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  1. I've been saying this for a few years. Genuinely looks like our players can't stand each other. No passion, no leadership. Nothing. Such a shame to see Vardy look so disinterested as well. I know he's 34 now but one of his greatest strengths was his gob. Winding the opposition up, drawing fouls making mistakes. Now he's a right pussy.
  2. Defies belief really. Speechless. We have more points on the board but we are big underdogs now. A reminder that a couple of weeks ago we were 8 points clear with 15 to play for and matches against Southampton and Newcastle coming up next. Now we look like favourites to drop out, maybe on the last day, AGAIN. I might be in a minority but I would like to see the back of many if that were to happen again. Couldn't give a toss if it drops us down the table. 5th means nothing. Europa League is a waste of time and resources. I want to see a team
  3. Does Brendan need a lift to Arsenal or Spurs tonight? Would Celtic take him back?
  4. As per last season. Am I the only one who thinks it's dodgy as ****? Two seasons in a row, seriously?
  5. This is officially this seasons Bournemouth. Confidence will be well and truly crushed now. Stick a fork in us. We're done.
  6. Definitely not sacked, but if we choke again we shouldn't stand in the way if he wants the Arsenal or Spurs job IMO.
  7. So 15 minutes in to the second half and we've created as much as the first. **** all. WTAF.
  8. I'll be honest if we throw this away again I'd be fully behind a fire sale and shipping Rodgers to Spurs. Recoup some of those COVID losses. Start a rebuild. For me watching us shit ourselves at the end of every season is just as bad as mid-table mediocrity. Honestly couldn't care less about the Europa League.
  9. To lose top 4 now would be significantly worse than last years historic collapse. Rodgers can go to Spurs if we miss out again. Give someone else a go. At least someone who can get the team playing like they give a flying ****. Also, when did Vardy become such a pussy?
  10. If this happens again, almost certain now in my opinion, it's dodgy as ****.
  11. Game over. We need answers to this debacle.
  12. We must be an absolute dream to play against sometimes. Slow, turgid, play everything in front of the opposition. Ready to be countered at a moments notice.
  13. Let's be honest they've battered us. What the **** is going on? Are we being paid to throw top 4 again or something?
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