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  1. Ex-Leicester City player news

    Yeah I’d probs have him back to be honest. Much more cut price though, £12M?
  2. 1 lesta newxastle ticket needed!

    There’s x1 for sale on Lcfc.com just checked
  3. Sun article on albrighton

    I’d England played 3 at the back & one of the 3 will be Walker, then u have to consider the contenders for the right hand side. If Trippier gets injured, we’d probably shift Walker over & use a mix of CB’s that won’t have had much game time together. I do think Marc deserves at least a shot at being that cover man. Mr consistency, work horse & some moments of brilliance. Shame he is so overlooked but I don’t see management changing their minds
  4. Southampton 19th April

    You’d think wouldn’t you. Not the case I’m afraid 😦
  5. Southampton 19th April

    With the fixture changed to a Thursday me and my son won’t be able to go anymore. So I have x1 adult, x1 under 8 in the family stand for sale. £27 face value
  6. Name a better option than puel

    I’m not in either camp right now to be honest. Negatives - Recent performances have been lack lustre. I have heard from insiders at the club that there are a fair few of the players that strongly dislike the manager, hence some odd team selections. Positives - progressing our style to be more possession based, on our day we really dominate games. Signings look good so far, Diabate looks a right find. Overall - give the man another season at least, no one else out there for us
  7. Stoke post match 1-1

    Late posting here but very disappointing yesterday. Chilwell, usually a fan but he was a worst player yesterday, awful. Not ready to take over from Fuchs Schmeichel & rest of the defence so shaky & nervous in possession. James, Championship average. Mahrez, not at it. Diabate, again promising when he came on. Recommendation for next time. Fuchs at LB, Iborra & Silva in a 3 with Ndidi, Diabate starting ahead of Gray
  8. Who is our most Important player?

    I wouldn’t summarise Vardy is all about what service you give him unlike some strikers. His work rate & closing down high up the field gives capacity to those behind him, so if he’s not getting the service he is still our most important player in my view.
  9. Who is our most Important player?

    Vards. Simples.
  10. Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    So much I could say in this topic: 1. Kante and DD left as a) had a release clause b) club met our valuation & we had a replacement lined up 2. Over 4 transfer windows there has been tentative interest from x2 clubs, Roma is hardly worth mentioning and City saw Mahrez as a temp replacement for Sane 3. We were practically promoted at the time he joined us, I wouldn’t attribute much of our promotion to Riyad 4. If Man City wanted him that much they’d meet the market valuation (in the context of VVD & Coutinho) 5. Why should Leicester part with their prized asset on the cheap & why should Man City of all clubs benefit from whatever Riyad feels he has built up in credit for loyalty Also; Algerians on Twitter are ****ing nuts and have no clue about football whatsoever 😅
  11. Andy King

    To be fair I have just rewatched Watford from 2013 and Kingy is blatantly at fault for Deeneys goal, trotting back like that. Get rid...
  12. Vardy to Man Utd

    That John Harriott account has been proven as fake. Shameful the Merc created a story of it this week
  13. Name this Leicester team

    Francesco Totti
  14. Name this Leicester team

    David OLeary is the end one, not sure on others
  15. Palace Home Match Thread

    Bad day at the office. Write it off, move on, go again