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  1. It's funny because I've realised maybe after all this time we've been crying for a back up striker to replace Vardy before we have to spend to much on a proven one that the plan all a long was to have Barnes replace Vardy and it took me a while but now I'm a believer.
  2. I vaguely remember thinking this against Newport a few years a go from league 2. 🙄🙄🙄
  3. Genesis1


    Get rid. I like the guy but he's a liability. If he plays for another team regularly you'll be sure he'll be putting players on the shelf left right and centre.
  4. Didn't need two dms. Swap Hamza for Amarty and put Cags in centre back for 45/60 mins. Then change if we're winning.
  5. So much stronger having Castange back in the team. The amount of fouls McTominay made on Barnes and Brunos fouls, his dive and getting back up and got nothing.
  6. It's hard to listen to these commentators. They score and it's a great goal. We score and their keeper should have saved it
  7. I think it depends if Maddison 'turns up'. That's why Grealish is often ahead of him in the England squad. If he plays like we know he can then for sure, but how often is that? Tielmans is just settled isn't he now? Got his place, turn up, get paid.
  8. Wouldn't this have been a good game to test Castagne on the left already knowing how good Justin is on the right.
  9. I honestly think we don't need anybody. If we had Ricardo, Soyuncu and Castangne at home against Villa, West Ham and Fulham we could be 8 points clear at the top. Ifs and buts I know but I wouldn't change any of our players.
  10. Kasper Forfana Wes Fuchs Justin Ndidi Mendy Thomas Hamza Albrighton Vardy I honestly couldn't resist. Apologies if this joke has already been made!!! (It was for the guy who said we needed more defenders against Fulham!) But in all seriousness, it's very exciting wondering who he'll pick between Maddison, Perez, Barnes, Under and Praet because right now any two are all brilliant options.
  11. You want to get on the Slavia Prague Twitter page. There fans think they're gonna go right through us and into the last 16. 😂😂
  12. How long before Manchester United are linked with him!!
  13. Because if he picked Under you'd ask why Brendan hated Praet. 😉
  14. Shit, How can you possibly pick between Madders, Perez, Barnes, Praet and Under in those two attacking positions.
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