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  1. He gets lots of his info off Twitter etc but is well connected and knows a few people within the club
  2. What is your definition of "handsomely" ?
  3. Question is linked by who ? Amazing the power of social media and Agents
  4. 2 keepers signing in the same week
  5. Offer to go abroad on loan turned down by club
  6. Zouma to WBA on loan from Chelsea would help our cause no end
  7. It was shown to me as a link on Twitter hence including it in this thread - not one of mine
  8. Loftus - Cheek
  9. Very pessimistic view Stan
  10. Depends on how you define "our"
  11. Quite correct but people in glass houses etc
  12. John Percy on the money again
  13. He has been there a while now
  14. Doesn't matter where it is to be fair as that is the wrong golf course muted as the new location Will happen in the next 18 months
  15. Not happening