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  1. Hardly he’s actually spoken about it! Robben sounds for the Leicester 🗣️ "It's an option, but I do not know yet if it will be done, it's not an easy decision to make"
  2. Sending people on holiday to Monaco isn’t the same
  3. It looks brill doesn’t it? I can’t see him in any of the vids though and I’ve seen all the other players
  4. I think it’s nice myself, makes you feel like we are all together
  5. What?? Are you you telling me it’s not? 😭 heartbreaker! 🤣
  6. I’m still a dickhead
  7. He wasn’t head scout at Hamburg and West Brom wanted him and Hamburg turned them down so he can’t be that bad surely? After the sacking of Villas Boas, the entire sporting and youth team were dismissed.[3] After Arnesen was appointed Sporting Director of Hamburg in 2011, Congerton was appointed Technical Director,[4] working alongside head coach, Thorsten Fink.[2] In October 2012, West Bromwich Albion approached Hamburg to request to appoint Congerton to replace their former Technical Director Dan Ashworth; this was immediately turned down by Hamburger SV.[5]
  8. I can’t grade this season as it’s too sad ☹️ RIP Vichai
  9. I thought that about Congerton
  10. I would be more concerned the mess he left Sunderland in... Celtic fans are glad to see the back of him, that tells you a lot
  11. We are so unprofessional at times, why don’t we look into the past like normal businesses nothing on his CV tells you he’s done good
  12. He’s deffo not staying then mr fisherman apparently serious intent from Bayern
  13. I’m going to Cry into my pillow
  14. And so low too there is no excuses for it this time!
  15. I thought we was stopping release clauses?
  16. Either way it isn’t us! The question was would he stay here
  17. What does he expect when he can just buy our magician and can keep him on the bench
  18. Look at what Kompany is saying
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