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  1. I am sure Harry would still be a great player for us but Soyuncu has proved to be a true gem of a player. My point being Benkovic still has a chance to be the next guy to make the step up to be great player. Rodgers really does an amazing job of getting the best out of each and every player. There is not one player in the current squad who has been given a chance to play that has not been better under Rodgers than any other manager. Benkovic is still very young and is well known to Brendan from the Celtic days. i am sure he will bring him in when needed and he is ready.
  2. Remember Caglar only really got to play this year with Maguire leaving, and look how that has turned out. i am sure the team leadership know what they are doing with him and if he is good enough he will get his chance.
  3. My thoughts exactly. 3 extra wins needed over the next 22 games and that assumes we don't lose is a huge ask.
  4. Maybe now we have a 6 point gap to 3rd and 9 to 4th they can't just ignore us as the only true title challenger. But it is clear the media do not want to talk about any team other than the traditional big 6. Or the people working for the media haven't really go a clue about football and the PL.
  5. You really wouldn't want to be Norwich coming to our place next week with Vardy in this sort of form. Unstoppable.
  6. It is if we are Liverpool and they are Man C of last year. Liverpool had an amazing season but City were just that little bit better. We are doing the same just out of this world this season, just with one team being that one step better. For us to win 3 more games than Liverpool over the next 22 games will be tough, not impossible but very tough. We must win at home on boxing day and hope that at least 2 others knock them off and that still requires us not to lose any games. That is the real dynamic to consider, we can't lose at all and they have to lose 3. Shame but second place seems the most likely.
  7. I really am not sure people really read my post and what i am saying. It has nothing to do with getting praise for the club nor is it about what they think of the club, but the bias of keeping a certain status quo in club hierarchy in the Premier League. my point uses us and how we are doing, but it could be about any of the other 14 teams that make up the PL. All the media want to talk about and speculate about is 6 clubs. Yes it is driven by size of market and audience but I feel that is naive .
  8. My post isn't about validation it is about the sense that we and the non top 6 are entitled to be good and have world class players and managers. As soon as there is a poor performing top 6 team the pressure is on to sack their manager and for them to immediately go after someone from the division doing well. For example Spurs taking Pochettino from Southampton and now pushing for Rodgers to go to Arsenal as if that is the natural order of things.
  9. The point about the media bias is the constant attempt to undermine the holding of players and coaches/mangers towards the traditional big clubs. The reporting time given to smaller markets is sort of understandable, but the pushing for BR and or our players to leaver for" a bigger" club is my main issue.
  10. There is a serious attitude and arrogance which is not healthy in the media only wanting the top 6 (or perceived top 6, being Man U, Man C, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs) to be the legitimate title challengers. It is if, how dare any other team force them to talk about them as contenders. You little teams can't expect us to get to know who you are and if you do well, then hand over those players and coaches that are making you good now for the benefit of those that should be in the upper spots on the table. This blatant media bias to not want other teams to be in Europe contention or more importantly do what we did in 15/16 has to be reasoned by the sports editors and jurno's. Is it because of advertisers only wanting the big 6 to be talked about? Is it because the media haven't got a clue who anyone is, playing for the other 14 teams? is it because the pundits are all ex top 6 players and are there for colour commentary for their old teams? Like our favorite Gary Lineker will always do his best to present the Foxes in a good light. This fixation trying to get BR to leave for Arsenal and our best players to leave for whoever as an example is poor in so many ways. I would have thought the league and the media would love another cinderella story like ours 5 years ago and for the league to be healthy with genuine competition from lots of teams. But NO they think you need to know your place and get back with the rest of your "kind" being cannon fodder for the big clubs, how dare you make them and us wrong!! BR was ridiculed when leaving Celtic for us, now he is not supposed to be our saviour and needs to resurrect the faltering Man U or Arsenal etc. he is now seen to be the best available manager for them. Hang on, he has a great job and is doing it wonderfully, why not praise him and Leicester for it and persuade the ownership of the other teams to do their own homework and find the right person for them. This is beyond lazy journalism to just go hey, Brenden you are to good for the Foxes, so take more money and fix Arsenal!! i for one, have faith the BR won't leave what he has started for a team that is in disarray in more ways than on-field. Rodgers legacy I am sure will be more enhanced by staying and making us not just the best of the rest, but perennial top 4/6. i hope other teams from the mid to lower ends of the League do the same in the near future and show the media they need to rethink the rights of those that have been the top teams to those rights. How about getting behind what is happening in Leicester again (as the only other team other than Chelsea and Man C) to have won the title in recent history, so why is it so hard to believe and accept it could happen again. Long live the Rodgers reign and long live the team we have being a top 4 team and should be going forward.
  11. A draw. Puts us Man City and Chelsea on the same points total and keeps Liverpool only 2 games ahead.
  12. Hack

    The top 4.

    And unwarranted pessimism is more annoying and destabilizing. There is nothing wrong in observing after a 1/3 of the season we are clear away in the top 4 and those below that are playing average to poor. This is a very different season to 15/16 from us and 3 other teams. No one should fear being optimistic about where the team is at and where they are likely to be.
  13. Hack

    The top 4.

    Remember, we only lost in the 95th minute to Liverpool at anfield by penalty and lost to United at Old Trafford to a penalty. drew with Chelsea at the Bridge so all of them have to come and play us at home, where we have looked almost unbeatable. So Man City twice will be the big test. Yes injury to any team is an unknown not just us. Vardy is the one player we have difficulty having depth and quality to cover. Almost anyone else we have very good to excellent cover. But saying injury is the threat to us staying in the top 4 suggests that you don't think the same to the other 3. Take salah or mane out for a extended period and what does that do to Liverpool? Aguero, De Bruyne for Man City. All just as critical as our top players.
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