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  1. Dragovic

    Our best defender by miles, he’s not English and doesn’t go really run with the ball much out of defence so obviously people will prefer Maguire 🙄.
  2. Man City Away Match Thread

    Big game player.
  3. Man City Away Match Thread

    What was Chilwell doing? I can’t wait until he fvcks off on loan next season to bolton or somewhere
  4. Swansea City (h) Post-Match 1-1

    And the fact that we didn’t even attempt to sign a new left back is worrying, another goal conceded due to one of our left backs making a mistake 🙄
  5. Swansea City (h) Post-Match 1-1

    Need a goal and bring on James who can’t pass forwards never mind shoot? Great decision.
  6. Everton (A) Match Thread

    Jordan Pickford looks like a massive racist
  7. Everton (A) Match Thread

    Chilwell and Gray are stinking the place out, fvcking wastes of space
  8. Peterborough’s manager looks like a coronation street villain
  9. The richest footballer

    Never heard his name mentioned since we signed for us.. seems like he’s shite and we signed him as a favour or something.
  10. Fleetwood Town (A) pre-match

    Hamer Johnson Dragovic Maguire Chilwell Gray Silva James Barnes Okazaki Iheanacho
  11. Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Fair play, class finish
  12. Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    May as well play with 10 men rather than Slimani.
  13. Liverpool A Pre Match Thread

    Gonna put my life savings on Coutinho to score a free kick
  14. Liverpool A Pre Match Thread

    5-0 Liverpool. Salah, Firmino and Coutinho will have a field day against Fuchs, Maguire and Morgan who move like fvcking buses.
  15. Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    He does it all the time, can’t pass properly and has a poor first touch.