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  1. If you read the article it is him simply saying he hasn't been offered and extension and will be without a club next summer. The rest is lazy journalism and what's been reported previously.
  2. Bellerin just walking past three or four players. What a mess.
  3. I'm not sure if this has been picked up on but sky are reporting he'd love to move to West Ham and it just reminds me of Maguire and his 'dream move' to Man City. Feels like he wants to come to the premier league and doesn't care wear. I think move on and try for Jonathon Tah now.
  4. I'd honestly keep Slimani, I've heard he has a bad attitude but most games he started he scored and looked good doing so. I think if Vardy got injured he would be more than capable stepping up.
  5. So does this mean if he has a great season sneaky Man Utd will try and get him for 100m! 🤣 Very excited!!!
  6. I have a good feeling on hitting a hundred pages on this one! On a serious note, 25m doesn't sound too bad, wonder if they'd take Slimani, Ghezzal and Silva with 20m.
  7. In the end all it will be is Rodgers saying Ndidi can fill in at cb if needed.
  8. Shoot me down but I'd love to see Slimani on the bench. Thomas to start. 0-2 Vardy and Gray.
  9. Is Benokovic on international duty? I'd be pretty pissed if he couldn't get a game with most of the squad on international duty.
  10. Why couldn't we be linked with him or the Algerian one. 25m each is a bargain in today's market!
  11. Agreed. That was the problem because he was also a decent winger and striker. In those cup games he looked like the next big thing. For sure a better option than Gray.
  12. Possible replacement for Kasper, shit source so take it with a pinch of salt. With that being said, certainly not the worst replacement out there. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/leicester-identify-kasper-schmeichel-replacement-22527370
  13. Looked terrible today. Not worth 30/40m and certainly no better than what we have.
  14. I'm curious if somebody could clear this up for me. Assume we finish 5th and Manchester United finish 4th. If they win the Europa league and go into the Champions league, would we get their league place champions league spot? With our Europa league place dropping down to 7th? I remember one year we had 5 in the cl and 3 in the el. Alternatively if Wolves win the Europa League it doesn't affect us now anyway.
  15. So I was just talking with a friend about Harry Kanes injury being good in terms of the league. (Hope I don't sound awful). Then it hit me, Danny Ings and Tammy Abraham are the only two in form actual strikers if you presume Sancho and Sterling are wingers. How about Vardys comments of coming out of retirement if we're desperate. I'd say we're desperate and England need him. Plus it'd push me to get tickets!
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