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  1. Ashes 2017

    Agreed,Moeen is so frustrating too.We all know he isn't a spinner, I think he even knows that. Reminds me in a way of Graham Hick many moons ago.Extreem talent batting wise but fell short when it mattered on so many occasions. seems putting him up a place could have also cost us runs down the order if that makes sense.Probably plays slightly differently and more relaxed,now I'm afraid it's too late, the damage to him mentally has been done I think for this tour anyway.Really hope I eat my words though.
  2. Ashes 2017

    Matt, I take it you are not a fan by previous comments and at the moment he is bringing nothing to the party and deserves to be given a rest. However you can't deny the lads got talent batting wise and can also change games. We all have dips, I lost count of mine. confidence player and it's got to him. At least he had a change of bowler to dismiss him.
  3. PDC World Darts Championship 2018

    I remember saying I wanted to go and my Mrs got me some tickets one xmas. imagine my huge disappointment when she had got me BDO tickets 😂
  4. Crazy Stat. time!

    5 and 10 games form
  5. 2017 Deathlist

    I loved Cheggars. Him and Les Dennis were superb on extras. That clip has made kenco come out of my nose!
  6. LRI again.

    Get well soon Ken
  7. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    He is a prize Cvnt. TBF that other twat Jamie and Amir Khan are ass licking him like girls, I think he holds that air about him like a school bully that others want to impress him. summit about him.
  8. The "do they mean us?" thread

  9. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    You see, I think if we were going to sing it,sing it to the 2 Manchester clubs and Chelsea and no one else. That way we might get away with being mildly amusing. This will guarantee a "20 times, 20 times Man Utd"chant without fail.
  10. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    TBH they wouldn't have to cherry pick with me.
  11. Strangest things you have seen in a football stadium

    Not that good but the streakers away at Peterborough must be early 90s. we had half the ground took an age to catch one. Wasnt our fans finest hour after either.
  12. What's The Worst Smell You've Ever Encountered?

    Smelt that too, I feel like I can smell it again now🤢 One of of my old customers used to make sausage skins out of pig bladders or something along those lines. warm summer days and dead flesh isn't nice.Apparently when they closed they had to demolish the building, it had seeped into the plaster. went crabbing in France whilst on holiday one year. my lad wasn't that old and collected and stacked the buckets after release,however he hadnt taken them all out and one was trapped between the buckets. Didnt go in my car for about 5 days and it was baking hot. long journey home I can tell you
  13. How Was Your Day?

    Yesterday was a shit! ive sufffered with my back over the years quite badly, but since I got a dog a few years back I have had no problems at all. Usually get some niggles before the old" I can't breath, feel like I'm gunna shite myself "twang.Put this down to strengthening with 2 walks a day. yesterday no warning was in the middle of nowhere and it went,by the afternoon I couldn't put my right foot in front of me. Rhis can last weeks. woke up this morning and it's sore but not too bad.Never this good after a short space of time. Anyone who suffers knows these things grind you down,I'm chuffed today.
  14. How Was Your Day?

    It's hard thinking of micrometer puns isn't it.
  15. How Was Your Day?

    I can't GAUGE whether you're joking or not. mind you, you can't either now.Youve lost it!