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  1. We looked good in the first 5 minutes then after that we have played like half of our team have never played on the same pitch before. I would like to see us make a few subs at half time. Justin for Thomas Ndidi for Mendy Iheanacho for Perez When Ndidi plays we just retain the ball so much quicker and it allows us to attack more often. Thomas is too quick to try and release the ball. At times he treats it like a hot potato and is reluctant to ever take his man on. Take some responsibility and run at the man marking you. Another half li
  2. Two points dropped in my opinion. Palace were terrible in that first 45. I understand that players need to be rotated but playing Mendy and Hamza in CM is criminal! Neither player looks to play creative passes. Never ever should two defensive minded midfielders play together in a two from the start of a match. Brendan tinkered with the team and has paid the price. Vardy didn't get enough time to make an impact. I would have liked to see Tielemans and Vardy come on at half time.
  3. If anyone could dm me a link to a stream i would appreciate it!
  4. Everything is too slow and predictable! Hopefully he makes changes at half time
  5. Underwhelming! Literally offer no attacking threat in the slightest.
  6. I felt sorry for Vardy he made the right runs just didn't get the service today. Poor performances from JJ, Perez and Soyuncu made it incredibly hard for us today. Perez lost the ball countless amounts of times and gave the ball away cheaply. In my opinion he stayed on the pitch for 30 minutes too long. Justin defensively is not switched on enough from what i have seen of him so far. We missed having that extra creative player in Praet today. The fact he can have one touch look up and pick a pass was a huge loss to us today. Instead we had Perez who gave possession
  7. It is so depressing how negative we are against top 4 sides. We literally create nothing and look like we play to contain.
  8. My biggest worry is that he can't stop the bad form we had from january onwards and end up starting the new season in the same manner. Especially with only one new signing. He said in an interview a while back we needed to freshen things up and that hasn't really happened as of yet. Start the season poorly and it could be hard to turn around.
  9. The only way united were winning that was with help from VAR. The game was over when Schmeichel ****ed up! If we can go into next season with a back 5 of Ricardo, Justin, Evans, Soyuncu and Chilwell/Thomas i will be confident of us having a good season. That is an extremely strong base to build from. Then if we can add a couple of competitive signings so if we get injuries again we are not screwed i'll be happy. I would love it if we could get Sarr from Watford to support Vardy. I think those two would be lethal together.
  10. Every free kick or corner we concede a foul. Absolute fix.
  11. I feel the same. I hope we will be going all out for nothing other than 3 points! It would be gutting to see us put in a pathetic performance considering united gifted us a lifeline last night.
  12. I didn't say he was bad?
  13. He made a couple of mistakes but he will learn from them. I'm fairly certain there's not many players in the u23s who are as clinical as Kane so he'll soon realise mistakes at senior level get punished more often than not. What impresses me about him is his eye for a pass! Even when crossing he looks to pick out a man and has shown he can cross the ball in a range of different ways. That is something Chilwell lacks even after a couple of seasons at first team level. Also his link up play is impressive. He plays the forward positive passes more often than not.
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