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  1. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    The Mirror are just guessing Might be an educated guess that turns out to be correct but it's a guess all the same
  2. Have been tasked with getting to a Cup Final presumably on the assumption we would be a mid table team at worst Expecting a very strong line up
  3. Academy Under 14/16s

    16's and 18's at home to Spurs on Sat morning so you can go and decide for yourself how good / bad they are
  4. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

  5. Chelsea post match 1-2

    A mid table team playing mid table football we will finish mid table get used to it might have a decent cup run
  6. Drinkwater says farewell

    Everton away and he was in the stands with us Not many players do that Still think he will be back inside 2 years after finding the grass isn't always greener
  7. Are our owners ambitious?

    There is some utter tripe on FT and that post is right up there so well done
  8. Sheffield United... Away.. Tuesday.

    Huth will play
  9. Sale of training ground

    Target of being all sorted within 2 years The perceived cheap price for the TG may involve a swap for land elsewhere ?
  10. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Isn't that the whole point ? No point in playing like Barcelona in the U23's if you are going to play a totally different way in the first team set up surely ? Being able to control a ball and pass it remain a constant no matter what style of play you adopt
  11. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Think we were about the only ones in the non believers camp when we signed him so nearly ready to admit defeat
  12. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Thoughts on Maguire ?
  13. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    Just being in our squad is no good he needs to play He isn't ready YET for our first team so let him go and learn his trade in a team where he gets competitive game time Shaky would have played him at all he end of last season because there was nothing to lose and he wasn't sure what he was capable of. Preseason has obviously convinced him he is going to be very ( hence the new contract ) but he is not ready yet for Premier League football Struggling to see why people can't grasp the concept
  14. Arsenal Away 11 August

    Mine only arrived yesterday afternnon