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  1. wellar54 still making a complete tit of himself in the match day thread I see why does the bloke even bother to pretend he is a supporter ?
  2. Fitz has what you might call an attitude but on his day can be unplayable at U18 level He has sorted himself to be fair to the kid so could make it Technically very good
  3. Very nasty smash at the infamous junction today which doesn’t bode well for after the International break
  4. As there will be nothing else much to talk about for a good while : Diaby. Schick Kamara. Sosa Disasi. Ait Nouri Prijovic Caci Martin. Benrahma Grimaldo. Mings Jovic. Gakpo Diangana. Santamaria In no particular order
  5. Absolute bullshit They have linked up with NASDAQ and if you read up properly you will see the business model is nothing like a Ponzi scheme The “wife” has made £13k since May 2019 and has a £40k port which compared to some proper investors is peanuts if you know anything about football you should be able to make at least 10% every MONTH Expanding into Spain and Germany soon so the Index is only going one way
  6. For the first time ever I agree with Babylon
  7. Just had a quick look at the match thread and nice to see wellar54 is still making a complete cock of himself disabled
  8. Making yourself look a bit of a tit as they are the subs
  9. Personally not sure Barnes or Gray will start in front of Albrighton against the big boys until BR is 100% sure they can furfill their defensive responsibilities Not Albrightons biggest fan but didn't he start in front of these two towards the end of last season once he was fully match fit ? Apologies if he didnt
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