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  1. I just know how judgemental other parents can get I think tomorrow if there's still tickets then I'll get us two and just brave it. If he doesn't enjoy it then st that price we'll leave at half time!
  2. For **** sake! I was desperate to take my lad (he's 3) to a pre-season friendly! The Wolves match seemed perfect until his mum told me it falls on his half brothers birthday. Now debating taking him to Luton but then I think about the looks I'll get from other parents/fans for taking him to a one off night match
  3. Although I really like Simpson I'd go all out to get Trippier from spurs aswell as Ake from Chelsea. Midfield I would still pursue Silva as he seems like just the type of quick passing centre mid that we require alongside Ndidi. Then if Swansea go down try to get in for Siggurdson.
  4. Our record against arsenal is horrendous! I hope they have a sh*tter and we put 3 past them if we can hold out for 60 minutes or so and pressure them into making mistakes all over the pitch that may be enough for the anti wenger brigade to turn on their team & that can only help us!
  5. I think if united lose De Gea and they come in for him then it would be too much of a temptation to resist and to be honest I could not begrudge him going to united or any top European club. I hope that he stays though because in my mind he along with Vardy will be the hardest to replace. Other than possibly Lloris there is no other keeper in this League who I would rather have than Schmeichel.
  6. I think it all seriously depends on who the owners make the next permanent manager & the style of football we try to play from the end of this season going forwards. If we carry on with the same philosophy as we have had the last couple of months and the previous season I see no reason why we can't achieve top 6 next season especially with a couple of quality additions. Teams just cannot cope with the counter attacking football.
  7. Like you say top 10 is more realistic but stating that as the ambition will not make the players mentioned above desperate to stay. I think it's essential we continue with the counter attacking style of football. We're already pretty well set up for it. Teams will come to us and not throw many bodies forward but that's where the likes of Gray and Mahrez are essential to our team as they're capable of beating a few players and creating some moments of magic so if those two do go we really do need to find like minded replacements.
  8. If Shakespeare gets named permanent manager and we stick to the philosophy of playing counter attacking football I see no reason why we can't achieve top 6 next season. I think if Shakey stays then the likes of Vardy and Schmeichel could be influenced to stay too. I fear Mahrez is off no matter what but with a couple of good additions and I firmly believe Shakespeare could lead us into the top 6.
  9. I can probably see why Shakespeare didn't throw him on at the same time. Atletico were doubling up on Mahrez and Vardy and I think they would've done the same to Gray. Also Shakey wanted to go long/direct and Gray likes to have 4/5 touches at the best of times. But as I said personally I would've gambled with him as he skips past players with ease and I feel he would've drawn fouls for fun especially late on.
  10. Completely agree. Defensively I reckon he is one of the most consistently good defenders in the premier league. Going forward he doesn't always offer a lot but you know that you can always trust him at the back.
  11. I felt gutted for him last night. When Chillwell and Albrighton were getting time and space outwide I felt it was the perfect type of situation that Gray would've thrived in.
  12. It has to be offered to him in my opinion. He has shown that he is capable of motivating the squad and making effective tactical changes during a game. if we don't offer him the position full time then another club will snap him up. i think he is the best chance we have got of keeping the current squad together and also Shakey is in a position where he already knows who the dead wood is so he will not have to waste weeks of pre-season training analysing them all. I just hope that whoever does become the next permanent manager continues to shape us up as a counter attacking team.
  13. I don't think any Leicester fan can argue that in general Fuchs probably has one of the best delieveries of any player in our squad when it comes to whipping balls into the box. But I agree tonight his crosses were not as accurate as they usually are. Although saying that every cross we put into the box seemed to find an Atletico players forehead.
  14. I'm sure this will be a resounding no.
  15. A proper athlete. His work rate in that second half was top notch. Just as others have said it's a shame his delivery is not better. If he was able to whip a cross in like Fuchs is we could have a real top quality player on our hands.