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  1. Would be perfectly suited to a newly promoted team that's looking strengthen their back four. As a defender I can't fault him, he's super consistent. Just offers nothing going forwards unfortunately!
  2. Meant to back fox champion yesterday morning but got distracted by the kids ....only remembered at 10 past 3 too back it but by then it had won just my luck!
  3. This sums up my thoughts exactly!
  4. lee7

    Hakim Ziyech

    The time to get him was when we supposedly initially started watching him. I'm sure he's attracted the attention of even bigger clubs now.
  5. I dreamt that my Girlfriend cheated on me with a lad who I had last seen 10 years ago! Very vivid and she doesn't even know the guy i woke up in the middle of the night trying to work out whether it was real or not.
  6. I wish Maddison would release the ball that bit sooner. He takes far too many unnecessary touches, or he will go to pass it, turn, then turn again only to pass it where he should've done 10 seconds earlier. It slows the play down allowing teams to get back into shape. No doubt about it he has quality, just frustrating at times.
  7. Would love to see him given the chance to replace Ndidi just for one game to see how he copes. Ndidis passing is abysmal at times.
  8. Please sack him! The sooner the better
  9. Composed and strong on the ball! Looks like he has an eye for a pass. If we can get him the ball with a bit of time and space he could provide the service vardy has been lacking all season.
  10. Toothless with gray upfront for 55 minutes. On another day Barnes could've had 2/3 goals & Vardy too. Again we dominate at times but end up losing the match. Ghezzal offers absolutely nothing.
  11. It's embarrassing that our most creative player on the ball is our centre half and not our centre mids. Ndidi and Mendy lack ideas of what to do when in possssion. Barnes looks like he could cause problems if we can get him into better positions.
  12. Such a poor start. So slow and sloppy
  13. lee7


    The difference in quality was clear to see today between Neves and Ndidi/Mendy. Neves creates chances, his passing is exceptional yet we are stuck with two defensive minded CM's that only play the ball backwards and sideways. I'd love to see us have a player with similar vision to Neves in our side.
  14. Can someone please send me a stream for today's game the Reddit ones don't seem to be working for me
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