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  1. A-Level results day 2017

    Fantastic,welcome to Cambridge! Which college?
  2. Depression

    Right,I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't suffer,however I'm sensitive and caring to other people's plights and am often the one people turn to if they have a problem and am more than willing to give support. ive kept this one close to my chest for a few months now but a Ive been hit for six. background A very close friend of the family many years ago ,her husband walked out on her ,the kids were only a few years old. me and the wife paid for them to go on holiday with us as a bit of a break and since then we have been so close. The daughters ( although the mother has re married) are like daughters to us,we think the world of them. Early this year the daughter I'm closest to was raped.She didn't tell a sole for over a month and when she did,she turned to me. She spiralled into a state of depression and texts me to say she doesn't want to go on anymore.Really upsets me to see such an attractive,beautiful young women on the inside and outside suffer like this,but in a weird way me texting her most days to tell her exactly that makes me feel good,seeing that for even just 5 mins she is happy. she is on medication and has counselling ,but having to go through the details of what happened at these counselling sessions just seems to make her worse . she refuses to go to the police because she knows the piece of shit that did it is quite high up in a profession and knows he will get out of it as she has no evidence ( dna) I'm no professional and I can give support but what would you do? im on holiday and although Whatsapp most days I feel a bit removed,today she hit me with the news it looks like her step dad has bowel cancer,on top of that her sister also suffers with severe depression. its starting to worry me that such a funny,caring young lady a year ago ,now has such dark thoughts and the world on her shoulders.in such a quick space of time for a 21 year old it's hard to take. Dont mind admitting Ive shed a tear or two,just want her to be the same lovely Young lady as last year,and as Much as I give love,encouragement and support I feel like I'm failing as I can't get her out of this rut. she tells me I mean the world to her and without my support she doesn't know what she would do,but as I said I'm no professional and don't want to do the wrong thing.
  3. How Was Your Day?

    We had a relaxing day today.Back to Universal tomorrow,I believe the kids are back to school so should be less busy.
  4. How Was Your Day?

    I'm in the US of A at the moment. Bloody hell,Why do they have to ask a hundred questions when they are at any counter. just decide beforehand what you want,pay and go. ive decided Germans are a far superior race,due to efficiency!
  5. Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Mate,I was there this evening! Championsgate,Retreat. You doing the parks ? We have a 2 week pass if you are going could always meet up for a chat.
  6. Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Arrived in Orlando last night. its not what you know it's who you know. HUMBLEBRAG ALERT Debut in upper class.Flights return for 4 of us £750. My friend who we are with is crew.Amazing experience having a bed and a bar area to sit at. However if I was paying the full amount I'm not sure it would be worth it.
  7. Company Name - Idea's

  8. Riddles

  9. Riddles

    If we eat fish on St David's day. Crab on Us Independence Day. and goat on Christmas Day. What do we eat on Halloween?
  10. Riddles

    Under the watchful eye of the Mods?
  11. Riddles

    A bald Stephen Hawkins?
  12. Riddles

    Just seen the reveal thingy. fvck knows how you use that!
  13. Riddles

  14. why have we sold no-one?

    You have something the size of Big Wes's..You need a handful of viagra not to be one!
  15. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    I was about 15 cars back! very busy road and it's only got a few windows of oppurtunity. How is the harvest going!!!!