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  1. We fell apart after Liverpool humiliated us in December last season. Odds on history repeating itself? We're mid-table pish. Nothing more than that.
  2. You don't think that potentially stopping the game ten times for substitutions is somewhat excessive?
  3. Perfectly summarised. Our current injury crisis is papering over the cracks. We've been hideous for ten months. Some of the football we are seeing now is worse than under Puel IMO. We look completely and utterly lost. No leaders, no team spirit and no desire to grab a game by the scruff of the neck when teams don't simply roll over and play dead for us. He just doesn't seem to be a manager players are willing to run through walls for. Concerning.
  4. Back to back home (well deserved) defeats to West Ham United and Aston Villa...two teams many predicted to be in a relegation battle this year isn't remotely acceptable. We're an absolute nothing team to be honest. No identity. No fight. No spirit. We're a team on the slide. I can only hope Top starts getting some interviews booked in because I personally hope Rodgers is gone by Christmas. Sick and tired of these absolute dogshit tactics, performances and results.
  5. Scarcely believable how bad England have been tonight. Created absolutely **** all against a bang average workmanlike side. A side who themselves couldn't create **** all against ten men yet we persisted with two holding midfielders. Utterly grim.
  6. No getting around it, this is a truly terrible performance. We're barely in the contest against toothless opposition. The FA will be extremely concerned with this.
  7. Denmark treating this like a training session now. Being a man down is no excuse for this.
  8. Also don't care what anybody says. England are worse with Kane in the side.
  9. Agreed. But this is to be expected when he insists on playing 3 centre backs and 2 holding midfielders. At home. Vs Denmark.
  10. Actually a huge 45 minutes for Southgate coming up. Just feels like the media and wider country are beginning to grow tired of his timid football and baffling team selections. Competitive wins against the likes of Spain and Belgium have been very welcome, however defeats against the likes of Czech Republic and possibly Denmark tonight are simply not remotely good enough, especially with the talent at his disposal.
  11. Perez trending on Twitter. Not good. Needs time away from the 1st 11.
  12. As I said in the match thread, if there was ever a match where the fans were desperately needed it was this one. Both the management and players needed an almighty rocket up their arse today. But yet another pathetic, limp-dick, lethargic, turgid, passionless display from a Brendan Rodgers Leicester City side. How many more of those are we going to see? It's an abomination how often we see it. The team has some decent individual technical ability, but we are desperately lacking in leaders. Such an infuriating team.
  13. Absolutely sick to ****ing death of these sort of results and performances under Rodgers. Happens WAYYYYY too often to be even remotely acceptable.
  14. This seems to be the case in pretty much every game we've played since Puel. I really don't get it.
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