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  1. Not sure he could have done much more tbh
  2. Quite a negative bunch as per. Lots reading between the lines to fit their negative agenda.
  3. Because you need an eye test?
  4. Please for the love of God,nobody quote that above post in it’s entirety .
  5. Will probably never know if he was “ friend or foe”
  6. Honeydew,cantaloupe try every now and then but still can’t stomach them. water melon is fine though.
  7. Personally I will reserve judgment on a player until they have at least played for us.His game might be more suited to us.Pure guess work at this stage. Salah was useless at Chelsea.
  8. I keep having this dream that I’m a horse. Thats five nights on the trot. I’m really sorry
  9. Cheers,really don’t know how people are wired for thought process sometimes. Although this might sound weird also,her and her mate are attractive young ladies.According to MY mates so they might have been on a perv mission.
  10. Thankyou.She wasn’t happy.This sounds bad,but a smash where no one is badly injured,but shaken isn’t a bad thing for young drivers.Eye opener to how dangerous cars can be.
  11. As my user name suggests I’m not from Leicester but my day,or at least my daughters day involved Leicester and not in a good way. She was helping a friend move into Uni accommodation and went to refuel down Narborough Road.She was a passenger. Got T boned.TBF I don’t know the circumstances of who’s fault as yet.However, she got the full impact air bags,glass,smoke. Not” Are you alright” as she is struggling to get out of the bent door,but no less than 5 separate people filming it.What has society come to. Only one bloke after 5 minutes came to help. Got taken to LRI in an ambulance but thankfully ok.
  12. @Haywood_6 Sorry to be a pain.Anything I can do?
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