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  1. Haha yes! Was speaking to my boss about that the other day. He'd just scored a 2 or 3 in the previous match. Got good money though I seem to remember
  2. foxer

    Papy Mendy

    For a stabilising player he's made some pretty costly mistakes this season. Who was it against that he gifted them both their goals? If an offer comes in I think he'll go.
  3. From the replays I saw I thought it brushed his arm on the way to his thigh and went in. But his arm was against his body and the flight of the ball was unchanged so not a handball for me. Possibly hit the city players fingers as well. Fair play to spurs
  4. Loads of players do this. Think it was wellens and gally back in the day who used to travel down from manc for training every day.
  5. Beckford. " Claudio Ranieri. Really?"
  6. Yep. Didn't expect to see him in the squad at all
  7. A couple of times he and maddison almost linked up nicely. Reckon that could develop into a decent little partnership.
  8. Because we'd just had the Christmas period and have a large squad he needs to keep happy. He put out a team more than capable of beating Newport and they let him down.
  9. Are people not getting it? Puel is here to build a team and a way of football for the long term. Whether we agree with it or not. He'll be here long past this summer unless something goes totally totally tits up. Personally well up for some longevity even if I don't understand quite a few decisions he's made tactically.
  10. That's the beauty of it. They won't catch any newts but they will spend millions trying to do so. They did the same thing near my parents house in claybrooke and I'm told the few newts found weren't endangered anyway. Trenches lined with plastic was the tekkers they used.
  11. I've put this in another thread but thought it should probably go in here as well. You should all be proud of yourselves lads & lasses. So gutting to have been so close to it but unable to join in! RIP Vichai
  12. Yeah I've got a few videos but they're way bigger than the 1.95 mb limit I can upload onto this thread. I was in the home end but right next to you lot. Anyone got any suggestions on how I can upload?
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