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  1. The fact that we don't even know which version we should be singing is absolutely damming.
  2. I knew exactly what I voted for yes. Not sure what's funny? The idea that the House of Commons would respect the vote? Yea that is pretty funny now looking back
  3. No we haven't, but when you consider that 75% of the House of Commons voted remain (including the Prime Minister and Chancellor) then is that hardly a surprise? I've written this on here before but it would have been like Scotland voting for independence and then handing the negotiations over to Ruth Davidson and the Scottish Conservatives. I seriously have no idea why you think the EU would have been willing to reform after a vote to remain. The issue would have been resolved as far as they and the UK government would have been concerned, regardless if there was just a single vote in it. Maybe we don't reach a deal. What we know is that parliament will never pass the deal on offer and the EU is so far unwilling to budge. If the EU continues on this line then it's No Deal on the 31st. That's unless a minority of Conservative MP's believe ushering in a Marxist government is preferable to No Deal (as well as sacrificing the Conservative Party at the alter of Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party). Soon it will be put up or shut up time.
  4. What reforms would we have pursued exactly? Successive UK government's had tried for years with less and less effect. David Cameron himself tried to do exactly that prior to the referendum and got the square root of sod all as the European Union was A) Completely unwilling to believe that there was a threat we'd actually vote to leave and B) The European project is a fixed ideal with one ultimate goal which is full European integration. There isn't a cat in hells chance they'd have been willing to reform AFTER a vote to remain, if anything it would have strengthened their resolve to push ahead with full political, economic and military integration as the British threat would have been extinguished for good in their eyes. I believe both the UK and EU are best apart. I can only hope sense prevails on both sides and we can agree to a comprehensive free trade deal prior to Halloween.
  5. Heard this so many times. That we should offer a compromise to satisfy those that satisfied remain. May I ask what compromises would have been offered to leavers if the result had been reversed? Imagine the uproar if Remain had won and people were proposing a 2nd referendum of Leave Vs Soft Remain (leaving the Customs Union and Single Market).
  6. Looked a little stronger in the midfield compared to the senior side but the juniors have the same problems, can't get themselves ahead and away in games and instead seem to fall over themselves to give goals away. Some seriously talented lads coming through but clearly there are some significant coaching issues that threatens to waste them. If the FA were serious about progression Boothroyd and his coaching team need to be told the Croatia match will be their last.
  7. Huh? We should have absolutely buried them. We are finally producing some technically excellent young footballers and we're playing some of the most attractive football I've ever seen from England sides. BUT, Jesus Christ some of the mistakes from we've seen from both the seniors and U21's in the past month have been absolutely biblical. I don't even know where to begin or how to explain them. Too many and too bad to just be bad luck. Hugely disappointing end for a side that should absolutely be challenging in this tournament.
  8. Lack of midfield the difference just as it was against Croatia in the World Cup. But just like Croatia we had chances to bury them. Things to solve for Southgate: 1. Cut out crucial defensive mistakes (dropping Stones would be a start, was at fault for Croatia's second in the World Cup as well) 2. Find a midfield pairing to sit, hold and dictate play. 3. Get the best out of our attacking talent, need to be far more clinical in front of goal. Need to get the ball in behind teams (Stirling wasted)
  9. Absolutely pathetic. This team must now be BANNED from passing out from the back again. It's a complete and utter nonsense that this is how to control a football match.
  10. The thing is with England is that you just don't fancy us to get back in to the game once we go behind. We just don't have the belief or killer-instinct yet. Obviously delighted to be proved wrong.
  11. Agreed it's progress. But arguably more frustrating.
  12. Becoming a bit of a semi-final flop team.
  13. Stones shouldn't be anywhere near this England side. Cost us massively in this game.
  14. We didn't have one in the World Cup either. We don't stand a chance against the very best unless we can compete in the midfield.
  15. A section of our fans weird inferiority complex.
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