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  1. Pulisic was fouled there but he screamed like a banshee and writhed in agony on the floor like he has a ferret in his pocket. 20 seconds later, he's OK.
  2. The argument from many of the pundits at the time appears to have been: If you touch the ball first, any subsequent contact is fair game. Break some bones, why don't you?
  3. He saved goals against England. The bastid.
  4. Jens Lehmann Sent a text to former German International Dennis Aogo who is a pundit on Sky in Germany asking "Is Dennis the token black?" The message was probably not meant for Aogo, who is understandably not impressed. He has previously opined that COVID is no worse than flu, as well. Nice that he had time to become an expert in epidemiology and virology. As well as racism, it appears. What is it with German goalies? Harald Schumacher, Olli Khan and Lehmann. Lovely bunch of lads. I mean, we had Pet
  5. Fair play, they spent gazillions, but you can't buy actually persuading Mahrez to track back, press and make tackles.
  6. Michelle Rodriguez would have scored that.
  7. Fair play, West Ham are well worth their lead. Benrama, who has been pretty poor for ages, has turned into Mahrez.
  8. If Millwall or Birmingham City's fans caused a game to be postponed they would definitely punish the club. But it's Manchester United.
  9. It's Spurs, so Brewster hattrick incoming.
  10. Some of the horrendous tackles made by Souness and Keane had far more chance of killing someone than chucking a beer can.
  11. The fact these idiot pundits were speaking about Man United buying Harry Kane and Jack Grealish for £200m, and they didn't join the dots between that sort of thing, and the rule of money in sport and the whole ESL thing, is beyond parody.
  12. Souness you wuss, you are supposed to be Scottish.
  13. Souness is trending on Twitter. Not in a good way.
  14. Daft git Schar getting sent off. I bet he wishes he could turn back time.
  15. Jermain Defoe is 38 years old. Bravo.
  16. As things are turning out, I think Robert Maxwell should wear armbands and Arthur Cox should get an STD test
  17. Any of you slagging Vardy, he didn't score but he still created more chances for his teammates than Maddison this evening. And that after a near leg breaker. I'm convinced he will come good again.
  18. We would totally have lost that 1-0 at the end of last season..
  19. Never watched it... Don't want to miss out.
  20. Feels a bit like a loss. Southampton worked hard and spoiled, fair play.
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