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  1. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing ?
  2. ACF


    G’day everyone I used to be a semi-frequent poster on FT, until life started getting in the way. With that came all sorts of ups and downs, including anxiety and depression, something I still battle today, and will continue to do so. After the last few days, I have felt the grief most of you have also felt, and this has utterly scared me. Most of the day (Australia time) I have been worrying I will slip into old habits leading into depression again. But I won’t. I won’t let myself. I will let myself grieve for man who meant a lot to me. But I won’t let it co
  3. Beautifully written mate. “The Light of Progressive Glory”
  4. From the initial scepticism when he took over from Mandaric to now is huge. We didn’t want to be another Cardiff, we desperately didn’t want a Glazer situation. Instead we were blessed with the most generous, thoughtful owner, who also knew how to run a club. Everyone wants to “do a Leicester” thanks to what this man set up. Khun Vichai, thank you, thank you, thank you for what you did for our club, our city, and our game. We all know your impact and I hope so much that your legacy is us successfully fulfilling your vision. I will be trying
  5. Absolutely gutted, this man has played the biggest part in giving me some of the best days in my life and I’m sure these feelings are absolutely replicated with fans of both Leicester and of others. Keep the faith.
  6. First post in a hell of a long time! Flying over from Down Under later in the year and hoping to get two Adult tickets to the Spurs and/or Palace games. If anyone knows they may not be able to make these games, your help would be deeply appreciated!
  7. Getting in early as I'll be flying over from Down Under, but hoping to get two Adult tickets to the Tottenham home game. Know it's a long shot! Let me know if anyone can help an International Fox out.
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