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  1. It is absolutely unreal how bad VAR has been. For the sake of the sport it needs to be binned as soon as possible.
  2. Once again he shows he has all the physical attributes but cannot read a football match and it's cost us. He simply hasn't made that step up. I truly think the lad needs to get out of Birmingham. A move to a club up north or down south could kick-start his career IMO.
  3. Definitely. He's got the potential to be a great player but Grealish won this particular fight hands down. I hope he can learn and improve. For our sake he needs to if we are to stand any chance in the big big games.
  4. Utterly disgraceful not to beat these over 2 legs. Yet ANOTHER almighty flop in a big game. This has become a habit and habits are notoriously hard to break. I feel really weird about this season, we're likely to end up in a Champions League place which would be truly remarkable but seeing us absolutely BOMB in every single big game has left me feeling deflated to be honest.
  5. Think this is just going to be ones of those ties. For some reason I've never felt confident despite the fact we should be out of sight already. Just had that feeling Villa were going to shithouse their way through. We blew our chance when we should have buried them at the KP.
  6. Another big game. Another disappointing performance. We're not a clutch team. As good as this season has been so far that has been frustrating to witness. Could be any result at Villa Park. We're a bit of a mystery at times.
  7. Agreed. Letting ourselves down in the big games.
  8. Declare the new trilogy as non-canon and start again?
  9. That's great news You've added a huge amount to these debates and I've enjoyed reading your contributions. It's clear you have a huge amount to offer to this country of ours. Nobody went out yesterday and voted to spite others. We all want what's best for our country, we just differ on the methods we think are best to achieve necessary change and progress.
  10. Certainly not going to gloat today. The past three years have been appalling, friends, families & communities torn apart. But now finally we have a government that can move the needle and take the country forward. Over time wounds will heal and divisions will dissipate. As for the Labour party, I feel sorry for the decent, salt-of-the-earth patriotic working class members and MP's who have seen that truly great party decimated by the Corbyn-McDonnell-Milne axis and their Marxist Momentum foot soldiers. Hopefully now that stain can be washed away and they can rebuild. It is IMPERATIVE that this country has a strong opposition and I hope Labour can be stronger again. Best wishes to all
  11. Yup can see it now. "Farage, the man who won Brexit and then gave it away" He's playing an extremely dangerous game. The fact that remainers are celebrating after his speech today should make all those who have so far supported and donated to the Brexit Party stop and pause. Boris's deal isn't perfect, but after three years of bitter infighting that has damaged relationships between family, friends, coworkers and communities it gives us an orderly transitional withdrawal that looks toward a free trade deal in future. Better to take a scrappy 1-0 win rather than lose everything. Said it once and I'll say it a million times, if Boris doesn't get a majority Brexit is dead and buried and it's never coming back.
  12. If you want Brexit to happen then vote Conservative. Anybody else is a wasted vote.
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