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  1. Another one who took to vaping. Tried loads of times on gum,patches and always went backCravings were hard,but got a vape about £50 and had no cravings and coming up to 3 years. Can be around people who smoke and it doesn’t tempt me at all,it really doesn’t. what an invention!! Good luck @tom27111
  2. That is exactly how my mate sees it. Both really nice guys apparently.
  3. My mate works with Paul and I’ve been to a few parties over the years with him there and he hasn’t even mentioned he played football once.Probably cringes everytime he hears it.
  4. It wasn’t last week when the painters were still there and I’m trying to move in! Feels like I’m on holiday for Xmas. Not got a clue how I’m going to fill my evenings and weekends now.
  5. New Build At last we are in 2 days before Xmas. The wife made 95% of the decisions tbf Bit stressful building your own,but feels like it’s worth it.
  6. Don’t know if I hate this Leicester performance or Clinton Morrison’s love for Everton more.
  7. My neighbour works with a Luton fan and he text me to say” Who is this kid Luton have on loan from you,his mate can’t shut up about him” said he has been outstanding.
  8. Fairly new to this FL Think there is a 2 game week coming up. My question Does the double week start with the midweek game and the following weekend or weekend first then midweek ? 😂 Is that also a good week to play a wildcard?
  9. My boss calls it” a pint of do as you’re told”
  10. That second paragraph,I thought I was on an episode of “ Going for Gold” with Henry Kelly
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