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  1. Stoke (A) Match Thread

    Fuchs needs fvcking off along with his godawful clothing brand
  2. Next City Manager?

    Probably going to be Pardew judging by the clueless muppets we have in charge.
  3. Shooting in Las Vegas

    ISIS have claimed responsibility
  4. Questions Thread

    I have an account with virgin money and the account has got money in it that I want to transfer to my other account with TSB. However, i don’t have online banking with Virgin and I lost my card while here in barcelona so they won’t send me a new one. Is there any site/app to transfer the money from? When I had my card I was using an app called circlepay to transfer but it has to be sent from a card not a bank account.
  5. Possible terror attack in Canada

    Shock horror, another refugee.
  6. Catalan Election Spanish Police Again

    It’s an illegal vote, do you expect them to do nothing?
  7. Bournemouth Away Pre Match Thread

    Schmeichel simpson morgan maguire fuchs king ndidi iborra gray okazaki vardy
  8. Depression

    Has anyone been to the doctor/ had treatment for anxiety? I’ve been really struggling with that recently after being depressed. Constantly have this horrible nervous feeling for no reason and my mind is racing and lose my appetite. Seems to stem from my girlfriend, I really have no reason to be paranoid or anything but my imagination is crazy. It’s really affecting things with her at the moment. I’ve never seen anyone about it and will be especially hard since I live in Spain.
  9. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    You just know we'll sell him in jan to west brom or someone and he'll end up scoring about 15
  10. How Was Your Day?

    Both, and international business w spanish.
  11. How Was Your Day?

    Nice, i was there in my first year. Currently on work placement abroad!
  12. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Some people should be paid to be sterilised. McDonald's is truly awful food for morons. People who wear brands like Siksilk need shooting. Multiculturalism mostly ruins a country rather than enriching it. People who die from intentionally taking drugs deserve it for being stupid enough in the first place. Maddie McCann genuinely went missing. Anyone arrested for terrorism should be kept in solitary confinement in a separate prison for charges of this nature so they don't try to influence others. Most people only really loved Obama because he's black and 'cool'. Wilfried N'didi is our most overrated midfielder. Adults who wear replica football shirts are seriously odd. Breaking Bad is wank.
  13. Demari Gray's Attitude

    Should have took the £25m and ran, overrated bastard.
  14. Terrible players we've made look good

    Not the worst player in this thread, but was a poor player at the time and we made him look like Yaya fvcking Toure.