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  1. Found a use for the clappers. Everyone take theirs the next game and dissect that up.
  2. Definitely shit on 27th.You will be the only one there.
  3. You thinking 3 years on the trot for Worcestershire 🤞
  4. Last time I promise. THIS is the reason I support Leicester. First shiny badge I unveiled was Leicester’s and the rest is history. Always have lived in Cambs and no connection to Leicester at all.
  5. Correct lots live miles away. Also some would rather not wear colours away. We beat Villa in the last minute and then you get on public transport with a few idiots.
  6. “ coming over here taking our jobs” I know who I would want doing an operation on me. The Qualified foreign surgeon or this lummox!
  7. So do I,don’t make a comment this time Una!
  8. Think this has changed to a goal every 55 mins now.
  9. I would love to see a Police Dog lay a dog egg on the pitch.Good entertainment.
  10. Buttler”****ing knob Head “ to philander
  11. Nothing grinds me more than Man City sing “ Blue Moon” knowing that Showaddywaddy used to sing that!!!!!
  12. 24 Hours in Police Custody Filmed in my neck of the woods used to play Rugby ,now and again with the DCI . Was a fantastic cricketer too.
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