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  1. @STUHILL I actually change my plea, this Man United team is a 3 points we’ll get comfortably they’re bloody awful.
  2. I’d rather you be right than me, know that. As for the personal remark regarding how I deal with stress, you should be more concerned with how our players and staff deal with it.
  3. Power? A VPN and a few email addresses are all you need to level that off.
  4. Careful mate you’ll upset the heads in the sand brigade with this sort of chatter, everything is ok, keep doing what we’re doing they say. Not to mention free speech filter Mark.
  5. You’re not allowed to just randomly change your avatar, I’m not comfortable with it Stan. Sort it out mate.
  6. We won’t have to give them away, they’ll walk and it’s fine you’re happy with what’s happening, I’m not though. Yeah we’ve done well to hold a top 4 position for most of two seasons, if we lose it because of a Bournemouth like collapse again this year against Newcastle though it will be a massive failure. If/when we mess this up, you can pretend you’re happy all you like, there will only be a handful that believe you. I’m really pleased we’re challenging top four clubs, it’s a huge leap for us from where we were only a decade ago. The question for me though is this; Is
  7. What does it matter if we lose the final and finish 5th? We’re just Tottenham. Feels like you pair share the players mentality, always been a little club and should be so grateful to even compete. You’re right too, Jim. We’ve been one of the top 3-4 sides in the league for two years, how do you do that and not qualify for UCL? Assuming ofcourse we balls it up like it’s looking we will (again). I don’t share your sentiments, capitulation isn’t good enough. Your acceptance of it if shared by players and staff results in a backwards trend. Little old Leicester, well let’s be honest, we
  8. No confidence in our squad to deliver when it matters. 3-0 Chelsea win. Our lot should be embarrassed and ashamed at their lack of mettle, they’re a joke.
  9. The lads need a right kick up the backside, they’ve had last years utter capitulation as maturing time. If they don’t somehow recover now then they’ve not learned and it’ll be a rebuild job next year, fed up of Brendan insisting on a small squad too.
  10. Don’t want him anywhere near our team, firstly doesn’t deserve to be, secondly clearly he’s dragging morale down. We’ve been crap since that West Ham sh show, yes we’ve scraped results but we’ve not looked any good. Him and Perez can bugger off as far as I’m concerned.
  11. We have a right to demand results from this group of players. I’ve lost interest in these pansies, there’s no steel in the team. Maybe I’m an entitled glory boy, but this lot are basically Tottenham, the very type we’ve spent many a year laughing at.
  12. All I’m hoping for is BR has walloped them with the womping stick hard enough at half time to get a result here.
  13. Yes 😆 ok you’re right, we should continue as we did in the first half 😂
  14. Above our stance? We’ve held top 4 for two seasons consistently until it counts. We are not a pathetic little team anymore, we have a right to demand results from these players, most of which are of UCL standard. Most of our first 11 could play for a “big” team. There are no excuses, you speak of perspective? We’ve been the 3rd or 4th best team for how long as a percentage over two years? Majority (guess but can’t be arsed to do the math) of time, if we don’t have UCL to show for that then heads must roll, not necessarily Brendan either.
  15. Vardy wilf cags off dan Perez and Praet on
  16. Where has our Leicester gone? This absolute capitulation isn’t acceptable. These lot need banging with a rusty trumpet at half time.
  17. We’re Tottenham. 🤦‍♂️ getting fed up of these no bottle jesters. Maddison shouldn’t even be playing for us.
  18. Colin you irrationally hate big Dan if I remember right 😂
  19. Cags off big Dan on. Cags has been crap for a long time, reminds me of bomb scare sol bamba. Get rid of the clown 😂
  20. Surely we’re more attractive than those three now. Arsenal won’t be back in the top 4 long term imo.
  21. He’s a good young talent that is obviously trying a little too hard, that’ll fade though with the confidence that comes from playing with the first team regularly. I think he’ll be a gem for us and he could be absolutely critical if JJ doesn’t ever fully recover from the knee injury, I hope of-course he does. Ricardo is on his way to being fit but still doesn’t look right to me, I do think he’ll get it back but it’s going to be slow, that’s what makes me feel JJ will be equally slow to get back to his best.
  22. I blame that suspicious Roma fan, coming on our forum convincing us we were getting a Turkish Messi. 🤔
  23. Not only that, he doesn’t deserve to represent us. We lost to West Ham because of the disruption him and Perez caused attending that silly teenage like party. He doesn’t care about Leicester, he cares about money, fashion, cars and parties. Think he’ll care if we don’t get UCL? Probably not, he’d rather be at United anyway.
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