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  1. I live in Glasgow mate, my mate had them at his wedding and fell in love with it haha
  2. St Mungos is my favourite out the lot I reckon. I’d recommend the Munich Red on your next order mate 👌🏻
  3. He’s a good player when he’s confident, but pretty bad when not- there’s not really an in between. But 85m we would be stupid to turn that down, and that would be two summers in a row 🤣
  4. Messi

    Corona Virus

    Think we need to get that confused emoji back just for this thread reading some of the posts in here 😂 How anyone can back that clown after that sh*tshow tonight is beyond me.
  5. Messi


    Sorry to hear that, heartbreaking losing a pet. He’ll be out of pain now though. Thinking of you and your family 😔
  6. Messi


    Picked up this little dude on Saturday. Been brilliant so far, going to be a long few weeks/months training him up though 😅
  7. Messi

    Corona Virus

    Everyone has different dates/times between the 13-18th to claim. You could have checked your eligibility for the last couple of weeks which would have told you your date and time. I can claim from Friday at 8am, my mate tomorrow at 12 and the lad I work with claimed this morning.
  8. Massive fan of the beers on offer at West Brewery (Glasgow based). This is a personal favourite of mine:
  9. Bit of a weird take to dissect it and take the main character out tbf. Don’t know what you’d think of films like Castaway etc if that’s the way you review tv/films 😂
  10. I was meant to be flying out to Dominican Republic with TUI at the end of May. I had an email a good month ago saying that we could change our dates to whenever we wanted free of charge as long as we did it by 31st May. We moved the departure date to the last week of August, fingers crossed but I can’t see it happening so will get a refund then but couldn’t be bothered to wait weeks for a refund at the minute.
  11. No thanks Uncle Terry, I’ve had enough.
  12. Agreed. Some companies/bosses are really showing their true colours during all of this.
  13. Don’t want facts to get in the way of a good story but we wouldn’t have been out if they’d have scored the penalty- it would have gone to extra time. But agreed about the game.
  14. I ordered a treadmill and a multi-gym a week before the lockdown was announced, so glad I ordered it when I did it’s been keeping me busy. got it off fitness-superstore and you can do interest free finance, quick delivery service aswell.
  15. Messi

    2020 deathlist

    Adam Schlesinger, co-founder of Fountains of Wayne, dies from COVID-19 complications at 52
  16. Why didn’t you just do a list of 6?! 😂😂
  17. I got Barnes at 16/1 and Hamza at 25/1 in August and both my bets are open on skybet. Who did you lot bet with?
  18. Surprised we’re on page 2 and I’ve not seen no mention of Kasper yet. He gets some proper underserved stick sometimes. Yes his distribution can be abit iffy sometimes and he’s not the most amazing keeper at dealing with crosses but he doesn’t really make mistakes that costs us goals- compare that to the likes of Lloris who pundits consider world class I’d rather have Kasper any day of the week. We’re lucky to have had him for so long.
  19. I’m a proper sucker for HP brown sauce (and butter ) on toast- got to let the toast cool a little bit though.
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