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  1. What team outside the top 3 (Liverpool, Spurs, Man City) doesn't have some averageness in their team?
  2. Unless I am missing something, I cannot see Chelsea or Manchester United being able to challenge for the top 4 or even having a comfortable top 6 finish. Depending on how Wolves deal with Europa, them, us, and West Ham all have a shot at 5th.
  3. Feels like still a while then. Certainly not starting at the end of this season?
  4. Man City Arsenal Liverpool Spurs Leicester and a Cup
  5. When you asked him about music, I almost expected you to mention that you're a dj.
  6. Prediction: excluding penalties, he will score more goals per 90 minutes than Vardy or anyone else in the squad. His link up play already looks good with the other starters, and the attacking positions he finds himself in, partly by not being the forwardmost striker in our setup, will certainly pay off.
  7. Instrumental in the great escape, instrumental in the title win, scored goals in the Champions League, and has earned his place with every manager, giving his all every minute. He's only just below Kasper, Morgan, Mahrez, Vardy, and King (maybe Drinkwater) as one of our greatest legends.
  8. I'm a huge fan of his, but it is too soon to be thinking he will be a successful, attacking winger. Against non-Premiership sides? Sure, but I don't expect that when we are away at Everton.
  9. Replace Maguire if he leaves, obviously. Give Perez a bit of a free role to roam onto the wings. Tielemans and Maddison will drift to the right and left when necessary, allowing linkup with the wingbacks too.
  10. No Slimani either. Probably having his medical at ManU?
  11. I think the 4-1-4-1 from the end of last season, with Perez as an upgrade, will do best. I can't remember the last time I watched Leicester play a midfield diamond successfully (and that was enjoyable to watch), but maybe Rodgers can pull it off. Some form of a 3-4-3 or 5-4-1 (Barnes Ndidi Tielemans Perez) or that 3-4-1-2 could be interesting if we want to play with three CBs.
  12. Are people confident in any one of ManU, Chelsea, or Arsenal to finish in the top 4? I do think one of them will take it, but I have no idea which and see weaknesses in all of them. So far, we have had a "fine summer", but unless we have an injury free season and Barnes (or Gray) can deliver as a top attacking player, then I'm not confident in us either to take top 4.
  13. No brainer. Silverware. And it comes with a Europe League (qualifiers) spot. A real question would be 3rd or FA Cup?
  14. So... Jon is King-Beyond-the-Wall, right?
  15. A woman who's village and people were raped and enslaved by the Dothraki and Khal Drogo, who she had no problem with when he said he'd have his people pillage and rape Westeros. A man of a city that Dany violently threatened when at the gates, saying when her dragons were fully grown she'd have them destroy it. She indiscriminately crucified slaver holders from a city who's governing body crucified slaves. Those she punished were not necessarily guilty of the crucifixions. "Who threaten uprising"? Really? She held no trial, had no proof, even saying it out loud that they migh
  16. 17th for Points, but 15th for Points/Match (and not far from 10th) and 13th for Win%. (And 31st for Goal Difference, but that's partly because 17 of the clubs above have less than 300 games played. It really ought to have GD/Match too.)
  17. Pretty much the entirety of the knock-out stage has been incredible.
  18. Barca just didn't attack or create much at all? Some credit goes to Liverpool for controlling the game, but it felt like none of the Barca players really wanted it. Alba was no better than Chilwell, and I'd expect Ricardo and Albrighton to do better on the right side than whoever Barca had there. Hopefully Ajax can save us from Spurs and Liverpool.
  19. To get into Europe the season after. Either by winning a cup or finishing 1st-5th/6th/7th. European football, a new training ground, a successful manager and squad, a stadium expansion? - the start of the 2020/21 season could look very bright and attractive to start to establish ourselves as a top 6 club, which matches the owners ambitions.
  20. A couple spoilers from the preview for episode 4:
  21. Would have liked Soyunce to have started; glad and surprised Albrighton is.
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