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  1. The key for us and other top clubs the good players coming off contract will be where we are dealing i am sure rather than big money transfers.
  2. Perez plays the role the more like Shinji Okazaki than Maddison. But even better. Different type of option.
  3. Played in his natural position he is worth the money paid for him. He is not a winger. But is he better than Maddison? But it is great to know we can play Perez in the AM role and know we have a class player to cover for James.
  4. For what it is worth in the world of sport, Tom Brady was selected 60th in the NFL due to teams thinking he was to slow. 7 super bowls later he is the greatest to ever play that game. Tielemans is not fast but not slow either and what he is supposed to do for your team being the equivalent of a quarterback running the team on the pitch he is right up there in the world in that position, no doubt. Also my opinion is Soyuncu is clearly a world class CD.
  5. Can't say that is so really. Look at Zlatan and Ronaldo and Messi and even now Cavani. I am not saying get a mid 30 big name but they are big names and big earners for a good reason.
  6. I like that team for this game but maybe with Albrighton in for Barnes.
  7. Can't see that team bring picked.
  8. I would also like to see Under play on the right. But We liked much better when Albrighton came on and he did what he did which is deliver some of the best crosses in the EPL.
  9. No. Ricardo is fighting Castagne and Justin for a spot. Albrighton is fighting hard to keep Under on thy bench
  10. When you consider that last year's best rated CD Soyoncu is now fit and can't make the side and the same goes for Perrira our defence is the best in the league. Evans gets better with age and a novice 19yo who is truly amazing. Fofana playing well enough to get picked for the French national side. Can't afford to get in injured in this squad because you may not get back into the first team.
  11. How can anyone not live the guy. He may not be the flashiest player in the globe but he gives his all every game. One of the best crosses of the ball in the PL. Never has a bad game. The sort of player ever club and manager wants in their squad.
  12. I think to be fair it was the first time in a while he played as forward as he did like Maddison. I am pretty sure he has been playing deeper this season. He was excellent in that traditional AM role. That hammy injury looks like a bad one.
  13. Did i not hear that we have assigned him till 2025? It will cost any team a fortune to get him. I really don't see him going. He has turned us into a new big six team. Less pressure here for him and a chance at having a long legacy. The teams you mentioned will always have more pressure on their manager.
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