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  1. We are a converter and lead time is 3 months rather than 5 days.Pain in the arse.
  2. They are 20 and 17 and are very good at taking the piss out of themselves.Tonight we have had the cat,the dog their own nan,me the Mrs anything on tv,it’s a source of entertainment . Tonight we have had HMC which means high maintenance cat,for its constant neediness ,dick head dog for barking at the cat being needy on numerous occasions asking my mother whether her female friend Terri was pre op or now a bloke ( this is mentioned every single time,even madam Tussaud’s got a mention from my son and it was suggested by his sister he preferred madam pork swords. Think this could be my
  3. Booked Singapore ,Bali,Lombok,Gili for my Mrs and My 50th for November. Not taking kids ,dunno if that’s a good thing 😂
  4. We are even pretending we are ventriloquists to work it out.
  5. We were confused at work.That doesn’t take much tbh.
  6. That match was like Spurs playing Spurs and Spurs went all Spursy!
  7. RIP Ken. Yes he got a bit of stick from time to time but I think everyone liked him. if i was going to hospital I can guarantee I wouldn’t get one horse card.He must have got hundreds and that said a lot about him as a person on here and by the sounds of it off it.
  8. That’s weird,a lad at work when it came out sung that.
  9. I was trying the “sent from my phone using tapatalk” but saying 3G as a joke,but made it seem serious.
  10. Yes,they are paying for extra data. Really slow though. My daughter is on target for a 1st and had an assignment and was 15% down due to not being able to download documents.She was livid.Had to go back to Uni of Nottingham .We are near Cambridge so isn’t ideal. Anyway I will certainly give the Ombudsman an update tonight.Cheers
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