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  1. On the basis of half a friendly in 2+ years I'd say that's a fair comment. Not proven anything yet, getting well ahead of ourselves here
  2. Struggle for game time with us and go off on loan. Is he getting ahead of Ndidi, Drinky and Iborra? At the moment we don't know if he's a step up from Amartey and King. I like your optimism tho 👏
  3. Tomorrow
  4. Im just posting to get this to 200
  5. Also with the points is it 1 point per game attended?
  6. So if I read it right there are min 1k tickets to 30+ and 1k to 20+ then min 1k to ballot. So 3k tickets to all members available? Even if you're on +30 you can't get one? Where are the rest of the tickets going? Didn't there used to be 5k to gold, 1k to silver 500 to fox, so we've gone from 6.5k min to 3k min. I fear next season everyone will just ballot for the tickets whether they can att me or not. Real attendance won't reflect ticket sales a la Arsenal
  7. Sure I'm going to get hounded on here but actually when the dust settles on this I actually think it could be a great scheme. We don't know yet how much the points accumulated can add up to. If you're a die hard home and away, you'd ultimately enjoy a larger discount than those who do home only; I would say it's actually fair. i think you guys are upset as you had something that's been taken away so I get the initial anger, but you don't know what this looks like yet so give it a shot before hounding the owners. It has potential to work; it could fall on its arse but if it works I can see a lot of others following the model, it rewards proper loyalty, thought u guys were all over that? Other thing is it will stop ST's buying for all their mates using the discount 😅
  8. Thanks all really appreciate it. Was actually really easy you just add friends / family then enter their number in. I think the whole 'what is the relationship' thing a bit odd i.e. I could say he was my child but I am his sibling or friend - I conclude from this that our success has bought some disillusioned Cov fans over to us 😂
  9. Swindon play off final was heartbreaking, 3-0 down, amazing comeback to 3-3 game was only going one way. Penalty Swindon. 8 year old boy that cried all the way home 😢
  10. Can anyone help? Me and my young son have a membership, on the old lcfcdirect our accounts were linked so that if I were buying tickets I could buy them both at the same time. This doesn't seem to have transferred over so any idea how I link it up? Ive added him as a family member but it's not linked to his membership. Do I need to set up a separate log on for him? Not sure how it would link together still?!?
  11. In the club shop today and staff were pretty certain about if we stay up we're expanding east stand next summer. ~45k capacity overall. Seems to do that they'd need a larger tier on top of current east stand, no mention of extending round the Kop.
  12. Wes surely. I think even since early days of Pearson he always stacked us with leaders / characters on the pitch, literally a strong leader in every dept. Could well have been the view of Shakey too going by signings of Maguire and Iborra so far. All very promising; though Wes is our captain as long as he's here; good to know we have a lot of other strong leaders too though
  13. Bet over the last 6 windows we've had more pages about Deeney than anyone before, Maynard included. For me it wouldn't be a transfer window without us showing interest in Deeney 😂
  14. Good work, I did see this at the weekend but it was quite hidden. Unfortunately it's a problem no country / society has managed to solve but definitely a good thing to combine against all forms. A shame you will of course get tarnished before you've started with the "right wing" "nazi" "racist" label before you've even started as you can see by AndWhats reply. I can't see the Libby Left allowing anyone else purporting peace, they do have a monopoly on this 5hit you know. Good luck to you though mate, I do support the cause, though I can barely get to a game at the minute with a small family so likely won't be in attendance
  15. Seems they talk more than my Mrs eh! Hope this isn't a Southampton style exodus whilst we have no manager. Really should give it Shakesy asap, let's get some signings in