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  1. Frustrates the life out of me! He obviously has quality and is capable of producing some superb performances but the problem is they're so few and far between. He always seems to want too long on the ball as well.
  2. Agreed! I watched him before he moved to Palace and he has made the step up to this league look so easy. I could imagine under Rodgers he would improve even more so. It's a shame we didn't get him when palace managed to as i honestly think this lad will go to somewhere like United or Man city in the next few years.
  3. That's a foul everywhere on the pitch apart from in their penalty area! Strange decision in my eyes
  4. In my opinion the only way to hurt them is a points deduction and a ban from europe next season. It would make them think very hard about ever trying to break away again. All this rubbish about don't punish the fans and players...where was that sentiment when Wigan or Bolton recieved points deductions for mistakes that the hierarchy at their clubs made?? None of the big 6 should avoid punishment. I can guarantee if they get away with it scot free then they'll attempt it again at a later date.
  5. Like others have said it would end my interest in football completely but for the sake of my kids i'd probably take them to watch a local team with an old style stadium so maybe someone like Luton or Northampton or Peterborough but i could never follow them like i do Leicester or be passionate about watching them play.
  6. Once that is confirmed then the premier league should deduct points from all the teams that confirmed they would join this super league. They should come down on all involved really hard!
  7. Bit of a cliche thing to say but i think whoever wins the battle in the middle of midfield wins this. When we dominated the midfield and forced them into errors we looked good.
  8. I hope Perez makes way for Albrighton at half time
  9. No chance he is done. Their is no denying he is going through a very bad spell at the moment but he'll come back stronger and as prolific as ever. He has always been a confidence player and at the moment after a few glaring misses that he would usually put away his confidence must be at an all time low.
  10. I am sure i read somewhere before that Evans holds onto the ball for longer deliberately to draw in opposition players before making a pass. I do agree though he slows down our build up play considerably. He was really poor today.
  11. Gutted about the performance we put in today. Shocking for 70 minutes and then suddenly came into life but unfortunately it was too little too late. Vardy looks like a shadow of his former self. A few games ago he was playing well but just not scoring however now the performance is lacking too. Fingers crossed he can get on the scoresheet soon and give himself a bit more confidence. I thought today would be a good chance for Praet to stake a claim for a place in the team but instead he slowed down the play far too often Credit to Albrighton he came on a
  12. Lacking anyone with some creativity or who can put a defender on the back foot by running at them with the ball. Ironically the two players capable of that are Perez and Maddison
  13. Incredible performance! Finally just watched it after trying to avoid hearing the score for the past 5 hours! The whole 11 barely put a foot wrong. The concentration was there for the full 90 minutes. Literally dominated a strong united team from start to finish. Vardy and Iheanacho seem to understand each other really well. Hopefully a partnership that will only improve even more so given more time.
  14. My thoughts exactly! Apart from your centre halves who you would like to think would be the best attackers of the ball everyone else should be capable of whipping in a dangerous corner and getting it near enough on the money every time.
  15. I am praying that this gets done soon. I honestly think he would be near on impossible to replace. So calm and collected in possession and creative at the same time.
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