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  1. ramadaone

    Bournemouth.. Score prediction thread!

    26 nil to us Support your ****ing team FFS
  2. ramadaone

    Fleetwood (H) Match Thread

    Don't worry wellar54 will be posting live updates from the ground
  3. ramadaone

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    No he wasn't released by Arsenal - been here since he was 10 or 11
  4. ramadaone

    Southampton (A) Match Thread

  5. ramadaone

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    How do you come to the that conclusion just by watching the highlights on MOTD Dont worry I'm sure we'll drop points somewhere along the way and you can continue to post your unfounded BS Try supporting the team like a proper fan as who knows you might actually enjoy it
  6. ramadaone

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    80/1 to be top Championship season scorer before start of play today Had a very small wager each way for a bit of interest
  7. ramadaone

    Darnell Johnson - SIGNS 3 YEAR CONTRACT

    Think Championship is a division too high at present if he wants to player regular football
  8. ramadaone

    Darnell Johnson - SIGNS 3 YEAR CONTRACT

    Spot on No where near good enough YET but has a chance of making it as a centre half but no chance whatsoever as making it as a right back Contract talks ongoing but DJ now possibly holding more aces than Rudkin
  9. ramadaone

    New training ground announced

    The idea of dealing with the foul water on site surely wasn't the best idea anyway ? Guess the nearest main is in the village so no doubt cost would have come into it
  10. ramadaone

    Harvey Barnes

    Well done Ric spot on
  11. ramadaone

    New training ground announced

    Traffic flows will increase no doubt but it's the fact that it will all come out in big blocks that will be the issue ie after training , after games etc wether that is Academy or first team The Highway assessment would not have witnessed this sort of vehicle movements because previously it only happened on very rare occassions. Going forward it will be the norm rather than the exception Waiting to get directly across the junction can take a good while so there are bound to be people who get fed up waiting and take a chance Sincerely hope a lot of people are wrong when they say it is an accident waiting to happen and that includes myself
  12. ramadaone

    New training ground announced

    And you can see why Absolutely no chance that all the players never mind Academy parents are all going to turn right out of the TG and queue at the A46 and then risk their lives trying to get across it. At least 50% are going to go through Seagrave Pretty much everyone who knows the junction has said it is an accident waiting to happen so bit unsure why the Club are not being more proactive Guess the idea of paying £5M to build a roundabout at the junction might be one reason
  13. ramadaone

    Hamza Choudhury

    Ok no problems Was asking for a friend
  14. ramadaone

    Hamza Choudhury

    Anyone think he might make a decent right back or right wing back in a 3 5 2
  15. ramadaone

    New training ground announced

    The "local" is the bloke who turned the farmland into a golf course in the first place and then sold it on for a nice few quid Obviously if he waited a few more years he could have sold it for a fortune so is a bit pissed off The points he makes however are very valid