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  1. Hopefully Derby go up, should be a nice 6 points for us
  2. Schmeichel over De Gea? Hahahahaha
  3. Take a look at the position description and requirements if it’s online and try and match up your experience and skills with that. Always works for me.
  4. Used to play for the academy this guy
  5. DanNDH88


    Content writing and social media mainly.
  6. DanNDH88


    Shit did hit the fan in the end, lost my job and to make matters worse I’ve got to leave my place at the end of the month. Surprisingly feeling OK as keeping myself busy but can’t see that lasting for long, but who knows.
  7. DanNDH88


    Does anyone else ever get worried when they feel happy for a period of time? Seems like every time i’m feeling good I have a horrible feeling somethings about to go wrong. Always seems to be 1-2 weeks of smooth sailing and then I’m back hoping I don’t wake up.
  8. Thought he would have mentioned Morgan and Dyer as some of his favourite players, pretty odd as they seemed his favourites at the time
  9. Just a shit version of Tielemans
  10. Jeff Bruma was shit and then scored two worldies in one game
  11. It’s nice to enjoy watching us again.
  12. Those Forex traders on Instagram and Facebook who go on about their amazing lives and how they have no boss. Yeah well if it was that good everyone would be doing it. Your Range Rovers are rented for the picture and you’re wearing fake designer clothes you cvnts. What’s worse is I don’t even follow these people, they have paid ads everywhere.
  13. DanNDH88


    Community Manager for a parental control app
  14. **** sake streams behind and refreshing the page ruined it!
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