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  1. lee7

    Adrien Silva

    He does some really good things and then makes the most basic mistakes! Sometimes he wants too much time on the ball too and he won't get that in the premier league.
  2. lee7

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    I think his running style will infuriate fans in the future. He does look very slow aswell but also showed some nice touches and passes in the short time he was on.
  3. Taking Maddison off was a terrible decision. No one to create for iheanacho and vardy.
  4. Amarteys mistake will cost us this I feel. In the first half I thought he looked the only standout weak link. I can't really see what benefit it is to the team having him over Simpson. Other than that we played the ball around nicely without creating any golden chances. Second half united will come out a different team and we won't have it so easy in regards to time on the ball.
  5. lee7

    Simpson- Not in Puels Plans

    It's a great deal for wolves too if they get him
  6. lee7

    Lack luster transfer window (and no big name signings)

    No idea why someone would waste their time either. You can tell the b*llshitters a mile off as they're generally quite vague and just rehash current rumours!
  7. lee7

    Lack luster transfer window (and no big name signings)

    Spot on and couldn't agree more! As for the 'ITK's' take everything with a huge pinch of salt I don't believe anything anymore until it's official.
  8. lee7

    Simpson- Not in Puels Plans

    Any team near the bottom come January who are conceding goals for fun would love a right back like Simpson. I agree he offers little going forwards but defensively he's very good. No chance he will be dropping two leagues
  9. I really hope that's not the defence come next Friday
  10. lee7

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    I hope you had money on that
  11. lee7

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Just scored! Cracking start for him
  12. lee7

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    That narrows it down
  13. lee7

    Maddison Set Pieces...

    In the past I've never genuinely believed we'll score direct from a free kick when we get one in a dangerous area. Today though I thought Maddison was going to bury that and he came so close! It had real pace on it too.
  14. Where's the best place to park for this? Any help/advice appreciated!
  15. Unfortunately true! He'd need a loan move as I doubt they'll sell him under any circumstances.