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  1. To all my fellow foxes fans. I Am so sad today with the horrible news. It was only in May i had the pleasure of attending my first premier league game being the West ham game. Had the pleasure of meeting vichai and top. What a lovely warm and compassionate person. What he and his family have done for our club can never be thanked enough.
  2. You could put Kelichi out wide and Madders central
  3. There is zero chance Puel is under any pressure for his job.
  4. I will go with a 2-0 result for us
  5. Excellent skills overall but for me it is his speed that makes him invaluable. He never gives up and can go with most forwards in tracing back. A real star maybe now rather than the future.
  6. http://premierleague-lives.com/live/leicester-live-stream-8/channel-1/
  7. It was a friendly with mostly our 3rd stringers. honestly you have to kidding if you think this is what the season is going to be like. We are on a training camp.
  8. I think KIng could be the sub for Maddison as he plays closer to the strikers than the other midfielders you mention.
  9. Think we are playing 4-3-3 with the 3 up top all strikers and not wingers.
  10. 30 mil regarded? really? Did you think that was a good deal? 20/20 hindsight.
  11. You and the others commenting about him have not seen him enough to judge. So wait and see him play for yourself to use you undoubted skill of determining if he is worth it or not. To go off like you have with nothing more than some comments from some fans is not very logical really.
  12. NO one now quotes the fee paid for Pickford which was nearly 3 times as much. Yes in hindsight it looks like a bargain being probably the england keeper for a decade but a huge gamble for a kid. I am not saying Ward will be as good as Pickford but who knows. Also being from the UK probably raised his price. I am sure karius would of been the first keeper LFC would have liked to have sold but right now they couldn't give him away.
  13. Seriously you are taking a fan forum opinion as the basis of how good a player is. Have you read this forum at all? If you were an outsider reading this there is not player on the roster worth a bag of salt. The harshness of many so called fans is nuts. None of us should be the basis of deciding the skill or value of a player. Sure we are entitled to criticize when deserved but for you to make such a sweeping judgement about Ward from a fan forum says more about you than it does about him.
  14. He is the reason I follow LCFC. I was a young goalkeeper in Australia back when the 66 World Cup was on. I followed him rather than England but followed England for the cup. He is a legend.
  15. Didn't a lot of posters here go on a tear when we lost Steve Walsh to Everton and blamed Rudin? Most said it was Walsh who was the star in the football dept in recognizing talent. well how did Walsh work out in everton? The role of DOF has got to be the most undervalued and poorly respected role at a club. Every fan thinks they could do the job and is judged with disdain. He seems to be a competent person in the role and the real people who matter those paying the bills, the owners must think he is very good at his job, so really that is all that matters. arguing about the quality of players coming in and going out and for how much is where we should spend our time not slagging off the staff. The owners get to decide who the staff are.
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