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  1. I am willing to stick with him,which is lucky for him as I have alot of sway with the FA
  2. .. When you put a t-shirt on in 2 stages, one over your head, the other over your belly
  3. Let them. Is anything stopping them doing it now in the middle of the pitch to get a free kick?
  4. I'm in the camp that says that ANY contact with arm/hand and ball is a foul It takes all the subjectivity away about it being deliberate, unnatural position of arm, what mood the ref is in etc, etc..
  5. Corinthians have an interesting history, I watched a programme about them the other week (the London club, not Brazilian)
  6. Am I missing something, aren't Celtic going to go on and win everything available to them AGAIN, even without Rodgers?? Why drag this out any longer
  7. LCFC are the new kids on the block making giant strides in the EPL, we are the Kia Sportage of the football world.. Wolves are like an old 70's Jag, Forest are a Ford Granada and Palace are Dacia Sandero
  8. Everything on Talksport is designed to aggravate fans and get them to call in / text
  9. Totally.. If we can't keep this calibre of manager long term there is something wrong
  10. A truly stressful job can lead to all sorts of problems. Try to tackle the workload, if that means saying no at work then say it. If you are failing deadlines as you are being asked to do others work then let it fail. If you can control this, then you will begin sleeping again. You will then feel able to help with your wifes' family issues and so on..
  11. I like Rafa and think he'd do a good job. Would certainly have the pulling power for future signings. Fans would put up with the defensive play if the results changed.
  12. I can't say 'Puel' without adding 'out' in my mind
  13. Harry Redknapp. 3 month deal. Be a right laugh.
  14. Women footballers shouldn't be paid The BBC and Sky Sports are shoe-horning womens womens football (and now rugby) into mainstream, with no actual support / fanbase
  15. The Government paying for things actually means the tax-paying population, so no, I don't want to subsidise this any more than I currently am I have sympathies with train commuters though
  16. I like the look of him, he is obviously skillful but I can also see that he is strong on the ball (unlike Diabate)
  17. and have £2k left in your pocket
  18. I think he'll be excellent for us if he doesn't get homesick and leaves after 1 year. So strong, good level of skill with the ball at his feet and seems to have a good pass on him (back-passes to the keeper aside). Also pleased with his heading ability yesterday but no danger at all when he went forward for corners etc
  19. Southampton's defence did very well negating our threat last night, thought their CD's were particularly good. But having said that pinging in low balls to Vardy or Ian would have terrified the tall defenders, it just didnt happen partly due to no overlap from the right and leftbacks
  20. It has only been Ranieri (in the 1st season) who has been able to do this in recent years (including Pearson in this)
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