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  1. Really wonder where he gets that from
  2. Just going as back up, Macey is off and that Runarsson looks awful
  3. Maybe if clubs actually did something about players breaching Covid rules (looking at you Mendy, Walker at Man City) I’d care more about all this celebration bullshit
  4. Yep.. he’s from a different league though so he’s the best thing since sliced bread on here according to some when he’s done fvck all apart from in the EL
  5. People over the age of 18 having balloons for their birthday..
  6. Saw on his Instagram he was suicidal a few months ago and ‘did something stupid’ and there was a picture of what looked like a big cut on his thigh.. could that all be related?
  7. Standard meme from yer da and his mates’ WhatsApp group this
  8. I’ll never forget that penalty against West Ham. Cojones!
  9. Why do all these crashes seem to happen in Indonesia and Pakistan? Is it just shit regulations?
  10. Same here! So useful now I don’t have to endlessly trawl through Netflix and can pick one from the list
  11. Why are kids under the age of 11 exempt from masks? There’s no end of the annoying sprogs getting in my way down the supermarket. Surely they can infect us too? I get it for toddlers, but surely anyone over the age of 6 ish can wear a mask for half an hour..
  12. Also another example of how much of a twat Gary Lineker is
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