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  1. Yes I agree with you there, always entertaining to watch.
  2. Yep, I really like Sheff Utd too, absolutely bust a gut, disappointed they’ll be going down, they were so good last year.
  3. Refs have been placed wrongly above criticism. It’s a joke and most of them are crap, I’m firmly in camp Nuno with Mason too.
  4. I’m really finding myself rooting for all smaller teams now, irrelevant of my personal feelings or rivalries from a LCFC perspective. I’m supporting all small teams as a collective, I see all our performances combine to rattle the elite. Really enjoying it. Wolves, Villa, Soton, us, Everton. Anyone but the big 6 typical.
  5. Is it possible that this improper meeting/party with Kyle Walker was involving other Manchester City players in his.. shenanigans?
  6. Brilliant news, even better news for Cags and little Wes.
  7. Under-appreciated and shows glimpses of world dominating potential? Restricted by the shackles of Brendan Rodgers (mark). 🤭
  8. The only reason people aren’t raving about the immense quality of my posts is that mark has banned me from most forum sections. 🥺 He’s depriving you of my genius in the stocks by the way 😱
  9. Now I’ve caught up, says more about my mind really 🤣
  10. 🤨 what’s the VR? 🧐
  11. His work against Everton for Puel was tidy too.
  12. Chilwell doesn’t play for us anymore. 🤷‍♂️ is it Kyle Walker in the video on Snapchat?
  13. I’ll just assume I’ll be playing the role of the fat kid left til last on the playground with the leg braces on. It’s ok. 🥺
  14. Up steps Justin to take this idiots place in the England team. (Not sure I want our players near that cursed lot though tbh)
  15. Like many others on FT.. I was completely convinced he was going to be one of the best players in Europe. It was extremely obvious to anyone with an eye for football players potential.
  16. No you chose not to read or didn’t understand the post. Elderly and vulnerable vaccinated renders COVID similar statistically to the flu. It’s presently infinitely more dangerous. It won’t be once the vulnerable and 55+ are protected.
  17. You’re enjoying your furlough more than you’ll be enjoying a VAT increase and an income tax increase once everyone realises it all needs to be paid back
  18. Yes but we’re using the rubbish American/German one at the minute that’s very difficult to distribute. As soon as the vastly superior British vaccine gets on the playing field we’ll have the war won in a few months. As soon as the old and vulnerable are vaccinated this thing really is just a flu. It doesn’t kill young and healthy people very much. What’s the average age of death now and the number of healthy people under 55 that have died of it? Achieve the above and let’s get on with rebuilding the world economy.
  19. It’s because Owen is our January striker signing
  20. Hurry up and get the players vaccinated; there’s enough money in football to make it happen.
  21. In their defence the initial pain Ricardo felt didn’t indicate ACL damage.
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