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  1. Christ if he can cross, which he can, he must start. Our set piece delivery is awful 9/10. Maddison is class, and he’s got a nice haircut and that, but his set pieces don’t often beat the first man. And it’s so frustrating because remember the high proportion of goals that are scored from set pieces. There’s a reason why O’Neill had Guppy in the same team as Walsh, Elliott, Taggart, Heskey. God thinking of Guppy’s left foot is the stuff of dreams!
  2. We’ve nothing in the middle of the park
  3. Whenever Perez gets the ball it’s like you’ve hit slow motion on the remote - everything seems to take that split second longer.
  4. My take home message from this is that we need to practice our shithousery
  5. Agreed. Praet gives us a nice balance and we’re better when he plays
  6. Liverpool have no first choice defenders I gather, and Salah out. Just get Vardy to put one on Mane early doors and I think we’ll smash em.
  7. Carl Muggleston, Neil Lewis, Jason Jarret and Josh Low
  8. The Harry Maguire coach turning area. The Frank Burrows Gentleman’s attire shop The Ian Holloway joke shop Craig Shakespeare Library
  9. Chilwell is a good player. But that’s about it. The fact he’s English and he’s not trendy hair accounted for about a third of the price. Fofana was around the same price point, and I know they play in a different position, but I know who’d I’d rather have!
  10. He’ll be way better than Chilwell at his age now. Another real gem.
  11. Why would he leave us any time soon. We’re going to win the league - you heard it here first
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