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  1. Point is, I’m not looking to get back on due to current commitments, maybe in future. Doesn’t mean I have no desire to attend games when I can, it’s personal circumstances that i wouldn’t expect u to know about. Being a member you pay for the ‘chance’ to get tickets when you can go. Judging by all the ST’s on here losing their shit over the £70 scenario (which is basically the same u get as a member) I’d say it’s a pretty rough deal members get compared with ST’s. Your point is Members are less ‘loyal’ support so shouldn’t have *any* opportunity to get tickets this season in favour o
  2. Some of the games were on BBC, some Sky games were played for free. Your prioritisation argument doesn’t stack up mate, to be honest you sound quite young so I’ll watch what I say. I won’t address your moving away or having kids is ‘not prioritising Leicester’ 😂 you sound a bit lacking of life experience let’s say. If you want to go down that road, I’ve supported them 14 years longer than you, you didn’t even sign up to FT till 2011, so hey why not ‘prioritise’ me over you? Cos you get to go to every game? Does that equate to more money spent all the time? Probably not in my case a
  3. So did you watch any of the Premier League when it was on terrestrial at the end of last season? As a Sky Sports subscriber am I annoyed that more people get to watch the footy at no cost when I’m forking out? No, cos I’m not a douchebag. I was a ST holder for years, even before we were relegated to L1 in the Championship, moved away & moved back a few years ago & have a small family so can’t attend all games so been a member for years. Not sure why you think current ST’s are somehow more entitled or that others not as fortunate as you are to go to every home should have no
  4. Looks like I’ll be awaiting the 3rd kit release then 😔 anyone have any idea of timings based on previous seasons?
  5. Honestly don’t get that. Didn’t we do similar first half Vs Arsenal and get battered? What position is JJ and Albrighton? Weird if we do that. Anyway, my prediction is we get majorly shafted by a referee / VAR decision today. Pressure will be on them to keep little Leicester out of things big time today.
  6. Kasper Justin Evans Morgan Thomas N’didi Choudhary Tielmans Perez. Barnes Vardy Choudhary in to do a job on Greenwood, N’didi will have Fernandes in his pocket. 🤞
  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😢😢😢😢😢😢🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😢😢😢😢🤬😭😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬🤬😢😭
  8. What a joke! Lose to Norwich lose to Bournemouth do we **** deserve champions League. ****ing idiots
  9. Not having this hard brexit Bennett. Long ball merch of the highest order
  10. Fuchs should have been on from the start. You can instantly see a much better shape
  11. JJ is NOT Ricardo Perreira. Basically
  12. Annoys me when fans get on players backs needlessly. Yeah he’s been poor recently but we’re so quick to give players grief. He was decent tonight, starting to get some of his confidence back, the moan alliance need to give the lad a break & who knows he might be less nervous on the ball. “Supporters”
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