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  1. Got a proper strong feeling Harvey is going to have a stormer of a game today. With it being his dads old club and place of birth etc just think it’s going to be the game everything clicks. 3 points is massive here.
  2. Was thinking if Brendan might try that if he’s thinking of playing 3 at the back. Play Vardy and Barnes as the 2 and Barnes could drift over to the left to give Chilwell a hand aswell.
  3. More of a Charlton Athletic U23s fan myself.
  4. This has been doing the rounds on Twitter from 2003- mental 🤣
  5. Hoping Harvey gets put back in today, he was brilliant in the game against them last time and it’d do his confidence the world of good if he could score in back to back games.
  6. Messi


    The injury to Wilf has probably come at a good time for Hamza’s chances at getting into the England squad for the friendlies at the end of March. If he plays well over the next 4-5 games and the media start hyping in up and talking about an England call up like they have already then the sheep Southgate is bound to follow. Any 3 out of Henderson, Hamza, Grealish and Maddison would be a cracking midfield for England at the euros- can’t wait for him to start with Barkley and Winks 🙄
  7. Ricardo and Pérez easily our best players tonight. Also, say what you want about Grealish but he stands up when needed and grabs the game by the scruff of the neck. Something we need right now.
  8. He’s probably annoyed Barnes isn’t on the pitch aswell so he can’t blame everything on him.
  9. Change it back to 4-1-4-1 and get Choudhury and Barnes on for Tielemans and Chilwell please.
  10. YAAAAAS! Absolutely buzzing for the lad- that smile on his face after that went in said a thousand words. Get in!!
  11. Be nice if we could get another ASAP to kill the game and then experiment with Barnes/Gray up top.
  12. Completely agree regarding Rodgers. He’s a brilliant coach with an amazing footballing brain but I think this is his only downfall at the minute- it was pretty similar with Celtic in the champions league every time he came up against one of the top teams. His game management and tactics were pretty poor.
  13. Brilliant finish. How lucky are we to watch Ricardo every week?! Absolutely world class.
  14. Strong team. They’ll be well up for this especially with the drama with how we beat them the other week. Ideal scenario would be to be 2 up with 30 mins to go to give Vardy a little rest.
  15. Blokes abit of an arse but Paul Mersons autobiography is probably the best football book I’ve read. Ray Parlour, Craig Bellamy and Tony Adams are good, honest reads aswell.
  16. What a ridiculous overreaction! Is it Harvey’s turn to be scapegoat now Nacho, Demarai, Chilwell etc have had their turn... He’s a young lad with bags and bags of potential and has played a massive part in a team that has won 8 and drew 1 in the last 9 games. Get behind the players rather than slagging them off.
  17. Got to bring Harvey on at half time.
  18. Anyone got a decent stream? Hesgoal keeps buffering and looks like it’s filmed on a potato
  19. Ricky Pereira, Always running down the wing, He is fuxking dynamite, You’ll hear the Leicester sing. We fuxking love him, He’s our man from Portugal, He’ll take you on, get an assist or score a ****ing goal. Tune- She is a belter last verse could maybe do with abit of work.
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