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  1. That's great news You've added a huge amount to these debates and I've enjoyed reading your contributions. It's clear you have a huge amount to offer to this country of ours. Nobody went out yesterday and voted to spite others. We all want what's best for our country, we just differ on the methods we think are best to achieve necessary change and progress.
  2. Certainly not going to gloat today. The past three years have been appalling, friends, families & communities torn apart. But now finally we have a government that can move the needle and take the country forward. Over time wounds will heal and divisions will dissipate. As for the Labour party, I feel sorry for the decent, salt-of-the-earth patriotic working class members and MP's who have seen that truly great party decimated by the Corbyn-McDonnell-Milne axis and their Marxist Momentum foot soldiers. Hopefully now that stain can be washed away and they can rebuild. It is IMPERATIVE that this country has a strong opposition and I hope Labour can be stronger again. Best wishes to all
  3. Yup can see it now. "Farage, the man who won Brexit and then gave it away" He's playing an extremely dangerous game. The fact that remainers are celebrating after his speech today should make all those who have so far supported and donated to the Brexit Party stop and pause. Boris's deal isn't perfect, but after three years of bitter infighting that has damaged relationships between family, friends, coworkers and communities it gives us an orderly transitional withdrawal that looks toward a free trade deal in future. Better to take a scrappy 1-0 win rather than lose everything. Said it once and I'll say it a million times, if Boris doesn't get a majority Brexit is dead and buried and it's never coming back.
  4. If you want Brexit to happen then vote Conservative. Anybody else is a wasted vote.
  5. "Labour respects the result of the referendum...."
  6. I'll be honest. I have a sinking feeling tonight. I really hope I'm wrong.
  7. Not necessarily with the Brexit Party pulling shit like this. As a leave voter who voted for them in the European elections they are really beginning to piss me off. Farage has done more for the independence cause than anyone, but keep this up and he will be the man responsible for keeping us in the EU. IMO if Boris fails to get a majority then Brexit is toast. A vote for the Brexit Party is now a vote for Corbyn and remain.
  8. Despite currently having a double digit lead in the polls, this sort of polling scenario will give the PM, Conservatives and a lot of leavers nightmares. A complete split of the leave note. Peterborough and Brecon copied on a national scale. Farage's behaviour in the past week has been bizarre and is seemingly more focused on trying to discredit the government rather than going after Labour and the Liberal Democrats who actually want Brexit reversed. If Farage is successful in whipping a significant % of leavers up against the Conservatives then it'll be Corbyn in Downing Street and Brexit dead and buried. As a leaver I now fear Farage far more than Corbyn or Swinson.
  9. It's going to be fascinating but my understanding is that the PM can still prorogue again or he could deny Royal Assent to any future bills. Coming out that the PM is now looking at alternative methods to get a Queen's speech.
  10. And you say the Brexiteers are extreme. Be careful of what you wish for.
  11. You don't know because you've had your fingers in the your ears for three years pretending it isn't happening. We voted to restore full sovereign control over our laws, trade and borders and to walk away from Emperor Guy's new age of Empires. Did you know that in the last 13 polls a week prior to the referendum, remain was comfortably ahead in 10 of them? John Curtice has made it clear that there hasn't been a significant shift in public opinion. Current General Election polling also doesn't suggest a strong shift in the polls. Your confidence may be a tad misplaced. But may I ask what version of remain would be on the ballot paper? What do we do about Schengen? The Euro? Further transferring of powers to Brussels? An EU army? Also, why would any leave voter take part in a 2nd referendum when already had senior MP's state they wouldn't respect a 2nd leave vote? Why would any leave voter expect a 2nd leave vote to be respected after such RELENTESS resistance to the first after 3 years?
  12. Strong rumours that Labour will also push for EU citizens to be allowed to vote in a 2nd referendum to remove any threat of us even voting for BRINO or BRemain. If we don't come out on the 31st we are going to a very VERY dark place.
  13. Lots of excitment today but in practical terms changes very little at this stage. Boris seemingly going nowhere and still insistent we are leaving on the 31st:
  14. Hi Alf, sorry for late reply, been awfully busy! Actually been nice to step away from the back and forth! I'm glad you brought up the topic of the 2017 General Election actually. My original response was to a poster saying that if the 2016 referendum were based on constituencies it would have been some sort of tie. I illustrated that it was completely false and that Leave would have had an overwhelming majority. Ignoring Hard/Clean/WTO Brexit, let's go back to the 2017 General Election and look at the Brexit manifesto promises those MP's made to their constituencies when they won their seats: Conservative manifesto - Leave the European Union - Hard-leave with a deal but prepared to leave without one Labour manifesto - Leave the European Union - Soft-leave with a deal most likely involving staying in the single market and customs union but ending free movement. Liberal Democrat manifesto - 2nd referendum. Since then we've had multiple MP's abandon those promises with some even changing political parties altogether (with no subsequent by-elections to give their constituencies a say). Let's have a look where we are now: Conservatives - Leave the European Union - Leave with a deal but prepared to leave without one Labour - 2nd referendum - Rigged with a BRINO vs Remain option. Liberal Democrats - Revoke and cancel. That isn't anywhere close to being representative of where we were in 2017. Only the Conservatives have remained consistent but have been subsequently undermined by the now ousted rebels. The country has never been in greater need of a General Election. But we all know why the opposition won't grant one..
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