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  1. Not worried, we’re their bogey team even when we’re crap, which currently we aren’t.
  2. Does he only have a year left on his contract?
  3. He used to score like this for Man City. Maybe we’re just good enough to get better from him now, rather than where we were with mainly counter attacking?
  4. I’m betting a sum on United to win. It’s the only way we can beat them, my bets never come in.
  5. Proven everyone wrong, he has got the ability to be a top 6 player. So pleased for him. He always looked great at Man City and although we’re not as good as them, we’re better than we’ve ever been before and that helps his game.
  6. Nacho man looked a bit emotional there, lovely to see. So pleased for him after even I wrote him off, if I’m absolutely honest. So pleased to be wrong. Well done Ian.
  7. On FoxesTalk, no-one can hear you scream.
  8. No subs please Brendan, any injuries just crack on with 10 men ffs.
  9. We’ve gotten lucky today. We need to buck our ideas up, quickly. We need a bigger squad and a good transfer window regardless of our end of season league position too.
  10. Well yes in fact, the fact we’ve broken the corner curse is brilliant. It’s just if we hadn’t, the rage on here would have been palpable.
  11. We need to expand the squad quickly. Not happy at all at having to scrape a crap win from a corner.
  12. Just when you think he’s probably going to fizzle out and end up playing somewhere with drinkwater, he pulls a few great goals out.
  13. After seeing this, we cannot finish in the top 4. Last season all over again, no lessons learnt. If it’s Rodgers doing with his tiny squad insistence, happy for him to go, this squad would be fine without him.
  14. No excuse for not adding a single player in any transfer window. Especially so when we know we have a compounded fixture list. This season hasn’t been sprung on us, we knew what we had to deal with way in advance. I do not accept injuries and tiredness as an excuse.
  15. I don’t very often make the starting 11. I’m more the benchwarmer. Bbl.
  16. I really like that lineup. Let’s put these Brighton cowboys in their place with a big 7-0.
  17. These are gash. No excuse for anything other than a win. Couldn’t care less about injuries, it’s Brighton and we didn’t sign anybody in January, an active decision. No excuses, top four is a minimum.
  18. There’s always Frank Lampard.
  19. Yes I believe so but we need to refocus and quickly.
  20. If we bottle top 4 again we will be confirmed Tottenham Hotspud.
  21. He looks nothing like Gray? 🧐
  22. Disappointing performance and result. The lads will want to punish Arsenal as a result, no doubt.
  23. Excellent first half. If they’d have been able to play Grealish we’d have probably drawn or lost the match in that second half.
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