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  1. The difference between us and the teams that are currently in form such as man u and southampton is literally the speed in which they move the ball. Everything is done at a fast pace and the majority of passes are positive forwards ones. Where as with us most passes seem to be sideways and at a much slower pace.
  2. Its already been said but Izzet walks into our current team! I'd love us to have a walsh/elliot type of personality in their too.
  3. Fair play to kasper for apologising not all players do after c*cking up. He has been in great form up until yesterdays game and kept us in a few matches. If he was English he would've been England's number 1 for years now.
  4. I understand that we are on to achieve one of our highest premier league finishes but i can understand why fans are getting sick of the constant bad performances also. Nothing seems to change either which is the most worrying thing. Ever since we drew with Villa in the first leg of the semi final we have been on a terrible run of form. The points we have won in our last 15 or so games would be almost relegation form. I agree that we should give him longer but how much longer if this continues?
  5. To be fair to Ndidi he is winning headers and dispossessing the opposition the same way he always has done. He just stands out now because it seems that all of our midfield are incapable of being creative with the ball. Ndidi is doing the same job he has done for the past few seasons.
  6. If he had better fitness he would be top quality but it seems to me that after 60/70 minutes his legs are gone in every match!
  7. Can see another big loss here. They are flying and our confidence couldn't be much lower. I have said this in another thread but I will find it hard to defend Rodgers if he gets the tactics wrong yet again in a big game.
  8. Sh*ts his pants at the thought of anyone trying to run him. If he starts against sheffield united i give up.
  9. I thought Iheanacho would be the player to depart but not at half time. I would've given him longer then swapped like for like. Absolutely no excuse for bringing on a Midfielder after Bournemouth had lost their best centre half your literally handing the initiative to them on a plate. Huge game against sheffield united now. If the players don't turn up for that then I'll find it hard to defend Rodgers. The way we have set up against teams lower in the league is baffling. We look so toothless.
  10. The most worrying thing is that a champions league place is at stake yet he can't seem to motivate the players to put in a decent performance. Any crucial game we have had under Rodgers we have bottled.
  11. Literally falling apart. Embarrassing Should've went for the kill but instead brought Praet on. Under Rodgers i think we have bottled nearly every crucial match
  12. No idea what he was thinking then! Huge mistake
  13. As i said to another poster i never said he has not contributed anything. I was just stating that nothings really happening for him. I would give him another 10 and see if that changes then if not give Barnes a chance and see if he can cause problems with fresh legs! Iheanacho has had poor first touches here and there as you pointed out and a couple of times he was not strong enough when in possession.
  14. I didn't say he hasn't contributed at all. I simply said nothing is really happening for him. Countless times he has not been strong enough and lost possession. I am a big fan of Iheanacho just nothing seems to be falling for him today so far.
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