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  1. Feel so sorry for him, first his wife now his Mum. The documentary he made earlier in the year was a great watch.
  2. Schmeichel Simpson maguire evans fuchs iborra ndidi mahrez iheanacho albrighton vardy. Pushing for europe with that. Can't see anyone paying the money for Mahrez anytime soon.
  3. Matt Phillips and Ryan Frasier as a replacement for Mahrez, how depressing.
  4. Grown men crying about the director of football for daring to go on holiday with his family, jesus wept.
  5. It's literally everytime I've brushed them for the past fortnight so i'll get them checked next week. Someone told me getting them deep cleaned normally sorts them out, just hope they don't charge me a ridiculous amount again for a cleaning.
  6. Has anyone gone to the dentist about gum disease before? it keeps bleeding behind my front teeth when I move my tongue around there and whenever I brush them too.
  7. It's a scam mate, had the same on eBay. Always pay over the full asking price and want it sent to London or to a different country and none of the names match up, you then get an email saying you need to post it before you recieve payment.
  8. This and grown men crying that we won't sign x player that they've probably only seen play once. Makes the transfer forum almost insufferable.
  9. So he gets here, nineteen years of age, ferrari chasis
  10. Remember the days of Chris Weale letting in every shot from distance.
  11. Three members of the coaching staff who i bet are hard brexit, Shakes, Appleton and Stowell, make Leicester great again!
  12. Very odd, especially when people wear white socks with smart/going out shoes.
  13. What happened to that Hondurian defender who last thing we heard was flying over to sign for us?
  14. Same here, probably the most overrated player in the squad, contributes nothing when he starts. To think people want him to replace Mahrez is absolutely baffling to be honest. Wouldn't be overly bothered if he left.
  15. Got a job interview over skype on friday, anyone got any tips?