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  1. Puts all our woes this season into perspective really
  2. I was born late May when football season is over, so had to wait until Alan Smith scores in a 1-1 draw with Luton Town at Filbert St on the opening day of the 86-87 season in August. Went on to finish 20th and go down that year (out of 22 teams, and only 2 points off a 19th who went into a relegation/promotion playoff).
  3. I think European football next season might help, and I fancy us to get 7th now...
  4. Not only picks the right pass, but 95% it gets to its target. And they are forward cutting edge passes. I’d throw any amount to get him on a perm.
  5. Junior Lewis - his passport said Brazil... Reminiscing about this is painful, particularly the decade in the wilderness that followed. It’s almost laughable now looking back at how bad he was. Muzzy’s autobiography says a bit about him - decent bloke, but massively out of his depth.
  6. Sign him up immediately!
  7. The quality of his distribution has dropped off a cliff this season. Not a reason to drop him or anything though.
  8. He was trying to do the right thing. Just didn’t work out for him, and that mostly seems to be about his persona and how he came across.
  9. Mightily inconvenient for those of of us travelling long distances, as I was planning to. May revisit now. Bastards
  10. If you forget what happened in 15-16 and don’t use it as a yard stick, would you be happy? Ask yourself that, have a think, get some perspective and back the lads.
  11. Percy’s credibility is waning, and my love for Claude is deepening. Ooo la la.
  12. Yes because Colin willy puller plays a good attractive style of football...
  13. There are many times in my lifetime that blowing Europe would have been itself an excellent season.
  14. Absolutely. It’s like human beings aren’t allowed to have variable performances...
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