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  1. Liking that Voll cracking song/band and original.
  2. That first verse wouldn’t need much doctoring either. maddison keep 1st line maddison something along the lines of splitting the defenders just for fun. struggling for next two sentences keep last
  3. Whilst on “The Clash” theme,I think something could be done with Maddison and Tommy Gun.
  4. They are crazy. make the strangest sound too.
  5. Lucky I don’t give you a 7 knuckle sandwich!
  6. Where abouts in Norfolk are you going? We are the same re the camping equipment,just bought a new tent.Gone for the air tent. We have kitchens,many tables.some air bed that is about a foot tall.More plates than in the house,lamps,heaters. Told the wife to cut down,but oh no. Ive an A4 estate and we have to take the Evoque As well to get it all in.Just! might get a trailer.
  7. 100% this. ive had 4 or 5 knee ops and get less nervous about these than the dentist.
  8. https://www.dailyedge.ie/james-blunts-comebacks-3327662-Apr2017/
  9. Durham were 79-1 off 11.4 overs and made 112-6 off 20 falling 3 short. Needing 36 off 50 balls 8 wickets very strange batting or exceptional bowling? Leicestershire have some momentum at least.
  10. Take it as holiday. im going to sound like a right miserable twat,and I know everyone is different,but I had one day off when my dad died to sort bits with my mum.Then for me the best way was to throw myself back into it.As I said different people deal with things in their own way. You own a small company and let’s say 7 staff.Each person is essential. One person goes off a lot it becomes contagious and others do it. Little Jonny is off school ill and someone goes off to look after them,others follow. Take it as holiday. yes I’m a miserable sod,but I know personally how it effects things. saying that I had a dodgy double knee op years ago that caused me to be off work for 7 weeks.
  11. I’m loitering outside Holiday inn.
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