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  1. If he plays 3cbs against these after West Brom had their pants down he deserves to go in the stocks for the rest of the week.
  2. Some serious mental gymnastics going on here to arrive at this conclusion...
  3. Still the drugs as a comparison is a bit of a stretch. I feel this has been handled proportionately with an eye on the current guidelines but with also the situation we are all in. Its hard to punish someone for something that should never in a million years be illegal, wasn’t illegal just over a year ago and won’t be illegal in a few weeks time. I’ve been making the point over and over. The club have dealt with it internally as they should, people are overreacting saying its a sackable offence (Its not) and that if he’s playing golf today thats his prerogative. The club
  4. Right I am mistaken but i’m not making it up for the sake of it, its something thats been doing the rounds for a while.
  5. I think you’re arguing with the wrong person. I fully agree that the club doesn’t accept it and has dealt with it. What I dont agree with is posters blowing it out of proportion and calling for the players involved to be sacked or worse.
  6. Golf clubs have been open for a few weeks now. Where on earth has the drugs comment come from? Massively reaching there...
  7. No it shouldn’t be his free time but the club have decided it is. He’s probably been told by some of the staff to go and play a round or do something to take his mind off not playing so he’s in a better frame of mind when he comes back to the squad. I mean its conjecture but at the minute a lot of this thread is.
  8. Employers don’t have a right to control your free time. If they have given Maddison free time then its up to him what he does with it as long as it doesn’t break any more Government restrictions. Slippery slope if we start advocating for employers to give us permission on what we do with our time outside of work.
  9. You have a point but he’s a young bloke that doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. He’s done something to probably take his mind off not being able to play today. i’d rather it be a round of golf than an orgy at Kyle Walkers.
  10. It was widely reported a few weeks ago I mean probably the press making a meal but it was out there and has been taken as fact by a lot of people (me inc).
  11. Exactly this, people are taking it way to seriously and advocating disproportional accusations and punishments at the players. They made a mistake, its been dealt with internally, whilst disappointing the matter has been closed from the clubs end and people should move on.
  12. So you’re saying you’d literally just sit there doing nothing 9 hours a day for each day you’re suspended or on gardening leave? He’s not gone down the pub, he’s gone to play a round of golf probably to take his mind off things. If the day job has specifically told him to stay away then they can’t dictate what he does in the free time he’s been given.
  13. Not really, you’d try and either do something productive or go and do something you enjoy to take the stress off. Maddison has probably gone and played a round of golf to let off some steam to help him get his head in the right place. I’d rather he did that rather going out on the piss again.
  14. So if you got put on gardening leave you’d just sit at home 9 hours a day doing nothing because you ‘should’ be available to work?
  15. Its not just the formation but the style of play too, you can’t play the slow possession based build up football and expect any serious amount of progress with only 2 attacking players out of 11 on the pitch. It works when you look to sit back and break quickly. 4atb feels more natural because it adds the balance needed for the style of play we’ve adopted.
  16. No surprise that when we went to a back 4 we scored 2 and looked much more of a threat going forwards. The 3cb system really has to go, it doesn’t work often enough with the style of play the team has adopted to be a viable option.
  17. He has had a mare almost all of 2021. Besides the obligatory decent performance against Sheff Utd he has been way way off the pace.
  18. Yeah and the punishment should be proportional and handled internally like it has been and would be in any other job. My point is calling for them to be sacked and never play again is way over the top.
  19. You’ve made the point I made yourself. All they’ve been allowed to do is carry on doing their job, just like everyone else. Regardless of the job it is, if all you could do was work and see your colleagues and no body else for a year its going to have an effect. Throw in the fact they are under more scrutiny than the average joe they can’t bend the rules like most people have been to see their families and friends especially if they are young and single. I’m not demeaning the pandemic, i’m on about the fans reaction to the breach of the rules. They aren’t a sackable offence.
  20. To them its just a job and they don’t support the club. Whilst as a fan you’re invested the reality the players aren’t even if their media training teaches them to act as if they are.
  21. Why is it? Why should they have to behave any differently to anyone else? They might get paid a wallop and but they shouldnt have to behave differently to anyone else..
  22. So the reality is them going to a garden party would provide very little risk to anyone at all.
  23. This is shades of Bournemouth last season. If we bottle top 4 again after being there all season then Rodgers has some serious questions to answer.
  24. They’ve probably spent the best part of 12 months barely interacting with anyone in person outside of work. Even if they are well paid footballers it will do anyones head in eventually. Fine them and move on. Even with Maddison we weren’t winning this today.
  25. That wasn’t my point but the reality is that the numbers in this country are very low and all at risk groups now have at least 70% protection against serious illness and death if not more.
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