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  1. High scoring game 4-2 Leicester, based on absolutely nothing. Genuinely think we’ll get a win today though, would love to see Ritchie bullied about a bit by Wilf this time around too.
  2. My god we are going to miss this lad so much when he’s not around anymore. Not only the goals is it really? The rustle, the closing down at breakneck speed, the giving zero fuchs about any opponent, not having his head turned by the “top 6”, chat sh*t get banged. Absolute c*nt to every opposing fan and big beautiful legend to us City fans, Sir Vards
  3. What more does this man need to do to get a statue ffs. Love the guy 💙
  4. First game of the season so we weren’t fully at it. We bossed the game for most part (70% possession 😮) Tielemans was v good, Ricardo v good & Soyuncu held up, N’didi quality too. This was against a team already in their stride from europa. Some poor performances as well, Chilwell & Maddison’s deliveries were v poor. Think a fully integrated Praet instead of Choudhary and we’d have won that by a couple 👍
  5. How do u get involved in taking part in the run out of interest?
  6. With a couple of nights of completely against the odds comebacks it got me wondering, what has our greatest in-game comeback been? Obviously I’m saying in-game as League 1 to PL winners is pretty hard to repeat for any club. I can’t think of many where the stakes have been as high as the last couple of nights, obviously we didn’t quite make the CL semis! The Villa game is pretty standout on our title winning season, though I’d argue at the time we had no idea how much that meant that season. Just wondered if any had standout games for them from back in the day?
  7. Good post. Couple of points Benkovic returning from loan at Celtic albeit injured for now. Vardy replacement, possibly Che Adams. Kasper, starting to think he’s on a downward trend so maybe bring Ward in more?
  8. Why do our assistant bosses know our best line up more than the boss? This is exactly the consistent line up we should aim to play. Remember Shakey doing the same when he first came in
  9. Excellent appointment. Plays the way we like to play, gives youth a chance, knows Benkovic well for next season coming back from Celtic. Only worry is his transfer business, get Steve Walsh back in and we’re going to be right back up there
  10. In the current team, Matty James. Dean Hammond for me
  11. I’m not in any in/out brigade, I do think we need to look at what players we play & when tho. Matty James was bang average 1 year ago why we invest so much time and effort to get him back to being less of a bang average player. Then we sub him for a player not good enough for our PL squad who hasn’t played for a year. We persist with a striker who has done nothing for us & a winger who is a dog cr@p copy of someone we used to have. We we need to recruit better, look at these young England players coming through now ffs. Solanke, Brewster, Hudson Odoi, Foden, Sancho, Gibbs White. Not saying we could sign those players but that’s where we should be looking to improve the squad long term, not bring back average Matt after being injured for 3 years?!?
  12. Liking the replies to this thread ? Just for clarity we were nicknamed the foxes due to the heritage of fox hunting, it does seem to have morphed a bit into us being the fox (foxes never quit) and not for the last 135 years only since the 50’s 60’s so it’s not that unthinkable we may one day throw it aside ? blooming vegans with their electric / hybrid cars ?
  13. Pretty sure this will get posted every year, should we just call this a Nov 28th post & reminisce each year? Nags Head in Market Harborough for me, questionable tv license but only place I could watch that game.
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