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  1. What about all the players running around with their club colours and badge in front of the camera’s at an away teams ground.Not just one.Eleven of them!
  2. Least you know how there keeper feels continuously picking the ball from the back of the net. seriously.i feel for you.Not much worse when a back goes.
  3. Ok,I had a gay ghost give me the willies once.
  4. My lad.17 Dog woke us up barking at 3am,I’m having a house built at the back so thought I would take a look.Nothing. Lad text me about 8.30 to say he had this dream that an Amazon tribe was after him and he escaped out of the window.Random. Thing is he found gravel and a rock in his bed and his feet were dirty this morning. He had actually climbed out of the window and then walked around the house.He thought that was in his dream,but woke whilst outside in his boxers and climbed back in the window. Luckily whilst having the house built we are in my
  5. Replying to you because of my story.Mentioned it loads,but will say it again. First glittery badge I got in my Panini sticker book in the early 80s was Leicester.Never looked back. What irks me around here is I’m surrounded by Spurs ,Arsenal Ipswich and Norwich and they wonder why I support Leicester.Mileage wise it’s actually closer. Used to get free tickets for Norwich as a kid .Dave Watson used to live next door to my aunt and uncle.Never changed my allegiance .
  6. You honestly think Fulham.West Brom,Burnley and Sheffield Utd will finish above us?
  7. Totally agree.We weren’t creating a thing.
  8. Note to self.Turn of notifications on my phone and don’t look at FT as probably will be a few minutes behind.
  9. My best man said a similar thing in his speech,apparently I went to hospital with it and when my then girlfriend asked how I was ,it was touch and go.
  10. 1.5k positive cases at University of Nottingham over the last week,according to my daughter. My daughter lives in Lenton.One girl fell ill for 2 days,all self isolated and told to test.All 5 positive.No one else really felt ill at all. Spreads like wildfire that’s for sure.
  11. I’m really regretting buying that flat above Lionel Ritchie.
  12. Got a Xmas card off Phil Tufnell.(sister in laws step brother) with a message saying I was shit at cricket. Won a world Championship as a kid im sure I’ve mentioned these before. My personal favourite . me and my mate pretending to pull an imaginary rope across the road when a car was coming.Car screeched to a halt and out pops a copper who was also Worlds strongest man Geoff Capes.Of all the people. Think he made us roar.
  13. Happy Birthday Col 👍
  14. I had the pleasure of being on the train back to Lichfield after they beat us in the semi final last year.30 minutes of them taking the piss,I’m glad they are missing it.
  15. Usually not a thing we want,but Villa losing that confidence would be so good for us.
  16. That’s my thinking.Really could do with Liverpool snatching a demoralising last minute equaliser.
  17. Thankyou. She has a sore throat and a bit lethargic.She will be fine.
  18. Daughter tested positive today. she has been isolating for a week as she is in a shared house whilst at univ of Nottingham ,and one of the girls tested positive last weekend. All 5 in the house have it now and only one feels slightly ill. Hopefully that’s how it stays.
  19. Not sure he could have done much more tbh
  20. Will probably never know if he was “ friend or foe”
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