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  1. Impressive bit of kit this controller. Haptic feedback feels amazing
  2. You sound a bit under the weather to me. You should probably go home and rest 😉
  3. I didn’t get the choice unfortunately. Having said that yodel just emailed after I made my previous post to say it’s coming today so hopefully they manage to get everyone’s out.
  4. Me too. Looks like tomorrow from the email game sent me
  5. He’s been great these first two games
  6. Can’t wait til an opposition player leaves a bit on him only for Cags to run the length of the pitch and flying headbutt the **** 😂
  7. Did Tavares wear number 25 last game?
  8. That’s what’s so frustrating. He’s got so many of the attributes needed to be a great player in this league but he just can’t seem to put it all together.
  9. Based on what? He’s 24 now and has had extended runs in the team yet continues to fail to deliver. I think he’s ok as an impact sub but that’s about his limit
  10. Was he? Still not sure what he’s good at. Runs a bit and that’s about it
  11. I’d appreciate it if it hasn’t already been taken
  12. I agree but I it’s only been possible because of the base he built
  13. Are you a fairly recent Leicester supporter by any chance? The man took us from our lowest point, rebuilt the club, got us promoted to the championship, won the championship with over 100 points and got us to the premier league, pulled off the greatest escape and built much of the team that subsequently pulled off the biggest shock in football history. I think icon and hero are suitable plaudits tbf
  14. What is Chilwell actually good at? I honestly couldn’t tell you
  15. Just highlights how poorly the rotation has been handled in recent weeks that we’re having to resort to mass changes
  16. Don’t get this disrespect argument. Surely it’s more disrespectful to ease off because you’ve taken pity on a team?
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