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  1. The goal reminded me of Nathan Dyer v Villa. Last minute. Bit of confusion.
  2. Kasper RDL - Morgan - Huth - Fuchs Mahrez - Drinky - Kante - Albrighton King Vardy Manager: Nigel Pearson Subs (in no particular order): Schlupp, Ulloa, Was In terms of sentiment, which makes it hard to include Kante as he was only here for one of those many important seasons (heartbreak, promotion, survival, Prem title, Champions League). But those seasons wouldn't now be looked back on as so important or have happened without him. In terms of ability, obviously Ricardo an
  3. Or if just their player got to it first, regardless of if Maddison encroached. So what if they encroached, got an advantage to clear it, and none of ours encroached at all; would that be a "clear and obvious error" from the ref? I'm glad VAR did get this right, and I have been a fan of it (for us, it has made nearly every decision correct), but the potential situation above makes me doubt how good it is overall if it only makes decisions in specific situations, feeling inconsistent in when it is doing something.
  4. He is one of the world's best, even if he won't last 3 season's there. So unfortunately, if they appoint Mou, then I'm convinced Spurs will win a trophy or two by the end of next season. Hopefully we can too tho and thus still get to say we've won more than them recently.
  5. The Mandalorian has been a lot more light-hearted than the "dark and gritty side of Star Wars" some expected, which makes total sense since it is a Disney show. I've really enjoyed the first two episodes, regardless of whatever tone it has.
  6. I've been wishful that he can come good as a CB option for us, but he'll likely need a loan move first. So in January, could he be loaned out to be a starting CB at a Championship club, and then would he want to come back to challenge Benko for a spot on the bench, maybe getting a few starts when needing to rest players? Seems all unlikely.
  7. You replied to this: Thus you weren't just asked who is the better team, you were asked so based on the premise of the current league table being an accurate reflection of how good a team is. Whatever though, this discussion about who asked what isn't relevant to xG.
  8. What part of the discussion am I missing? Neither xG nor league position after 12 games is an accurate reflection of who is "currently" the better/best team... Because you need to take into account that each team has had different fixtures (and other circumstances) that directly affect xG and league position.
  9. I had to unfollow the official club Twitter recently. Feels so much more spam-y lately this season, and every tweet needs some link or image attached, which really gets annoying to scroll through.
  10. "Currently" doesn't mean anything until the end of the season. Each team has different fixtures. Head to head is not an accurate reflection of who is the better team. Or else Arsenal were the better team when we won the league.
  11. We probably made it clear to other clubs that any move for him would be absurdly expensive. Surely plenty of clubs would have had some interest for whatever would have been a fair, less-inflated price back then. (Obviously we were under no obligation to sell though, but you can understand, even if not agree, how someone like Mahrez would say "Leicester blocked me".) And just because there wasn't noise in the media about other clubs inquiring, doesn't mean they didn't.
  12. Other than failing to mention the Champions League quarter final, he isn't saying much wrong? So it should have been "I lost one year at the highest level". People are too focused on him mentioning interest from Arsenal (who might have been great with him), rather than him just generally saying "if I'd left for a top team", which we really weren't after Kante left. I guess it would also be unfair to say we were fighting relegation in 17/18. But playing for mid-table mediocrity under Shakespeare and Puel, regardless of not fighting against relegation as his quote suggest
  13. Ref wouldn't give him a free kick, but otherwise did alright I thought.
  14. I think the Chelsea fan was obviously a bit of an idiot, but also he just didn't communicate well enough. Being the Arsenal manager is the "bigger job", and arguably someone with "ambition" should want that "opportunity" for their "career". However, the Chelsea fan fails to consider what sorts of ambitious Rodgers will have. From a purely footballing perspective, Leicester will provide a greater opportunity for Rodgers to be actually successful on the field (in winning trophies, meeting/surpassing fan/owner expectations with the resources provided), (hopefully) for the next few yea
  15. That doesn't mean the left is not out of position for him. He played on the left because Mahrez, and because playing with Fuchs provided better balance for the team. His inswinging crosses from deep were also useful in setting up counterattacks, allowing Vardy to chase. At the moment though, there isn't much of a reason to say he should play on the left. From what I remember, I think he has looked better linking up with Ricardo than Chilwell (although that just might be generally true because of how our fullbacks have performed since last season). Getting to the byeline on the righ
  16. Obviously it's only if Amartey and/or Benko are ready, but otherwise it's the 2nd/B-team of a good Premier League side, playing a simple 4-4-2 they should all understand.
  17. Ward JJ - Morgan - Amartey/Benko - Fuchs Marc - Mendy/Amartey - Hamza - Gray Ayoze - Iheanacho Guess Iheancho might not play, and I sorta forgot about Praet.
  18. Which is a ridiculous compassion. The criticism came from the difference in quality the USWNT had over their opponents, and why, such as simply having a huge pool of players to select from because of the county's population.. or finances/resources for training and preparing. Basically, the players are representing their countries, which have huge differences, differences that are out of the control of that country's footballing organization. Southampton have been in the Premier League 2 seasons longer than us, so their lack of quality and failures are their own as a club.
  19. WhoScored gave it to Ayoze, with Vardy and Chilwell also gettings 10s. I might have to agree on the basis that it was a foul on him that meant Southampton went down a man, the impact of which was huge - even though that wasn't directly his doing, but rather a mistake from the opposition.
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