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  1. So I was just talking with a friend about Harry Kanes injury being good in terms of the league. (Hope I don't sound awful). Then it hit me, Danny Ings and Tammy Abraham are the only two in form actual strikers if you presume Sancho and Sterling are wingers. How about Vardys comments of coming out of retirement if we're desperate. I'd say we're desperate and England need him. Plus it'd push me to get tickets!
  2. Who was that woman who said Crawley or West Ham??? Something a little strange there! 😂😂
  3. I've just got home and read that Athletico Madrid have signed somebody for 113m, I thought we'd seen the last of triple figures with Neymar and Mbappe. Figures just keep rising and I wonder if anybody else worries that eventually lower league clubs can't afford quality and only a select few will have the money to get a good side. It's silly I know but perhaps I'm behind on the understanding of this. Perhaps in another 5 years time 80-100m will be the norm for a average player. We spent less than 10m on Matt Mills when we were a top side and he was considered a top player and that seemed a lot then, now a decent championship center back would be double/triple that.
  4. Hopefully this takes a few eyes of Maddison!
  5. So I'm sure we've all heard the rumours of a big money buy out for Newcastle and the potential money being pumped in and I've never disliked the club so I thought it would be a little fun for a poll! Will Newcastle win the league and could they qualify for Europe. Remember this is FUN so don't over think it!
  6. I wonder where he'll go. He's more than capable of playing for a top championship side but I do get fascinated with the English players playing in America. It almost revives them and turns them into world beaters!
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