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  1. UK: Polite people Better selection shopping wise Richer People are reserved and more modest People are hard working generally Homes/flats etc of good quality People are seemingly more intelligent Forward thinking People are easier to get along with Dislikes: Weather Women Public transport is rather expensive Shitholes like Tower Hamlets for example Spain Likes: Weather Food More relaxed Women The beaches Finishing at lunch time friday is normal Cafés Cheaper cost of food Dislikes: Rude, almost obnoxious people Manual workers are totally incompetent Work ethic is awful Low wages High rent Quality of housing is poor - mostly old fashioned flats here in Barcelona Too many people at times in bigger cities Sexism Men are very creepy - especially moroccans and indians (doesn’t seem to happen in the UK) People are very superficial
  2. DanNDH88

    Puel Gets Full Backing of the Board

    I don’t know, people might just accept he’s staying and get behind the team, can’t really seeing it happen though after Carroll scores in the 18th minute
  3. DanNDH88

    Puel Gets Full Backing of the Board

    I think they’re doing it to keep the players motivated to finish the season strongly, and to keep the fans turning up. He’ll be gone before the World Cup starts.
  4. DanNDH88

    Questions Thread

    I don’t think so. My tutor was fine, she said obviously consider the difficulties but I can take a year out and just go back like nothing happened. My boss said he’d be happy to keep me and will come back to me with a contract offer.
  5. DanNDH88

    Shame Well

    In year 5 we always had a spelling test where the teacher would say the word aloud and we’d have to write the spelling down and give it in after. The teacher said ‘urgent’ and silly me thought she said ‘virgin’. The staff room had a good laugh about it apparently.
  6. DanNDH88

    Demarai Gray - Spurs interested

    Tell us more
  7. DanNDH88

    Silva giving his shirt to a Palace fan

    He was passing to a palace shirt all afternoon anyway.
  8. DanNDH88

    Questions Thread

    I’ll have a look tomorrow, want to email my course leader but she never replies to anything, most frustrating person in the world.
  9. DanNDH88

    Questions Thread

    They would offer me a permanent contract yeah. I currently have the most responsibility at work in my team and they really like me, and taking on more is such a great opportunity. To be honest, I hate my course and find it boring and I don’t feel I get much out of it apart from my internship.
  10. DanNDH88

    Questions Thread

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to take a ‘gap year’ between third and fourth year of Uni? I’m currently doing an internship as part of my placement year but I really want to do another year..
  11. DanNDH88

    Burnley away match thread

    Silva is no better than Matty James
  12. DanNDH88

    Burnley away match thread

    Fvcking mongy looking cvnt, he was dogshit for us
  13. Great refereeing. Now 3 points and an injury to Gayle please.
  14. DanNDH88

    Celeb beauties