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  1. I'd imagine the plan is for Maddison and Praet to pick up the space between their 2 CMs and back 3. Then hopefully one of their back 3 pushes up and leaves a gap for Vardy.
  2. I'm far too drunk for a Sunday and absolutely buzzing for this!!
  3. Oh yeah, thought he was banned for some reason hahahaha
  4. GK. Schmeichel CB. Justin CB. Ndidi CB. Soyuncu RWB. Castagne LWB. Albrighton CM. Praet CM. Youri CAM. Perez ST. Iheanacho ST. Vardy
  5. Generally speaking midfielders are better on the ball than defenders are they not?
  6. I just feel like so many attacks break down when Ndidi has the ball. He's outstanding at breaking down opposition attacks, mind. There was quite a few occasions last season where he'd win the ball only to give it straight back to the opposition.
  7. I've been one of the few calling for Ndidi at centre back for a couple of years now. Let's see how it goes.
  8. Oysters are ****ing vile, can't be doing with mushy peas either.
  9. I love this club but I'm not paying £70, shocking from the club. Season ticket holder for 20 years. I'm becoming very disillusioned with football and in fact the whole world right now, feels like one blow after another. Our owners are brilliant but they've handled this terribly. I've got a sneaky feeling the club will change its policy on this tomorrow anyway.
  10. Been in a new job for a couple months that's causing me a lot of anxiety and stress, it's well paid and all feedback I've had from my manager has been really positive. There's no reason for me to be feeling like this. I've been in this position before with a job and it took me to a really bad place. The thought of going in today actually makes me feel sick to the stomach. Without sounding like a lazy sod, I've always struggled with the concept of work and I'm not sure why (I've worked everyday since I left school, in my late twenties now). My ideal is a 9-
  11. He was partly to blame for 2 goals BUT you can tell he's got quality, definitely worth sticking with.
  12. Hate posts that just say 'this'. But this.
  13. Please can we stop posting pictures of stats? Who cares if we had 70% possession? Who cares if we had more corners? We lost by 3 goals. We've lost our identity, we are the new spurs.
  14. Shout out to James Justin as well, okay he's no Ricardo but didn't look out of place by any means.
  15. Yeah he'd be ideal, reckon you're looking at £35 mil at least, but I'd be tempted.
  16. Oh, come on he's one of the best, if not THE best right backs in the world.
  17. Thanks mate, i'd really appreciate that!
  18. They can, but they're not sure when the work is going to 'pick up' again - we do market research for retailers, who are obviously struggling themselves at the minute.
  19. Yeah that's the obvious choice I guess, I'll have to get looking rather than moping around feeling sorry for myself
  20. Been told i'm being made redundant this morning. Nice one covid! Bit worried about trying to find work, as imagine not many places will be taking on for the next few months.
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