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  1. Went to a Malaga game this season and he stood out. Despite that I don't think he's anything too special.
  2. Liz Truss also managed to disappear of the face of the earth for the last couple of months.
  3. I voted Labour when I was at uni more to try and get rid of Clegg than anything (hoping he loses his seat this time) in 2015. Voting Labour again in York which they should easily win.
  4. If there's any admin fee bullshit when they already make a profit, I'm sure people will just use this website instead.
  5. The main reason amongst my friends who didn't vote in the EU referendum was laziness. I think nearly all have learned their lesson and will be voting this time. No idea whether this is will the case UK-wide though. It will be very interesting.
  6. I was watching BBC news last week and apparently 12 people in the UK die every day from undiscovered heart problems. A friend from my school lost her boyfriend last year in an amateur football match. So sad. The news correspondent was going through medical tests as part of the report so I'm sure there are indicators in some cases that I don't doubt footballers are tested for. The average person unfortunately won't be able to go through that process.
  7. It's not difficult to say you would use nukes in retaliation. He's just needlessly losing votes every time he refuses to say this.
  8. Her best performance by a mile. Easy ride given to her by most of that audience mind. Where on earth do they find some of these people?!
  9. Doesn't tell us an awful lot but an interesting comparison nonetheless.
  10. Where did you hear about this? Can't see much on the web. It will be interesting to see how involved they get.
  11. Does anybody have any predictions for next week then? I feel like I don't know whether it is easy to call or not. Some polls showing a narrow margin, others have the Tories well ahead. The bookies still seem to show labour getting a battering as expected before the campaigning. It's so hard to get an understanding of the general feeling. In York I've seen more labour posters than ever before. I've spoken to several die hard Tories who can't vote for their manifesto and one who will even vote for Corbyn. Then I see on the news people voting Tory for the first time in their lives because they can't vote for Corbyn. If I had to make a prediction I'd probably go Tories increasing their majority by less than 50 seats. I certainly wouldn't put money on it though.
  12. I don't know how much of a difference it will make, but most people will have gone back home from university by the 8th June. I think you can also choose where to vote.
  13. Did you miss Vardy being dog shit for a few months? His class form since has made amends thankfully.
  14. I think Rudd has not done too badly tbh. Very tough gig for her when her leader is too pathetic to turn up.
  15. Blackpool goal at home is when we knew we had a real talent on our hands