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  1. They might turn up just to think things aren’t that bad!! They aren’t deffos but I hate to see people alone. One year I would love to have some oldie over who is on their own.
  2. Quiet for a change. Off to see friends in Norfolk and then off to Birmingham for a few days to see my best mate .Come home Xmas eve. My bosses Mrs committed suicide 18 months ago and he mentioned how he found it hard last Xmas,so gave him an open invitation for Xmas dinner. Today went out on the lash and my mate who I introduced to Leicester some 20 odd years ago was saying due to upcoming divorce he will be totally on his own as his daughter is with his ex. invited him as well. Cambridgefox isn’t a twat at all!
  3. Might just go to Witton Arms near the ground.
  4. One of the worst,also one of the reasons I hate them.
  5. Thing that gets me is they’ve only been away a few weeks.Like a long paid holiday and they turn into right roar arses.
  6. He played well and am chuffed.like I am for all our players doing well,but he was doggo against Burton so will give it a bit more time.Hopefully that was a one off. One swallow does not a summer make.
  7. No thanks.Think they have all raised their game,but Barnes everytime for me atm
  8. Can’t ask for more. Chuffed for him. Pisses me off when people boo their own players. How is that helping your own team?
  9. Pre season. Did he not score in all the games he played.
  10. In this place seagull encore put order the wrong way around.
  11. Saw them last night in Norwich. played a lot off the last album and old stuff. Got the playlist if you want ?
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