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  1. Saw this. The lad was sat on his own when I looked round The stewards were too busy as sorting our fans out !
  2. Just managed to wrangle the day off tomorrow so just got 3 tickets. Quite a few left still
  3. Seems ridiculous, i sit in k block so my seat is unavailable so got to move anyway, good chance to sit with my mates tgat cant go very often, but still have to wait even though its going nowhere near a sell out. Wait till wednesdsy and i can buy 5 ??
  4. Can season ticket holders buy more than one ticket for this or do we have to wait for general sale to get 2 together ?
  5. Cos he said premiership, which is in Scotland
  6. Why does he need to get up to speed in scotlands top league? Or do you mean the premier league ? Google
  7. Dont blame anybody for ripping it. If you want to applaud the team on the pitch. Why wasnt it made of fine mesh so you can see through it? No thought for the thousands that want to enjoy the whole match experience. And it was up for a good 5 minutes
  8. Loving these. Is there any chance of some how combining the Maguire and vardy pics, also with the Lcfc badge and the England badge or flag ?
  9. Only one I subscribe to is 'two Mike's from talk sport.
  10. Never knew he played in scotland and won the premiership , unless you mean the premier league?
  11. Last might it was only 5 pints of bud then 2 pints of moretti . Been shit all day
  12. In my 50's now and really struggling with these. Obviously over the years I've had some stinkers but now, even after just 6 or 7 pints I'm wrecked all the next day till literally bed time. Anybody else suddenly started suffering after reaching the big 50 ? I've always been able to hold my beer and am possibly classed as a big drinker by those that know me. But now although I can still drink I'm a feckin lightweight at recovering
  13. Cant say im surprised with the dross of last season and the mediocre performances in pre season. Really think he needs to get off to a stormer if he wants to survive, otherwise i cant see him being here at christmas.
  14. If the programmes and mags are stll available id take them if you are local
  15. No details yet, but reports of depression
  16. Was watching fine for 24 mins then just stopped. Tried coming out then going back in but now says my details are it correct,,
  17. Got it through the cast button. Also able to screen mirror it if needed
  18. With all the friendlies on lcfc tv, anybody know if its possible to stream them to a tv through Chromecast from my galaxy tablet. Its not a smart tv so got to use the chromecast.
  19. Does anyone live in the LE2 3 area of the city and have virgin media? Thinking of changing both my sky tv and bt broadband but want to check to see what the service is like in my area
  20. Absolutely. I have a little snigger every time I'm talking to a so called expert and they use that phrase when describing the English league ?
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