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  1. Gutted, I was hoping I could get hold of some of that to go with our chlorinated salad and water Oh well, let's just hope this guys right then : Model that predicted 5 of past 6 presidential elections has Trump in 2020 by 'landslide' https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/model-predicted-5-last-6-presidential-elections-says-trump-will-win-2020
  2. True, and we probably won't exist after death either (hopefully not!)
  3. Still loyal as the last couple of seasons have been a welcome return to form. Doesn't really sound like much of an "end" though? Just sounds like they are preparing to bump off most of the cast and start over with a new name and Daryl & Carol as leads.
  4. That we've all been dead already. I.e what do you remember before you were born?
  5. Ugh such a grim memory. We could tell something was horribly wrong based on that one game.
  6. Congratulations Lloyd! An excellent professional career and a cult hero at this football club! Part of one of my favourite Leicester City teams of all time! I'm sure the Foxes faithful will be sure to give him a fantastic reception whenever he can come down to see us again
  7. We might improve by not having the Premier League Golden Boot in our team?
  8. So we're five days from the start of the new season and we've so far conspired to make our squad worse..even though we've been relegation calibre this entire calendar year. If we lose Vardy to a prolonged injury we could be in desperate trouble IMO.
  9. Come on the Clippers! It's our ****in' year!
  10. 10th to 14th. For this entire calendar year we've looked the definition of a bang average mid-table side. A few key injuries could spell huge trouble for us. We also seriously seem to lack team spirit and courage. If we go behind or someone pegs up back, our heads drop and the game is only ending one way The team needs a big refresh in my opinion.
  11. We've always struggled to attract players to the Leicester area to be fair. It's also pretty clear that we are a "sell-to-buy" club. I wouldn't expect any movement until Chilwell is on his way out the door. Frustrating as I would have liked Top to get his credit card out and really look to make a statement this summer to try and freshen things up and get us all thinking positively after such a catastrophic 2020 thus far but it would appear that's not going to be the case. I also wonder if Top is reluctant to give Rodgers any sort of war chest as he may need to pay him off in a few months....
  12. Is this ever going to actually happen?
  13. Is it though? Not in the top 30 globally in terms of social media following (we're 27th) which includes clubs from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia & Mexico: https://www.statista.com/statistics/827759/largest-soccer-clubs-worldwide-digital-community-size/ They even appear to be dwarfed by the likes of Crystal Palace on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. I've spent plenty of time living and working abroad and I personally think Celtic's "international clout" is a bit of a myth. Think most Europeans put them in the same bracket as clubs like Red Star Belgrade or Spartak Moscow. Big fanbase yes, but not in the same galaxy as Europes genuine elite.
  14. They also have the ugliest women in Europe IMO.
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