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  1. Making yourself look a bit of a tit as they are the subs
  2. Apparently Soyunco has done very well in training but Benkovic certainly hasn't hence the Dunk links Wether Harry wants to go or not is irrelevant if they don't break the record he ain't going no where as he is under contract so as you say sit tight and see what happens
  3. Personally not sure Barnes or Gray will start in front of Albrighton against the big boys until BR is 100% sure they can furfill their defensive responsibilities Not Albrightons biggest fan but didn't he start in front of these two towards the end of last season once he was fully match fit ? Apologies if he didnt
  4. The bloke is a guesser We were never in for him
  5. If Maguire goes he will be replaced as we won't start the season with just 4 centre halves Maguire coming or going has no effect on us bringing other players into different positions
  6. Maguire : I would really love to play for team A but don't want to disrespect LCFC so I won't put in a transfer request LCFC : Thank you for your honesty and if Team A met our valuation of X we will allow you to leave Maguire : What if a team other than Team A meet the valuation LCFC : Then moving to them would be disrespectful and you would have to put in a transfer request which would be treated accordingly You can probably fill in the blanks
  7. If the right bid comes in yes I do
  8. Sure you don't need me to tell you this is done and not the end of the signings either
  9. Absolute rubbish All the pitches at the current training ground were dug up as soon as the season finished and look at them now on all the photos of the team training
  10. As discussed above he signed this afternoon BR was partly instrumental in getting it over the line so can only assume he sees something in the lad
  11. Decent bloke who knows his way round the lower leagues which in this role is useful He doesn't decide who or where the players go he just looks after things once they are there and reports on their progress ( or lack of it )
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