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  1. This is it
  2. Come on its on now
  3. Oh but wait......
  4. 18-9 now. Enjoy the B&B instead
  5. Have another are we doing
  6. If Barratt could kick in this match we would be getting hammered.
  7. Had somethong similar before on an acca. They said the odds were incorrect & paid me a lower price to what the odds should have been
  8. Hope he does come but all this easy money betting doesn't look so easy atm.
  9. Yeah, great game to watch & a great finish for Englamd when I thought it was over.
  10. Would love this to happen but it won't so don't get too excited.
  11. Not been to Kefalonia but have been to Zante & have seen the shipwreck on the beach. Tbh its not that great, lots of people walking on the boat, graffiti all over it & very stoney beach. I was slightly disappointed as I was expecting the wreck to look like it did when it washed up not full of people on it writing crap all over it.
  12. Fluffed it again
  13. Millwall on the pitch......normal is that not haha losers
  14. An improvement on this year would be nice 6-8th I reckon
  15. Just take the penalty, ****ing piss taking with the silly stop start moving.