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  1. Leicester have scored more goals in one game this season (9) than Watford have managed after 13 games so far (8) 🤯
  2. West Ham & Everton, both tipped to be challenge the top 6 along with us at the start of the season, have a combined points total of 27, two points less than our current total after 13 games 🥳
  3. If Sky Sports were to believed we’ll be losing: Brendon Riccardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell N’didi Maddison We’d pretty much need a new team 😂 Anyone else surprised they haven’t thrown Tielmans in the mix as well 😭 In reality, we may get rid of a few around the edges & not sign anyone of significance
  4. Can’t go anymore so I have x1 adult and x2 u8 tickets in the family stand, £40 is all.
  5. High scoring game 4-2 Leicester, based on absolutely nothing. Genuinely think we’ll get a win today though, would love to see Ritchie bullied about a bit by Wilf this time around too.
  6. My god we are going to miss this lad so much when he’s not around anymore. Not only the goals is it really? The rustle, the closing down at breakneck speed, the giving zero fuchs about any opponent, not having his head turned by the “top 6”, chat sh*t get banged. Absolute c*nt to every opposing fan and big beautiful legend to us City fans, Sir Vards
  7. What more does this man need to do to get a statue ffs. Love the guy 💙
  8. First game of the season so we weren’t fully at it. We bossed the game for most part (70% possession 😮) Tielemans was v good, Ricardo v good & Soyuncu held up, N’didi quality too. This was against a team already in their stride from europa. Some poor performances as well, Chilwell & Maddison’s deliveries were v poor. Think a fully integrated Praet instead of Choudhary and we’d have won that by a couple 👍
  9. I’d say £50m max if not look at something else or do nothing at all (Soyncu, Benko & Morgan to choose from). Short sighted from Bournemouth considering Chelsea can buy him back for £39M next summer
  10. Used to get slated on this forum as well, seems to really come to grips with dealings these days. The positive thing is I’d say the vast majority of fans are comfortable losing Maguire for that money as they know we’ll bring in a capable replacement before the start of the season, it had likely been sorted before we said yes to Utd
  11. If we sold Maguire, brought in Dunk & made £20M in the process I wouldn’t be complaining. Maguire is decent but he’s not always solid.
  12. How do u get involved in taking part in the run out of interest?
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