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  1. Mendy and cags have both liked a 442 post featuring this fella scoring a goal in training. Ipso facto - it's on. Edit: 433. So ignoring Mendy liking everything they post and cags being Turkish, the above still applies.
  2. Why don't they have a 20 second timer on these decisions? Mental
  3. Come on now. Be amazed if anyone would take a league cup there! He'd win us one minimum for a start and that's at the very least.
  4. Hits the Norwich arm first no question. So our free kick if the awful rules were supposed to be playing to are administered competently.
  5. That's a new level of incompetence. I'm actually stunned.
  6. Unsure why I've talked about chilwell in this thread. Barnes - decent today and yes his goals of late have been scrappy but who cares. He needs the ball played to him a lot quicker than it has been recently and he'll continue to flourish.
  7. Chillwell was not terrific in any way. Until his goal he was poor. His awfully placed cross ended back at him and he scored. Fair play. I'm not a hater as such but can appreciate he has been poor for the last two months at least.
  8. Dublin chatting sh1t as per. A "good bad pass" from praet!
  9. That is grating on me so much 😂
  10. Someone like Chris Smalling would fit the bill perfectly
  11. I'm enjoying seeing their managers outrage at Barnes scoring when one of their players was down on the edge of our box. Wasn't so outraged at his own team played on a few seconds beforehand despite it being the same incident. Cute.
  12. Because it wouldn't have been offside but for VAR?
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