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  1. DanNDH88

    Wolves (H) match thread

    You can go back to your own forum now, looks like a long season ahead for you lot.
  2. DanNDH88

    Wolves (H) match thread

    We’re gonna win the league boys
  3. DanNDH88

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Take Evans off at half time and shoot him in the car park
  4. DanNDH88

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    LoveFilm? Wow how long ago was that popular! Forgot it existed
  5. DanNDH88

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Yeah, I have both, spend a lot more time using Prime tbh. I use the Spanish version, they have this programme that basically follows the lives of Saul (Atletico Madrid) and Iñaki Williams (Bilbao) which is really interesting to watch
  6. DanNDH88

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Amazon Prime Video is getting very good recently
  7. DanNDH88

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    It’s a good series, gets a bit boring towards the end but overall I enjoyed it. Hank Moody is brilliant.
  8. DanNDH88

    What grinds my gears...

    It was ‘to all who voted brexit, le pen or trump’ like everyone who voted for those somehow think Africans are useless or something
  9. DanNDH88

    FIFA 18

    Got to div 3 with this really good cheap team. Steam rolled the rest of the divisions. Lopes Sibibe-Marquinhos-Marcelo IF- Kurzawa Fabinho - hamouma IF - serri Malcolm IF 85 Depay Lemar i have Fekir and Diao also on the bench. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve this defensively? I can’t afford Silva and I can’t find other decent defenders in Ligue1, so i’m a bit stuck and can’t seem to get out of div3
  10. DanNDH88

    What grinds my gears...

    All this stuff about about the French football team being mostly of African origin proving that immigration is amazing and people should never criticise it... there’s a bulletproof wall around the Eiffell Tower as a response to terrorist attacks.
  11. DanNDH88

    Questions Thread

    What would you do if you know someone lied about being sick at work? Saw her out on instagram. This girl is supposed to help me with stuff since I got promoted but she’s thick as pigshit and awful at her job. I don’t have any say in these decisions but we aren’t gonna renew her contract after summer, but she’s always taking the piss with holidays and sick days.
  12. DanNDH88

    What grinds my gears...

    Oh my god Hermes are the worst. It’s also so frustrating ordering from somewhere and not being able to choose the courier - so it’s basically a lucky dip of what complete moron will end up delivering your parcel
  13. DanNDH88

    What grinds my gears...

    How people can spend months working in an office for a company and still not have any idea how things work or what’s going on around them ?
  14. DanNDH88


    Has anyone ever had shoulders feel like they’re grinding before? I tried doing front raises today and could really feel it grinding as I bought it down on the right side. I could do press, lateral raises, reverse fly etc with no problem at all. Also, does anyone have anything good for forearms? I’m doing backwards curls with an EZ bar right now but not making much progress. I’m tall and quite gangly so even though I have quite decent arms and shoulders my wrists are still like a womans
  15. DanNDH88


    Is this with dumbells? I personally hate doing flies with them. I try do focus more on cable flies and the pec deck. You can also do flies on a bench using a cables machine. If you feel it in your chest, it’s normally good as you probably recruited more muscle fibres than you usually do. Pain in other areas can mean you’re doing it wrong, such as in your front delts.