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  1. BlueSi13

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    The Famous Anfield Atmosphere. Perhaps THE biggest myth in world football.
  2. BlueSi13

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Like Alan Smith on Arsenal games as well. Goal against Arsenal = terrible defending. Goal for Arsenal = great attacking play. Once you hear it you can't un-hear it. Commentary to pander to the legions of glory hunters.
  3. Will somebody at the club hurry up and get Howe the **** in!
  4. BlueSi13


    Ignoring the usual Sky/Eddie Hearn commentary and scorecards Khan was extremely lucky. Vargas had him auditioning for Strictly Come Dancing twice before the bell saved him. IMO Khan is already a busted flush. Appalling conditioning, little power and packing more glass than Pilkingtons. Doesn't really matter if he fights Brook or not. Neither will be world level again. This will be all about the cash out.
  5. BlueSi13

    England v Spain match chit chat.

    Three competitive defeats in a row. Not a single competitive win against a top nation for 16 years (even that was with a dodgy penalty). You'd have thought we'd at least shithouse a win at some point but alas not. We are an absolute mile away from the big boys. If Southgate continues to stick with his current tactics he won't last until 2019 IMO. Kane, Ali, Rashford, Lingard and Sterling (when fit) weren't the answer in the World Cup, and they won't be anytime in the future.
  6. Our record against the top 6 is getting to me.
  7. BlueSi13

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Where is all this 'we've played really well' come from? Liverpool dropping off and letting us have the football for a bit does not equal 'playing really well'. We have offered absolutely nothing offensively and Liverpool know it. Serious disconnect between midfield and attack.
  8. BlueSi13

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    Echo pretty much everyone here. Nice to see us play some good football but we rarely laid a glove on them. Bit like watching England in the summer. If we can figure that out we could be in for a decent season. However....we looked shit hot at times against Arsenal in the first game last season too. Things didn't go so well after that.
  9. BlueSi13

    Europa League 18/19

    Brave brave Scotland Aberdeen.
  10. BlueSi13

    City Kit for £15

    and pretty much nobody complains. Honestly, I'd happily take an 'unfashionable' brand every day of the week if they decided to give us a kit unique to us. Far better than paying nearly £60 for Sunday League shirts.
  11. Firstly over the course of 120 minutes the better team won. Secondly we should have blown them away in the first half. Before and during this tournament I felt that our complete and utter lack of a central midfield would get us eventually. What we'd have given for a Gerrard, Lampard or Scholes to marshal that centre of the pitch. Without that midfield general (a la Modric) we were never truly in control of the football match. The defence had no one to feed the ball too and the attack had nobody to relieve some of the defensive pressure and create space. Thirdly, our play in the final third (throughout the entire tournament) was a disgrace. The Alli, Lingard, Sterling and Kane front four was a disaster IMO. Looking back I find it incredible we've actually made it this far. Our inability to make the final pass or put the ball in the back of the net in open play was an embarrassment. I have a lot of time for Southgate but that front four experiment must be abandoned immediately. It simply didn't work. I'm personally a fan of Kane, but he is about to win the golden boot despite being pretty shit the whole tournament. But overall we have the beginnings of something, our youth teams have delivered two world cups and other championships and our senior team is showing better technical ability than I can ever remember. But we need to develop a world class central midfielder as an absolute priority.
  12. Probably one of the most stale semi-finals I've ever seen. Not helped by the fact each country had around 100 fans in the stadium. France may be big favourites for the tournament now but they really aren't all that IMO.
  13. Jesus H Christ. My heart. Unbelievable. Absolutely elated. Shades of Argentina in 66. Columbia were an absolute disgrace tonight. Good to see that cheats never prosper. I think there is much for us to improve upon. Despite making the last eight. The Lingard/Alli/Sterling experiment isn't working. The amount of times we'll lose the ball or make the wrong decision in the final third is criminal. If we can sort that out.... For me it almost feels like the pressure if off. Let's just go for it now. Nothing to lose.
  14. Whatever happens we've been a total joke tonight. Southgate has completely lost me.