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  1. Aaron Connolly from Brighton. He looked like a younger version of Vardy last night against Chelsea and I think he'd be an ideal replacement in the coming years.
  2. Didn't realise that the winner of this goes into the new Europa Conference rather than Europa League
  3. I know it's the 1st game but I thought today would shape out season. We had get something else I could see us having a struggle. We were brilliant. Took 20-30 minutes to get into it but after that we completely controlled the game
  4. West brom game moved to Sunday 13th
  5. Yaya, Yaya Yaya, Yaya Yaya, Yaya Yaya Touré Fodé, Fodé Ballo, Fodé Ballo, Fodé Ballo-Touré Kolo......
  6. Sat next to Mike Whitlow once and he instantly became my favorite player. 1st game at filbert Street againt Barnsley, 1-0 win to send them down
  7. There's an app you can download, 'f1 car setup'. Basically a list of users different setups they use at every track from 2018 onwards. Really handy to use. If you don't like one setup, just look through others and pick one that suits you
  8. Outstanding. Can defend, can get forward, can cross. Really really good
  9. IF this were true, I think they'd be 2 factors that would determine if we would sell or not. How much we want Coutinho and how good Benkovic is.
  10. Loved both of Huths headers against Spurs and Man City. Proper Bullet header for the 1st and the way he placed the second was just majestic
  11. So please for him. Feared he would be completely iscolated from the squad until a move was arranged for him. But he looks like a completely different player. Fair play to him too. The comment of him finally fealing that he is a Leicester player too is just absolutely gorgeous to read.
  12. Something like what Amazon have done this week has to be the future. I get why the Premier League/Fa are cautious and are trying to protect lower league clubs but surely they will benefit from this aswell from the money gained. Keep it all in house and the money made will be astronomical. £10 per month to watch the games of a single club (season ticket) with the option to pay an additional fee to access all the games in the prem.
  13. We have 18 points from the last 6 games. The same amount of point Man. United have after 14 games into the season.
  14. What a man. He is so, so professional. In every interview he knows exactly what to say. Always calm and to the point, regardless of the situation. We're so lucky to have him here imo. Credit to the board for identifying him as the man they want to lead this club and getting him.
  15. I can see a few of their players seeing this a chance to walk away from the club now.
  16. 6 of our games have been shown live this season. Weve won 5, drew 1. Chelsea 1-1 Spurs 2-1 Newcastle 5-0 Southampton 9-0 Palace 2-0 Arsenal 2-0 Scored 21 Conceded 2 Taken 16 points from 18 possible
  17. Seen him a few times in the white horse in Quorn on a friday night. Loved his goal against United when we beat them 2-0 at filbert street.
  18. Given that we've played on a friday, and dont play again until sunday, I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't make too many changes for this. Build more momentum. 4-0 win
  19. It was only in January that Southampton came to our place and beat us with 10 men. What a transformation.
  20. Leicester scored 7 goals in 48 minutes against Southampton....1 more than Manchester United have managed in their last 8 league games.
  21. Only the second team to have 2 players score a hat-trick in the same game in prem history. Arsenal the only other team to manage it.
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