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  1. I remember when he came on here and called me a dole dosser 😂
  2. It’s his time to shine this season, really needs to show the world what he can be and nail down an England place. I think he was playing a lot when he wasn’t fully fit last season.
  3. Quickly getting tired of fvcking Barnes missing every clear opportunity
  4. Might be the centre back from Honduras we apparently signed and then never arrived
  5. I imagine they’ll continue with the testing as normal?
  6. He was dreadful towards the end. It was like every opponent shot outside of the box would go straight in.
  7. Yeah sad isn’t it. It’s not like we have the most eloquent of speakers as our own captain anyway.
  8. Maitland-Niles will be the starting rwb
  9. If he signs then I’ll lose a lot of love for football really
  10. These people are probably about 50 years old, genuinely blows my mind they consider this sufficient patter to post on a public forum
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