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  1. It's not being done to influence the racists. It's being done to influence the platforms into better moderation of their content and, potentially, to sway the authorities into regulating these platforms a bit more tightly. The hope is to try to make it not quite as easy as it currently is for the racists to do what they do.
  2. "Ooompah Loompah Doopity Dee If you are wise you'll listen to me"
  3. To the tune of Chelsea's "Celery Song" Super League Super League With Tottenham in it It was gonna be shit So they binned the Super League
  4. So Coleman is talking excessively and sniffing a lot, eh?
  5. No Chris Coleman it has not been a good game. What on earth are you wittering on about?
  6. West Ham need to lose the head and get another sent off...
  7. Before I answer this, I’d like to know whom you resemble more - Ruth Madoc or Alun Wyn Jones...
  8. Racist against the Welsh, I know, but Coleman ain't helping the "Windbag" stereotype, is he?
  9. If you type Chris Coleman into Twitter, you can see that other people really love his work
  10. Are you going to spin the wheel to see who your manager will be after 5 games ?
  11. He's on more and more and I really can't see why.
  12. Klopp chewing a brick whilst Des Kelly raises an eyebrow at him will be delicious.
  13. Joelinton and Almiron playing like they only just met.
  14. Mourinho would be more welcome than Joao Obscurio or Jürgen Von Tactics, or even Jock McFormerplayer or Paddy O’Demographic, but IF they could afford him and IF he was prepared to come to what is, however much I like it here, a backwater, he would last about 3 minutes. I mean, if utter boring blocks of wood like Paul Le Guen and Ronny Della can fill the back pages up here, the prevailing, err “sensitivities” mean that appointing JM would be like chucking petrol on the fire. Neil Lennon had hate mail and nail bombs sent to him. I can imagine Mourinho winding the lunatic
  15. I would await until the conclusion of any legal proceedings and add the caveat that he denies the charges, before commenting on those charges. But feel free to bring up the fact that he was thick enough to be having it away with his brother's missus for years and years.
  16. It's ironic that we played *that* game in a week when people were saying "Football without jeopardy is not proper football." They couldn't touch us.
  17. Peter Walton backs the ref and VAR. Shockeroony.
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