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  1. Albrighton on the left. So there goes my 3 at the back theory.
  2. No one else thinking 3 at the back? Amartey as the 3rd CB, Albrighton and Fuchs as wingbacks?
  3. Not going to argue if it was red or not, but.. "endangers the safety of an opponent"? Is that all it takes? Plenty of challenges lead to a player being injured, should all those then be reviewed and the players given suspensions?
  4. I still miss seeing him on the near post, Esteban on the far post, defending corners. One of his less remembered contributions to the 14/15 season.
  5. So Musa really is the only failure, a player who was raw and had potential to be "the next Vardy", but hasn't been. Zieler was fine as a backup keeper, but when it was clear Kasper was staying, he wasn't happy to stay, fair enough, and we made a profit selling him IIRC. Hernandez, again we got a profit from, and did fine in the Champion's League as right back, but was never given a chance at centre back - where he has been playing this season and was playing the season before we signed him.
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