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  1. 7/5/winners/meh
  2. Yeah amazing that was. I was in my shirt in a pub in Leeds. Left very quickly
  3. Wow this would be one hell of a signing. I'd be amazed if it happened
  4. Unfortunately the riot couldn't happen due to the fact he left on a free rather than being sold. Would have been a heck of a riot though
  5. We have to start Amartey at CB on Saturday and give him (albeit too little) time to build some kind of understanding with the back 4. He's not a right back that is clear, so judging him at that position is unfair in my opinion. Like another poster said, cb at Copenhagen and Ghana - where he made the afcon team of the tournament?
  6. Poor tonight and I'd have liked to see gray come on at some point but riyad can produce something out of nothing at any time in any game and that's probably what we're gonna need. Stick
  7. @Foxy1984 @gjp
  8. Ok great I'll PM you number now. Any other Bristiol based fans do come join! @brisfox @brisfox1 @Bristol Fox @Bristol fox .... @bristol_fox @doujio @RoyFox
  9. I'm not sure we'll manage a big group of us but there might be a couple of others about if we're lucky. Unfortunately the best places to watch football in terms of screens and that should have the sound on are the worst pubs. So you've got Walkabout, Horts, BSB. They've all definitely got BT sports. Your choice
  10. Where abouts are you based? It'll be on in a fair few places. I can get pretty much anywhere in the city if you're keen to meet up?
  11. I see. Cheers guys. If only the ticket system would load up on either the work computers or my tablet. I have to use quick ticket every time
  12. Strangely my home ticket for Madrid only cost me £25 for an adult. Perhaps I'll have a restricted view or something but didn't really think there were any seats with a restricted view at the KP?
  13. Anyone watching at a pub in Bristol tonight? Be nice to meet up if so
  14. Struggle in the Championship? I think that team would get promoted from the championship, personally.
  15. I was only a nipper but I remember my dads cousin showing me a photo that he's taken of the scoreboard when we went 1-0 up through Marshall - he was saying he'll probably never see anything like it again as a Leicester fan. Then the home leg. Devastating!