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  1. Put this in here a few months ago. Really winds me up more than it should do. Ipshit is correct this year tbf
  2. Oh Matt,I thought my life was full of strange and funny happenings,but you take it up a notch 😂 My boss always says,you can’t even see customers without finding out their strangest stories. Had one bloke I had only met twice at his business tell me about dolphins with sexual urges bumming divers to death.When I jokingly said if they had a full tank of air they would be ages.Looked at me as if I’m some kind of idiot and said” They would soon rip the mask off mate”and went into detail how they would do it. He was trying to be serious but I was in hysterics.
  3. Can you do a Derby Playoff one Any year will do!!!
  4. Going to mix the two up break and last holiday and they will be as cool as fook Kelling Clearwater
  5. You would be embarrassed to put that in the joke thread.
  6. Go support them then,I always want Leicester to win regardless.
  7. Long weekend at the caravan at Kelling Heath @Unabomber jealous to death!
  8. Oldest trade in the world apparently!!!
  9. Robbie Fowler far left Peter Beardsley far right
  10. Good point. my trek from Cambridge to Manchester would be slow anyway,forgot about caravans and holiday makers coming back from long weekends. might start now!
  11. Good thing is that it’s Bank Holiday Monday and I work from home on Tuesdays.Will just get a lie in.
  12. A Man Utd fan is hardly going to say anything different is he? Get sick of saying this( not aimed solely at you) Do you not think for one minute Sky and the media hype it up on purpose.If not you are so naive. Man City seem streaks ahead in football and players and for someone to get near and maybe go down to the wire on high 90 pts it is some title race.Its business. Yes,it will never eclipse ours,but we were in the news and papers for weeks. Kept every paper for days afterwards for keepsakes and it was vast. Majority of Liverpool fans near me are sound and when we won it were saying unbelievable and well done Spurs ( loads of them) mainly cocky,delusional twats were bitter,and still are.A few exceptions mind you. For the record I have NO connections to Leicester whatsoever, so I feel it really odd that someone from Leicester supports a different team,I just don’t get it,and probably harder for me to get as riled up as most on here.
  13. Worcestershire are my team,so a cracking day.
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