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  1. We've hopefully put Tottenham off Brendon Rogers??
  2. Not really, if Man City win far more games than they haven't then by your logic we should be playing them in the fa cup final. It's a forum full of opinions, don't get so beat up kid. 😊
  3. I think he means there has in the past been a lot of players with lots of hype to do well when you consider at the time Gary Hooper and Jelavic were also playing great up there at one point.
  4. This is why I wouldn't make a good manager! Love it! A potential replacement for Evans.
  5. My issue with this is if Justin gets back to his best in January/February, it's a lot of money to spend on somebody for 6 months, it's 50/50, if Justin gets back to where he was, then one of them is benched when you feel they're to good for it, if we don't sign him, and Justin doesn't get back, we wish we got Gosens. Could be another Ricardo and Castagne situation I'm sensing where Justin doesn't look his old self.
  6. Can somebody clear something up for me please because it's driving me insane, even the fifa website doesn't seem to have a clue. If Arsenal win the Europa League OR Chelsea win the champions league and they finish outside the top 4. Would it then be 5 in the champions league, 2 in the Europa and 1 in the conference? Also, if Man City win it or man utd win it, do we still get s 5th spot in champions league or does it go to another country? Looking on the champions league website they seem to think the extra spot will go to France and that doesn't seem correct
  7. I know I know, I can't help myself. It's like those pundits apparently urging Man Utd to just go ahead and sign Forforna, how about urging them to put a bid in for him or enquire.
  8. Does anybody know how long that buy back clause with Kel was? I'm sure at the time I read it as 3 years which means it's passed now. Just some bullshit journals about Man City fans demanding to buy him back is annoying me. It's like these fans and pundits think just because a team wants our players can just get em and these players will happily leave. Ugh, so frustrating!
  9. I think a better question would be when Justin is fit who gets the boot between him Castange and Ricardo, unless you play Barnes up front with Kel and Ricardo out right in a midfield 3.
  10. I do get ever so nervous when a player looks this good and you just sense some team is readying a stupid bid.
  11. I was thinking about this and you could still get a pretty solid line up. Pope Tarkowski Keane Justin Barnes Maddison Grealish Sancho Bellingham Calvert Lewin Watkins And a lot of these who work hard to play and want to play. No more 'injuries' when we have to play lower teams.
  12. Let's just appreciate without those teams we'll walk the league next year.
  13. Is Maddison still drunk or what!
  14. I'm going to have a sleepless night that he starts Chowders and he gets a red card with us 1-0 for most of the match.
  15. Exactly! He's not a child that needs to be sent to his room. If he wants to do something that's now essentially a day off, then that's up to him. He'll be fined and had his suspension, bollocking of his team mates and back for Southampton, end of thread.
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