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  1. I'd like a young centre half no one has heard of from a lower league team
  2. Not from me you didnt Ndukwu still has a chance if his hard work started to match his talent
  3. Selected for the England U15 tour this lad is the real deal so just hope it is in the City colours
  4. Seen him play lately ? No , thought not no chance what so ever
  5. Johnson and Ndukwu injured along with a few more we are third from bottom and two go down but only a couple of points between a fair few teams I think Reading are bottom and we play them next
  6. Manish off the BBC has similar photo on twitter also reckons he has BOUGHT a ticket
  7. Worked very hard with little support but Jamie Vardy he aint Liverpool were different class second half
  8. Unknown players from different clubs is the whole point your logic that Shawcross would do well for us just because Huth did is just plain wrong in my opinion Shawcross is absolute pants but respect your view is different we are much more likely to sign a centre back from the lower leagues than we are Shawcross
  9. And both are right footed so you are saying that Maguire is a better left sided English centre half than Gibson ?
  10. Neither are better LEFT sided centre halves than Gibson and never will be
  11. We don't need to win or draw this game We will get enough points ( if we even need any ) at home against Watford and Bournemouth
  12. He is a world class manager ( amongst other things ) still expecting any fans with an IQ of less than ten near the away dug out to have fistfuls of yellow cards at the ready
  13. Great logic that means we should sign Pierre Pisspants from Le Harve ?
  14. I presume the Shawcross comment is some sort of joke ?