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  1. Lawro's assessment of us is quite encouraging: "I have heard a few people saying Leicester might be the team that breaks into the top six next season - well, not for me. I don't understand why they did not replace Harry Maguire after selling him to United for £80m, and they rely too much on Jamie Vardy for goals. If he gets injured, they are in trouble." He then goes on to say that a top 10 finish for wolves would be decent. He obviously thinks the top 6 is decided already then despite man u, Chelsea and arsenal all having major flaws
  2. Isn't it Kevin Kevin Russell? ?
  3. Didn't vote in 2003. Grew up with city so that's what I'd keep us as but quite understand the temptation to go back to fosse and be a bit more unique. City though, just.
  4. Drinkwater managed it and James was the better of the two in the season we came up imo
  5. I dunno about that. His value is currently based on a couple of decent games for England in the world cup isn't it? Can't be based on last season surely?
  6. Pretty sure I've just heard one of boothroyds assistants, as foden was about to enter the pitch, go "aidy, aidy, aidy, what position?" And then boothroyd is seen telling foden where he's playing. Unbelievable really.
  7. Starts against Romania today. Along with madders and gray. Can't wait to see how he does.
  8. Played last night and let 3 in I believe. No idea how he played though
  9. Saw a bit of the wolves one. Still annoyed that challenge from vardy is considered a red card these days.
  10. Haha yes! Was speaking to my boss about that the other day. He'd just scored a 2 or 3 in the previous match. Got good money though I seem to remember
  11. foxer

    Papy Mendy

    For a stabilising player he's made some pretty costly mistakes this season. Who was it against that he gifted them both their goals? If an offer comes in I think he'll go.
  12. From the replays I saw I thought it brushed his arm on the way to his thigh and went in. But his arm was against his body and the flight of the ball was unchanged so not a handball for me. Possibly hit the city players fingers as well. Fair play to spurs
  13. Loads of players do this. Think it was wellens and gally back in the day who used to travel down from manc for training every day.
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