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  1. Will do,although this year I’m struggling big time as have loads of breaks and still sorting landscaping for my new build. made my night though 👍
  2. Thanks mate.Where abouts is your van? Mums was down the bottom ( Holt end)towards those new really expensive ones.Got a mate who had one on the left on the entrance straight, and an old work colleague has hers towards the bottom fishing lake.Had some really good times so might be up for hiring at some point.
  3. Booked a nice holiday for my Mrs and my 50th. Managed to get insurance to cancel if we have to self isolate. Not getting too excited as we will just have to see how in pans out. Singapore at the Marina Bay Bali Lombok Gilli Islands Early November hopefully
  4. Oh mate,I really miss that place. my mum flogged hers just before lockdown.
  5. I’m more fuming with Winks when 3 on 1
  6. It’s not games like today that would possibly cost us.It’s 1 of 38 games. Fulham,Southampton,Newcastle. We won the FA Cup for Christ’s sake. Dissaponting.Yes.Would I change that FA cup for CL.Never.
  7. Anyone would think they have just won the FA cup the way they celebrated. oh wait ......
  8. I’m sure Everton fans thought they were winning the PL earlier in the season.
  9. Win the cup and after our league win it’s life complete.
  10. When I looked it was just a full stop.
  11. Cambridge definitely not. We are East Anglia.
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