderfully and got up and down the line all night long. We're better when he plays well. Ndidi 7 - We are just better with him in the side. He links the defence and midfield brilliantly, he's worked hard on his passing. Had the strength to manage their physicality. Tielemans 8 - Much much better, he just looked fitter and sharper. I like him in that deep-lying role, I think he can really influence play from there. I actually really liked it in the first half where he was the deepest midfielder and Mendy was the one bringing the ball out. Maddison 9 - An understated but classy performance, he constantly found pockets of space to dictate the play from. His performance might have passed you but watch the highlights back and you'll see our best moves starting with him time and again, turning players and feeding the ball through the lines. Perez 9.5 - Again it's a 10 on the sliders. For the majority of the game he quietly worked his bollocks off. Pereira couldn't influenced the game the way he did without the graft of Perez. He was almost faultless in how he used the ball, held the ball up and in how he pressed and tracked back. And then a cool penalty and a lovely finish at the end. Really, really impressive. Vardy 7 - He was running the channels a lot more than we've seen of late, I think we were trying to get runners going through the middle far more and Vardy was drawing the centrebacks out effectively. Hopefully back soon Barnes 9 - If his end product stays like this he's got the lot. He's quick, good on the ball and intelligent. Really impressive performance, the assist for Pereira was magnificent. Subs/Subbed off Mendy 8 - Such a shame, he works hard and carries the ball beautifully, I think him and Tielemans had a lot of potential. Iheanacho 8 - Another effective cameo, he's improved in every facet of his game. Morgan 7 - Steadied the ship.
  4. Rodger's just said the Vardy injury not too serious. Gluteal rather than hamstring.
  5. Really enjoyed that, think that's one of our best performances of the season. Good performances throughout. The headlines will go to Pereira - utterly unplayable -, Barnes and Perez, but the whole team put a real shift in and the football was of high quality. Just to issue a slight word of warning, you have to notice that West Ham completely and utterly failed to press our full-backs the way Burnley and Southampton did. It really hurts us and we have to find ways to build the play when teams are more on it than West Ham were tonight.
  6. Fantastic. Perez has had a "low-key" really good game tonight, he's worked his bollocks off to facilitate Pereira to get forward - and then snatched two goals. Great stuff.
  7. Fantastic pen. No idea what WHU are complaining about, stonewall pen.
  8. You know who is an overrated pile of shite? Declan Rice. Never been impressed.
  9. Not really sure what Kasper is so irate about, it's a pen.
  10. Barnes and Pereira are ****ing beast mode.
  11. We need another attacker in the window.
  12. Jogs off but get him off and keep him off. Don't risk a bloody thing with that man.
  13. That's a real shame for Papy Mendy, there's a really good player in there.
  14. Definitely onside, lovely goal. We've made a few tactical changes here. We're clearly under instructions to commit more men forward through the middle - Tielemans is the deepest midfielder dictating from deep - Mendy has license to bring the ball forward in a very Kante style way - Vardy is pulling out into the channels far more to try and split the centrebacks - Perez and in particularly Barnes are much more central and playing further forward So far so good.
  15. Everton did play in the CL in I think 2005 or around that time somewhere. But your point is still valid. See also; West Ham.
  16. Collectors item that, an Evans mistake.
  17. Gray and Iheanacho on for Perez and Mendy.
  18. Match them up. 4-4-2. Mendy adding nothing to this.
  19. Probably was a foul but it's not clear and obvious. I don't want to see VAR overruling those and I'd say the same if it were Burnley scoring. Ref had a good view.
  20. That's what we needed, brilliant from Barnes, great run from Vardy.
  21. Onus has to be on the wide players to do more here. Our fullbacks are totally pinned down, they're not going to be able to make the offensive contribution here. Perez and Barnes just aren't doing enough to force their wide midfielders to have to sit in, they're free to push onto Pereira and Fuchs.
  22. They're still in the early 2000s.
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