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  1. Was Chris Powell on TV for the Spurs game ? I was at the ground and didn't record it so not sure but he was certainly there in some capacity or another
  2. This
  3. Put Chilly in for Amartey and don't think you will be far off
  4. Will be very surprised if Moore is included Josh Knight more likely I would have thought
  5. Great idea ...
  6. ????
  7. Wonder why we are playing Luton
  8. FFS
  9. Couple of people early on in he thread reckoned Shinji had a great game i thought he was awful
  10. Now that is a great idea
  11. Good job he came back by the sounds of it
  12. The one massive advantage Southampton has over LCFC is their catchment area as there are no real rivals at all until you get towards London laws of average therefore mean they probably get twice as many very very good kids to start with do they develop them better than LCFC ? evidence shows they quite clearly do LCFC Academy is at a crossroads and simply can't continue in the same vain so they either invest more money to employ top class coaches or they follow the Brentford route New training ground is still on the agenda so looks like further investment is the probable route Chelsea and Man City are really red herrings in terms of comparing developing kids as the investment in their Academies would probably be at least ten times more than the next ones
  13. U23's will get relegated if they don't get something from Spurs away on Thursday so maybe he will be back for that ?
  14. A very valid point as it is not doing them any favours
  15. We had a scout at an Oxford game a while ago so lazy journalists assumed we were watching Johnson They were wrong