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  1. How many times did he actually play? Can’t have been many.
  2. Bloody hell, imagine being Claudio and trying to understand that. She’s speaking at hundred miles an hour with both of the other 2 speaking over her with their dreadful mic set up, can’t they sort some decent equipment ffs?
  3. Probably! Much better than listening to the rest of footballers who don’t seem to have a personality when interviewed, have a laugh ffs
  4. Yeah he does seem sound tbf. Seems if you have a bit of charisma and dress in designer clothes you somehow instantly become a horrible arrogant twat according to all the internet gammons
  5. DanNDH88

    Corona Virus

    We haven’t been let out. We can just do sport for an hour 1km around our homes.
  6. One of the worst defenders you’ve ever seen 😂😂😂😂😂 yeah that’s why he plays for Liverpool top of the premier league..
  7. Oh god yeah he’s dog muck, if he was English he’d be absolutely hammered
  8. Aubamayang, scores a lot against clubs like Norwich but goes missing in big games. He’s still a good player but certainly not in the very top bracket
  9. Bit of a flat track bully really, his record against top teams is terrible.
  10. Wasilewski has as many assists as Cambiasso,
  11. Anyone want to start a pro club on xbox one?
  12. Looks like he’s got a bullet proof vest on
  13. RIP. He was brilliant, remember him, Bothroyd and Chopra tearing it up.
  14. DanNDH88

    Corona Virus

    Just been given the week off here in Barcelona, mad stuff. I think something like 84 have died in the past week or so. They’ve just closed schools and universities too.
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