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  1. This is the score I want. Liverpool and Man Utd dropping points. Dont want Man Utd getting momentum and creeping up the table.
  2. Luton, away there was a bloke talking on his phone,but his torch light was on for about 5 minutes. Something wrong with me,as I thought if you’re on your phone laughing and joking while the match is on.You deserve that flat battery.
  3. We used to after winning scrums against the head,but I wasn’t playing in a QF World Cup against Australia .
  4. Here comes the Sun do da da da dah Here comes the Sun do da da da dah its all shite Tune of”Here comes the sun” or “She’ll be coming round the mountain “
  5. Wife and myself need to work and my lad has college. Daughter is at Uni in Nottingham and will have lectures.Apart from that 😂 Stan.Will I still have to pay the toll charge?
  6. That Villa one has irked me. i was going up on Friday night and staying with friends for the weekend.We were going on the lash before and after and it was going to be a good day. Now going for a pint before and soft drinks after ,before driving back to Cambridge. Doesn'tsound as fun does it.
  7. Belgium had 40 shots against san Narino!
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