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Match Ratings: Spurs 3-1 Leicester City - Vote Now

Spurs 3-1 Leicester City

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  1. 6.2

    Total Average Rating

    114 votes
  2. Highest Rated Player

    Youri Tielemans 7.7
  3. Lowest Rated Player

    Kelechi Iheanacho Substitute 5.5
  4. Manager Confidence 67% +4%

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Season: 2018/19
Voting Starts: 10/02/19
Voting Ends: 15/02/19

  1. Kasper Schmeichel
  2. Ricardo Pereira
  3. Jonny Evans
  4. Harry Maguire
  5. Ben Chilwell
  6. Wilfred Ndidi
  7. Rachid Ghezzal
  8. Youri Tielemans
  9. James Maddison
  10. Harvey Barnes
  11. Demarai Gray
  12. Jamie Vardy (sub)
  13. Kelechi Iheanacho (sub)
  14. Shinji Okazaki (sub)

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Let down by 3 of the more experienced plalyer.

Maguire at fault for their goal and lucky not to have conceded a penalty

Ricardo sloppy clearance led to the 2nd goal

Vardy for the missed penalty.


Apart from that they were ok, 


Lots of missed chances by the young brigade.


Good overall performance will get better as the teamwork improves.

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Kasper - 4 - Beaten from distance again, let Son's goal go straight through him.


Ricardo - 7 - Would have been an 8 but shocking mistake to let Spurs off the hook. Great play for the assist.


Evans - 6 - Played well, pretty comfortable game.


Maguire - 5 - At fault for the first goal. Can't allow anyone to get goalside like that.


Chilwell - 7 - Threatening without producing much.


Tielemans - 8 - MOTM - Exactly what we've been missing. Creativity from deep positions, linked well with Ndidi and Maddison.


Ndidi - 7 - Subtracted a point for his mistake for the 3rd but otherwise played very well.


Maddison - 8 - Constantly getting into good positions. At his creative best.


Barnes - 5 - Couldn't finish his dinner but kept going and constantly got into positions. Hope he gets his next goal soon.


Ghezzal - 5 - So quiet and didn't do anything.


Gray - 6 - Led the line reasonably well consideing he's as much of a Premier League striker as I am. Wish we'd stop pissing about with his development.




Vardy - 7 - Shouldn't have been allowed to take the penalty. Can't have your first kick of a ball be such an important one but he took his goal nicely and should have had an assist.


Iheanacho - 6 - Some nice touches and passes to be fair. Obviously isn't a left winger though.


Okazaki - N/A

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Thought Ndidi was superb today. Linked up really well with Tielemans. 


Iheanacho. We might as well put Simpson on up front. His touch is poor, his only shot was weak. He did make a nice defensive clearance though....just a shame it was for spuds. Although his usual 'pointing the finger for others to cover and chase whilst standing still routine' was up to his normal brilliant standards.


IMO it was right for Vardy to take the penalty. Maddison missed his last v Cardiff and the way all the others were shooting today he was the right player to step up. I noticed Maddison was happy to hand him the ball.


Such a shame he missed it because I think we would have won that game from 1-1. Spuds were getting more nervous with every passing minute. 

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Think we are very close to being a really really good side. New manager, another striker and a midfielder (if we can’t sign Tielemans) and we are there. 


Kasper 6 Didn’t think he could do anything about the goals


Ricardo 6 Same mistake again after last week


Evans 7 Played well 


Maguire 6 Poor for the first goal but otherwise pretty good 


Chilwell 8 Pep Guardiola is going to sign him isn’t he?


Ghezzal 5 Just no threat whatsoever. Tidy player but nothing else 


Tielemans 8 MOTM


Ndidi 7 Incredible that Puel was due to leave him on the bench in favour of Mendy. Looked better without Mendy actually. Knew his job rather than having the same job as his partner like he does when Mendy plays 


Barnes 6 On another day he has a couple of goals. Still think he’s going to be one hell of a player 


Maddison 7 As always, creative and a threat. Played well 


Gray 6 Puel hung him out to dry. It didn’t work with him up front against Liverpool and it didn’t again yesterday. Did his best 


Vardy 7 Miles better as a team when he came on. Pathetic decision from Puel to drop him unless it was for the apparent name calling last week. If Vardy starts, we put away some of those chances we missed in my opinion. 


Manager: Leave. 

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On 10/02/2019 at 23:54, Mehrez said:

Your being way to harsh here, he didn’t do much wrong today especially considering he’s had all the confidence booed out of him. He put one particularly good ball in which someone should have put in the back of the net

Whilst I agree he is lacking and has no confidence I stand by my comments about Nacho.


I really want him to succeed here. But I see very little in attitude from him that he wants to succeed here.


Ghezzal has been slated on this forum. But every time he plays for us I see someone who is trying his very hardest to succeed. He runs, hassles opponents, tackles, chases back and tries his best to make things happen. He looks like he will run himself into the ground for his manager, the team, the fans, the club. He WANTS to succeed and does his best to take the chances given him when he plays.


Now compare that to Nacho. He runs on, religiously crosses himself, the just drifts into oblivion for the rest of the match. OK, he played ONE good ball into a dangerous area v Spuds, but that is not good enough. His control is terrible, he doesn't seem to be aware of his own team mates, he doesn't tackle, chase or hassle anyone. I've lost count of the number of times he's come on as a sub, then stands around the half way line pointing his finger for others to chase and cover whilst he has the freshest legs and does nothing. Against Liverpool he was atrocious for this. He looks like he doesn't care and I'm sorry but I can't forgive anyone player who wears a LCFC shirt for that, yet alone a player costing over 25 million! And this is why I support and defend Ghezzal on here, because, for all his faults, he looks like he really does care.


Looking at the voting figures today, he is the lowest rated player (again). With 114 votes cast I'm obviously not the only one who is extremely disappointed with both his performances and his attitude.











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