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  1. On a similar note does anyone know why the club don't play music pre match that builds up the atmosphere or songs that fans could join in with etc Literally anything that raises the noise a bit.
  2. Man city 4-0 Leicester Leicester 2-3 liverpool Though we haven't conceded too many goals we do gift teams some easy chances and after seeing De Bruyne last night I fear for us next weekend going to Man city
  3. Barnes will come good make no mistake about it. His link up play at times is phenomenal. He walks past players with ease and gets in great positions. It's just unfortunate that at the moment for one reason or another he can't seem to bag a goal to save his life. Chilwell was the same he was awful for us for a good while but given time he repaid the managers faith and is now one of the best left backs in the premier. Barnes will be the same.
  4. Callum chambers is stealing a living in the premier league. He never gets close to a player because of his lack of pace so is scared of getting skinned but then consequently he fails to block crosses resulting in gifting teams goals. Both goals today he could've and should've blocked the crosses leading up to them.
  5. It did make me laugh listening to talksport earlier and hearing them say that with all due respect to Leicester the title race is over. I so hope we manage to prove them wrong and Liverpool slip up soon.
  6. I hope kelechi keeps his place. Been like a new signing in the two games he's played. Deserves to start in the next one.
  7. The way in which we play at the moment will hopefully help us attract some real quality players come january/summer.
  8. His movement is so good and the fact he is capable of threading balls through similar to how maddison or tielemans can is a massive boost. He looked so dangerous today & long may it continue.
  9. That changes villas half time team talk. Hopefully we can put this to bed early second half.
  10. Shot ourselves in the foot conceding just before half time. Hopefully it don't come back to haunt us.
  11. Chilwell always states how happy he is here & how amazing it is playing for the team he grew up watching. I can't see him leaving for Chelsea not in January anyway.
  12. Hopefully that shuts up the pundits/journalists banging on about him leaving! The bloke can't really do much else than sign a new contract to show how committed he is.
  13. If anyone has two please let me know Thanks!
  14. Also looking for two if anyone knows of any going
  15. Out of all our attacking players I would say Perez has been the weakest link for me recently so because of that I'd put him on the bench to start with. If we play like we did against Watford and Everton we'll lose this. I never really fancy us against Villa and in my lifetime I can't remember us putting in many good performances against them
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