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  1. Not having this hard brexit Bennett. Long ball merch of the highest order
  2. Fuchs should have been on from the start. You can instantly see a much better shape
  3. JJ is NOT Ricardo Perreira. Basically
  4. If Chelsea want him & acceptable to both players, how many would take a straight swap for Kante who’s apparently not wanted by them anymore 🙋‍♂️
  5. Annoys me when fans get on players backs needlessly. Yeah he’s been poor recently but we’re so quick to give players grief. He was decent tonight, starting to get some of his confidence back, the moan alliance need to give the lad a break & who knows he might be less nervous on the ball. “Supporters”
  6. So happy he’s coming good. Strangely feel really comfortable with him coming in for Vardy tonight. Go on lad
  7. Developed an intense dislike of Everton over the past few years. Something about fans in Liverpool that think they’re “holier than thou” and their entitlement is astonishing
  8. Hey USA foxes. Been in Florida the last few days and am over Xmas. Anywhere good to watch the Leicester / Man City game tomorrow around Kissimmee area?
  9. Leicester have scored more goals in one game this season (9) than Watford have managed after 13 games so far (8) 🤯
  10. West Ham & Everton, both tipped to be challenge the top 6 along with us at the start of the season, have a combined points total of 27, two points less than our current total after 13 games 🥳
  11. If Sky Sports were to believed we’ll be losing: Brendon Riccardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell N’didi Maddison We’d pretty much need a new team 😂 Anyone else surprised they haven’t thrown Tielmans in the mix as well 😭 In reality, we may get rid of a few around the edges & not sign anyone of significance
  12. Can’t go anymore so I have x1 adult and x2 u8 tickets in the family stand, £40 is all.
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