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  1. I've always rated Lallana Quality with both feet and can pick a pass from nowhere.
  2. No one is above being dropped! In my opinion if a player has a run of bad games then they deserve to lose their place! It gives Ward an opportunity to impress and earn a place in the team. I think dropping kasper would do him the world of good.
  3. Our full backs were denied their usual space and it killed our game.
  4. If Rodgers doesn't change this soon we'll be bang in trouble. I have a horrible feeling itll finish 1-0
  5. Just knew their keeper was going to have a blinder when he got so much of the focus put on him pre match.
  6. Don't get me wrong both Chilwell and Fuchs are the best left backs by some distance that we have had for a number of years at our disposal! I just wish Chilwell had the attacking ability of Ricardo or the crossing ability of Fuchs but unfortunately he lacks neither. Athletically Chilwells engine is really impressive similar to Bale when he used to play left back.
  7. Everytime I see Grealish play he's always on the floor complaining either having went down from the slightest of touches or diving for a free kick. Undoubtedly though anything good that villa create stems from him.
  8. Nice idea. I can see why it would appeal to the young kids who go to the football but in all honesty after seeing it for the first time It was underwhelming. For some reason I was expecting it to be a bit more dramatic (darker for longer periods etc) In my opinion the music that accompanies it should change if they persist with it. Tone down the music and have something the crowd can at least join in with. This has been said for years I know but it really does not help that music is blasted out so loud before kick off that A- you cant build up an atmosphere and B- even speak to the person standing next to you. Its crazy how loud the music is blasted out.
  9. Highly unlikely I know but if anyone has two for sale please message me.
  10. I was a few blocks away and was envious of all involved. Superb effort and exactly what's needed. Im sure against better opposition the atmosphere would be even better. It really is a shame that the club cant dedicate you a specific area week in and week out.
  11. Was this just a one off/reserved for special occasions or will it be a regular thing that happens at every match?
  12. I think the most disappointing thing for me over these last two games is that I expected us to give both teams a good game. Especially with us being second in the league I had hoped that each match would be competitive and we'd run both teams close. Instead we turned up and bent over.
  13. Two matches now against real quality opposition and we've proven we are nowhere near the standard required to challenge for top spot. The performances these last two matches have been laughable.
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