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  1. Red beak and blue is getting me. escapee?
  2. Goldfinch perhaps.Getting increasingly common ( not a bad thing) Where Greenfinch are getting rarer due to some parasite that has killed loads.
  3. Sounds to me you know a great deal on boy bands 😂
  4. I know,fancy only having 7% left on your phone. Living on the edge.
  5. Major balls up by Scotland 3-0 with about 10 minutes to go.
  6. That was certainly entertaining. Glad I’m “ working “ from home today.
  7. @fazzyfox @IsItMuzzy on sale Cambridge end £10 adult However,tried looking for further details and the page has crashed 😂
  8. Excellent,I took my kids out of school for one week before half term years back and emailed the school saying “ An educational trip to South Africa “ Let me go without a fine. jusy say you are going to an Abbey.As it was the “Abbey Stadium “
  9. I’m doing the same. Drove past the ground today and was going to pop in the shed and demand “what is going on?” Least 4 going then!
  10. Come on.Wish Cambridge would announce ticket details. Not a big one for most of you,but in my backyard with a fair few mates in the home end . just like the play off days!!!!
  11. Got the train from Peterborough last year 2hr 15 40 mins to station and 10 minutes walk 3hr 5mins 240 miles Fulham Away midweek rush hour tube 20 mins to Ely station 1hr 15 train 1hr 10 tube( it was horrendous) 15 minutes walk 3hours 88 miles
  12. We have said the same regarding the tuition fees. Its the day to day and the extra £1000 per term accommodation that might be harder. We have said we will pay her £350 PM and with the work she might be ok,unless she keeps going out!
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