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  1. A lot of injury concerns with him though, and unlikely Chelsea would sell
  2. Slow and he never put a tackle in, but had brilliant technical ability.
  3. DanNDH88

    Papy Mendy

    Literally the worst video ever, what’s the point of making that shit 😂
  4. Yeah, they still managed to finish 14 points ahead of us last season despite them being dreadful. We laugh at other fans being arrogant on here, but this place is awful for it recently.
  5. He was just far too slow in the end, kept fouling people on the edge of the box since he couldn’t get close enough to win the ball back. He was absolutely class for a few games and then got injured, seemed to go downhill from there
  6. I think King got one too
  7. If he was champions league quality he wouldn’t have been struggling to make the bench for us half of last season
  8. Champions league quality 😂
  9. 100%. He really hasn’t done a lot, especially against anyone half decent. Would be a lot different if he wasn’t an academy graduate.
  10. DanNDH88


    Anyone remember when we had King and Amartey starting in CM?
  11. Wasn’t it Darnell Johnson?
  12. They speak utter shite
  13. He’s not getting in over the likes of Sterling, Sancho, CHO, etc so may as well
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