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  1. Quite amusing really. Basically a montage of him running around with a smile on his face. Fair play to Riyad and the club for sorting it out. The press didnt know what was going on so speculated as per. Let's wait and see what happens going forward
  2. Watford (A) pre-match

    Can the drag not fill in at RB?
  3. Manchester United (H) Match Thread

    Awesome. So glad it was Maguire as well. Hero
  4. Are we gonna finish top four?

    I've gone for yes on the basis that if we carry on as we are, spurs should spurs, Liverpool aren't up to much (I don't rate klopp) and arsenal are gash. I think it's up for grabs if we maintain anything like the level we've been at recently. If spurs don't spurs it up then Chelsea could also be pipped.
  5. Puel

    Amazing isn't it. And makes you realise how much a managers confidence in a young player can give them the beleif in themselves and the opportunity to go on and establish themselves as quality players. Surely Nice didn't suddenly have the more quality young players than the other french teams - they'd simply been handed the chance to go out and prove themselves on a bigger stage. How many young English players over the past 20 years have missed their chance due to playing older/foreign faithfuls every week, lost their confidence and then dropped down the leagues? I dread to think. Missed opportunities aplenty I'm sure. I bet lots of our younger players are buzzing atm.
  6. Puel

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42347378 Interesting write up from the beeb
  7. Southampton (A) 4-1 Post Match Thread

    Wasn't it the media that were saying that Danny? Bell
  8. I think Shinji controlled it before the OG.
  9. Musa - Opinions so far

    Im not sure if that certain Mr Walsh did earmark him or whether he's been influential in Everton's signings this summer - but if he has then perhaps he's not all he was cracked up to be.
  10. Shakey Sacked

    So you reckon Appleton is the man to lead us until we get a replacement? Nutter!
  11. Shakey Sacked

    Wow I didn't see that coming yet. Pretty gutted as I really wanted him to succeed. Is it now a harder job than we've had in a long time because we're not going to have shakey there as our excellent and much loved number two to hold everyone together through the turmoil. We had better have an excellent replacement lined up otherwise this is a ridiculous decision.
  12. Penalty taker

    Just had a gander on YouTube and looks like he's still doing that same run up. Loved it back in the day
  13. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Absolutely devastating, but like others have said. We scored three against a very good team and we didn't even start with our strongest 11. Vards getting off the mark immediately is huge. Wilf looked ok, albrighton very good, Maguire looks a talent, Fuchs caused them problems. We'll be a force this season. 6th. Just hope we've got something under wraps for if Riyad does go.
  14. Iborra injured

    4.5 on the prem one. Straight in as a cheap signing. Kelechi at 7 could be a steal as well.