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  1. What’s going on with chestnut? Ffs surely not another injury!
  2. Interesting lineup. Only concern is Barnes shots per goal, it isn’t flattering.
  3. Who’s still unavailable through injury for this match?
  4. Nobody is good enough to run away with the league this year.. we need to shape up, I think it’s up for grabs for a lot of teams this year.
  5. Is it just bad luck we’ve gone from having negligible injury levels to this farce?
  6. It’s what I’d have done, you’ll make more from good business.
  7. If Banana Feet Barnes could shoot and took his volley well early doors it may have been a different result.
  8. Very disappointing, no penalties, no win. Pendan Rodgers got it wrong unfortunately today, but it happens. JJ isn’t currently good enough, hoping to see Thomas instead until RP gets back and TC can go left.
  9. The defence has been a joke today, other than that we’ve looked good. Perez off at half time, we’ve got 3 goals in us in the second half.
  10. Hopefully mate I’d be gutted 😞
  11. We’re all assuming this new contract doesn’t have a release clause then? It wouldn’t matter if we don’t intend to sell him.
  12. Indy said he’s off to Utd didn’t he? (Maddison) maybe he’s like Sean, neverwrong?
  13. £25 because BT sport don’t do a day pass? I might be missing this one or begging for a stream later
  14. Sorry lads.. I’ve clearly had too much booze 🥃 😢
  15. I want Leeds to win, anything that destabilises the big 6 is good for us, I’d even cheer forest or derby on against the “elite” if I’m honest.
  16. Man City have gone to sleep, this is like watching our match against them again
  17. Seeing Leeds capitulate since my last post.. can I change my plea? They’re in for a bloody good hiding here.
  18. Leeds need to ride this first 20-30 minute lack of possession out and then I reckon they’ll have the beating of MC.
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