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  1. The players required for the relevant positions have all been looked at by the analysis boys The data is looked at by the management team and cross checked with who they like / know A short list is drawn up with outline valuations against each transfer target All of the above is pretty obvious stuff and happens at all clubs now days The difficult bit is the game of poker that then goes on with the shady agents who just bounce one club off against another for as long as they can in order to get their man the best deal In theory your head of recruitment knows all the right agents and is a brilliant negioatator so LCFC are at the front of all the right queues The deal then goes across JR's desk and is either sanctioned or it isn't. LC will not be anywhere near signing off any cheques In effect he is wading through all the Agent bullshit because JR has better things to do If the signings are a success LC will take the plaudits and if they aren't JR will get the blame because he didn't sign the players LC wanted to
  2. The transfer targets have already been identified so the new man won't have a massive influence in the short term JR still has to sign the cheques so it's not like Congerton is going to be signing his own players willy nilly
  3. Some of the younger lads being pushed up into the U23's which wouldn't have happened previously Gaffer starting to tweak one or two things around the Acadmy
  4. Back supporting the team now we are winning I see By supporting I obviously mean via watching on the radio
  5. Maybe not a wind yet just a gentle breeze
  6. He is still here but gone if you know what I mean
  7. ramadaone

    Che Adams

    He was in and around our Academy a few times for trials and games but never did enough so he went to Ilkeston Fair play to the lad as he has obviously got his head down and proved some of the doubters wrong
  8. Won't be our only defender going out on loan to a Championship team
  9. Wes waiting to see who gets promoted before he decides what to do maybe ?
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