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  1. He was the one who wanted George Hirst in the first team.. I’d take no notice
  2. Everyone from Eastern Europe is hard as fvck I swear
  3. We’ll never see the helicopter bring the ball again now will we.
  4. I remember him making a meal of a soft challenge to get Vardy carded in the title winning season when Vardy later got sent off. I was raging.
  5. Arsenal fans are the worst aren’t they?
  6. You what? What a stupid comment. Not even comparable.
  7. Is that our fans or theirs singing the Lloyd Dyer chant?
  8. Terrible, shite pass from Iheanacho and even worse attempts at stopping it from Ward and Justin
  9. We’ve just lost to probably the best team in the world from a last minute penalty, not a bad result if you ask me.
  10. remember when people wanted to play him at right back?
  11. Why wasn’t Tanner’s writing this good for the Mercury?
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