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  1. 65 jobs? Stick em. That’ll be one job per 2 extra minutes stuck in match day traffic. Bad value for minutes.
  2. Can’t wait to see Cags partner fofana, evans is struggling
  3. half time Praet on for madders under on for banana feet
  4. It isn’t even about us just beating the big teams anymore for three points. I cheer all the smaller clubs on against the big teams now because it’s us against them. It’s the rebellion against the elite. Fed up of the bias, bored of a non competitive league where only 3 teams could win it. Much better now, inspirational Leicester have opened the flood gates.
  5. Injury Hit Liverpool 2 - Full strength Leicester 0
  6. Let’s be clear, we have no right to expect the three points against superior opposition. We are however good enough to pull off an unexpected upset, our comparable best 11s are closely matched IMO, but current injuries make them the stronger.
  7. Do something Tierney, stop pretending you’re in the WWE and make a move, these jesters always pretend they’re so hyped for violence! Absolute bunch of Nancy boys.
  8. No it’s not a dive, it’s just a shame we live in a world where moving your head a snail pace toward someone is classed as violent conduct. I blame the Lib Dem’s 😱
  9. Yes I quite enjoy watching careers tailspin, I don’t know why. I suppose it says a lot about me as a person, I take a lot of pleasure in watching players who think they’re better than their current clubs, have their transfer moves fail. I’m very tribal and bitter.
  10. Sky Sports says: Tottenham making a statement and could go on to win the league because of a 2-0 win over Manchester City. Well we beat them 5-2. Same big club bias, it’s the same with Liverpool’s injuries, like we’ve had none.
  11. The big six’ grip on the premier league has been shattered since our 15/16 league win, they’re scrabbling for anything they can get to restore power. Their own “elite league” or the increase in subs etc. Trouble is, teams like us and wolves aren’t going away anytime soon.
  12. Yes I see distractions can only be a good thing, very good.
  13. According to sky sports it’s only Liverpool with injuries, ours are fake news.
  14. Wish she’d shut up and let JV focus on winning the league again, does anyone really care about these pair and their playground argument?
  15. I think the only change I’d consider in your lineup is Robertson for Castagne, and only because I’ve not seen Timmy play on the left yet 😁 it’s fair to say we’re not far off them now though man for man I think, it’s just the mentality side of it, we expect to lose to them.
  16. Pretty much exactly the same as me 😂
  17. What would your combined 11 be for LCFC & LFC guys? Curious bit of fun 🤩
  18. I’d forgotten about the keeper to be fair, I’d prefer chestnuts and little Wes over Robertson and VVD though 😁
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