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  1. I stopped reading at the old football manager chest nut. We’ve had long enough to plan and have things in place, we haven’t had the quoted five minutes you mention, months rather.
  2. How does that help us for the season opener exactly? 3 points can make the difference of millions, look at last season when three more points would have gotten us a top four place. Potentially throwing those points away by not addressing very obvious squad issues in January and not being prepared to the start of the new season is a joke. In honestly don’t get how you as a fan find it acceptable, seem pretty cool with sleepwalking into the season with the same crap lineup that lost us the UCL positions through injuries etc.
  3. Morgan starting a season opener after finishing 5th is unforgivable. Joke of a transfer window, like January was.
  4. Kasper Justin Morgan Soyuncu Castagne Barnes Ndidi Tielemans Gray Ayoze Vardy
  5. Pull your finger around Brendan, fed up of this now, we’re going to have an absolutely crap defence for WBA.
  6. Whatever, Danny. One season wonder, Kante made him.
  7. Very concerned @Collymore How long does Brendan keep his job if we continue on end of season form, 10 games? 🤔
  8. There is no need.. we’ve known for a very long time our situation regarding squad depth 🤷‍♂️ This isn’t a transfer window as it was when we won the title and it was a surprise. We’ve known next season is going to be busy for months because of early season form.. targets may have changed because of ballsing up UCL but the need to add to the squad hasn’t. For me there’s no excuse to mess this window up, especially after the January window crap.
  9. If Morgan starts a single game this season I’ll be livid
  10. I changed what I said because all good players have a degree of arrogance, it didn’t make sense.
  11. Isn’t he the young fella that won’t sign a new contract without guaranteed first team football? In his head he must be better than Ndidi/Madders/Tiels 🤔 at 18 too.
  12. As if anything has happened other than slab head getting drunk and acting the big lad. Just some nonsense his MU handler has cooked up about his sister no doubt. It’s going to have cost Manchester United a few million in the right hands for this to go away his sister, don’t be naive people 😀
  13. I can’t be the only person to think Neymar isn’t even that special? You hear talk about him like he’s another Messi/Ronaldo level player, but he never shows up does he? Not when it really matters? Plus he’s a diving wimp. (watch him get 3 and flatten Bayern now 😂)
  14. What I will say is the extra games European football will bring shouldn’t have come as a surprise this time around. There isn’t an excuse for failing to expand the squad properly this time.
  15. Yeah they can spend spend spend, what’s new? They always have, well still be there as a thorn in their side, this whole 5 subs thing is a joke though 🙂
  16. He’s got a big future for us IMO. Well done Kel!
  17. Stupid mistakes and needing 25 good chances to score a single goal is why we faltered. I don’t expect our squad to dwell and feel sorry for itself, they’re not children after all. It’s shit, it happened now just get on with it and let’s enjoy next season in the Europa League 🙂 still confident we can attract enough quality to do well. I don’t expect (I hope) to win the Europa League but we can give it a bloody good go if Ricky P and the rest of our key players sign new contracts. Plus the additions of I’d say 6 players. New GK to actually challenge KS for no1
  18. 5-8th is good for me and deep into the Europa League. Anything in the cups in a bonus 🙂
  19. We’re expected to lose, all the pressure is on MU. Just enjoy it lads.
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