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  1. Total ballsup. No excuse for not adding a player per window at any club.
  2. See, a good telling off at half time and Leeds crumble, useless leedsalona.
  3. The lads just need a rocketing at half time, Leeds are gash, easy win incoming.
  4. I’m the same, I’m forming the notorious arrow shape at the fringe area. I’d honestly rather go full Phil Mitchell than Cantwell 🤔
  5. That’s a fair point, but would you wear Ken’s hair on your head tomorrow? Or Cantwells? 🤔 Beware the answer, it shall reveal more than you know 😱
  6. Oh “his hair” is just a phrase I use to describe everything about him, little fancy type that would suit a team like arsenal a lot more than a proper blokes team like us.
  7. He has worse hair than Ken Barlow.
  8. No, he’ll cramp our style. Stupid hair to match the stupid shin pads.
  9. Forgot about making this topic 😂
  10. Highlights were seeing Bens dreams die and Ricky is back! That’s some right hand side once he’s back up to speed!
  11. When you read the names in this Chelsea squad it’s just a football manager games wet dream. Turns out these lot are better suited to a more European style of play. Useless.
  12. KS displaying his lovely distribution there.
  13. You’ve not got a Mrs. No man with a mrs has the Castagnes to type something like this and risk an absolute domestic riot.
  14. They’re in good form but we’re the better team, superior players.
  15. Excellent, this would make sense.
  16. Im sure one of the sky sports pundits just called our Barnes, Ashley Barnes?
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