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  1. If coutinho had played the second half I think that game would've ended very differently. It was a god send that he was brought off at half time. Same goes for ulloa coming off! Completely changed the game for us. On another note I don't think I've ever seen Slimani hit the ball so sweetly as he did for the second goal.
  2. Paper persons

    My sister used to do this all the time. I did one for 3 years and never once had a lift! She did hers for 2 years and must of had a lift 60% of the time
  3. Depression

    I'm sorry to hear about your situation with your misses! It's never nice to hear people are going through situations like these but but at the same time I can definitely relate to quite a bit of what you said but from the other side. A lot of the things you list my girlfriend also acts in the same way. Most notably she is quite rude at the minute & as you say down for days. She definitely tries to pretend she's happy around family and friends which I think then effects us as I get the full force of her depression. I agree she definitely needs to work on her mental health and as annoying it is hearing her refuse to see her counsellor I'm trying to just be supportive and remain positive. I will try to keep that in mind that it's more of a compliment that she is her natural self around me. Again I could not agree with that any more, recently when she had one of her better days she said that she is trying to let me in but when she's depressed she finds it extremely hard too! it is rare that she ever shows her feelings towards me and she openly admits she struggles to tell me how she truly feels about me mainly through fear of if she opens up she'll be more prone to getting hurt. Good luck with your therapist and I genuinely wish you all the best. Hopefully you can get on top of this. I do agree with your last statement, perhaps I am a little anxiously attached as I do worry about whether she loves me but I think a lot of that comes from her not being good at showing emotions even on better days. I will try to bare that in mind & from now on I'll stop myself from needing that reassurance.
  4. Depression

    I can definitely relate to what your saying here. I try to make sense of everything she says. Particularly when she's saying 'I would understand if you wanted to leave me'. It kind of feels like she doesn't want to be with me but as many of you have said that's the depression talking. So I try to keep that in mind. My girlfriend has also been through a lot notably an abusive ex and a lack of a father figure. The anxiety I also struggle to understand as she's extremely pretty! I mentioned in another thread she's a part time model so in my mind it's hard to understand how she can see herself as fat and disgusting! Mines always saying I'm perfect and so understanding especially when she's talking about her ex as she feels most blokes would be really angry. When she's in a normal frame of mind she'll say stuff like 'I'd be massively upset if you walked away' and 'I don't want you to ever leave me' but now she's down she is saying different. My girlfriend did have counselling but is adamant she does not want to go back to it as she thinks her working life will suffer from it & after missing over a year off of work she's reluctant to miss anymore as she feels like she lets everyone down by not working. I have said that I'm not going anywhere. I'd like to think that I'm a good listener. As much as some of what she says is hard to listen to and especially to grasp but I do try extremely hard not to retaliate. Congratulations on the recent child. I'm happy to hear that you've came through the darker times to now find yourselves in a happier place. Obviously right now this is a really hard patch for me and my girlfriend but I'll stick by her for as long as she wants me too! Thankyou for your advice!
  5. Depression

    Thankyou! I am trying hard not to let her push me away. At times it is really difficult to understand why she's being the way she's being. I spoke with her mum and told her that I think something's wrong or she could be deteriorating & at home she said she hasn't noticed but thought she was down as she's been a bit under the weather recently! So when I asked my girlfriend if she's only like this around me she just replied with 'it's easier to hide it from family because I don't speak to them half as much as I do to you' its like some some other posters have said from the outside I struggle in my own mind to realise why she can't just snap out of it but I'd never say that to her!
  6. Ryanair

    I always try to avoid Ryan air. Ex's have booked surprise holidays to Majorca before and flown with Ryan air . Being 6ft1/6ft2 it's the most uncomfortable few hours imaginable being squished in with no leg room. My sister got a job working for Ryan air but quit almost immediately because of how they treated the staff.
  7. Depression

    Thankyou! In regards to antidepressants she was on a certain tablet and her dosage was 200mg which I understand is really high! She took herself off of them & went to the doctors last week and was told it's important she goes back on them asap but she's so reluctant to do so! She said when you first go on them it messes her up for a good 2 months so that she's afraid of everything! She does try to get help but then worries so badly about the side effects of these tablets! Not realising she's much worse off not taking them than she is on them!
  8. Depression

    Yeah, I can see where your coming from. In one breath she says she'd be massively upset if I split up with her but then I'm the next she is saying 'I would understand if you didn't want to be with me' I always insist that I don't want to leave her and wont. I had booked a surprise holiday for us in the beginning of October, I'm now starting to worry we won't even be together then. Again this is what I keep telling her. If she locks herself away all day with just her own thoughts for company then she'll drive herself insane. She just does not see herself as a good person yet her last act of kindness was to donate half a months wages to a little boy with leukaemia. But in her mind she doesn't think that's good enough & she could've done even more! Thankyou for your reply though and in general it was really helpful
  9. Depression

    Really struggling at the moment on how to help my girlfriend. I've mentioned before that she suffers quite severely with both anxiety and depression. Although I thought she had it under control this past week has been horrendous. She doesn't talk as much as she used to. Her confidence has completely gone. She's become quite blunt & straight to the point which is not in her nature at all. Shes over worrying over the tiniest of things, whether she's upset people, whether she's good enough to be with me. Repeatedly tells me if things get too much then to walk away as I've not experienced how bad things get before & she knows they're going to get worse but firstly I don't feel like I want to leave her & secondly it then makes me question whether she actually wants to be with me when she keeps making these comments. I care a lot for her but I'm starting to feel like it's getting me down a little. Anything I say doesn't seem to really help. If I ask her if she wants me to talk to her I just get 'I don't mind'. It's all very confusing as I don't know if I should step back and not message her but I don't want her to feel like she's in this alone. Especially as she's said before that her ex used to be quite reassuring in this situation.
  10. How Was Your Day?

    Had the worst cold imaginable for 2 days now. Along with being sick and coughing so much that I now sound like Sean Dyche! No idea how I'm going to get through this 10k run tomorrow!
  11. Worst job you ever had

    A warehouse when I was 19 full of foreigners. It was only agency work and I took the job purely because my ex was pregnant with my son at the time. Must have been about 20 staff with me being the only English one & I kid you not one of them spoke English. It was awful and I hated turning up everyday purely due to there lack of English. I then moved to another warehouse after 3 weeks at this place & it was the exact opposite every member of staff was English.
  12. Theatre Thread

    Thought I'd try and bump this back to life After not going to the theatre for around 16 years I decided to take my girlfriend to see wicked at the apollo Victoria more to please her than myself but I've come away from it hooked & cant wait for the next time that I see a live performance. I honestly never ever thought I'd enjoy it as much as I did. Even if it is pricey
  13. Weekend in London (on the cheap)

    I definitely don't think there is any such thing as London on the cheap. Stayed in a hotel with my girlfriend near Paddington for one night which was £130, went to the theatre to see wicked and that was another £130. Including 2/3 meals out over 2 days that cost another £150+ and then went to London dungeons which set me back 50 quid. Do not get me wrong it was was an amazing couple of days but realistically something I'd want and afford to do once ever 3 or 4 months. I spent the best part of half a grand in 2 days (not that I'd ever let my misses know that I'm complaining )
  14. What grinds my gears...

    Other lads that try it on with your girlfriend in general but more specifically over social media. (Not that it's happened recently & I'll probably tempt fate now) one of the big reasons I hate social media sites. People say stuff that they'd never even dare to say if they were face to face
  15. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    I always think that the majority of rugby players (non professional as I don't know any professional players) seem to be absolute c*cks!! Always think they're the best thing since sliced bread and as hard as nails purely because they play rugby. My my opinion is definitely unpopular with any girl that I know. They all seem to love rugby players Facebook is absolutely shite!! Same goes for most social media sites actually. The amount of time people spend wasting their lives away on these sites is unreal! When I get my lad from nursery the amount of parents I see on their phone completely ignoring their child is astonishing. Mobile phones- I could happily live without one and most days just leave mine at home and bugger off out.