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  1. Dunno what level.melton town play at...but if it's senior league or above, it could be humiliating for the girls. I'd imagine England's women's team would have their hands full at anything above senior league, let alone a second tier club side
  2. Exactly this. Schmeichel is - and always has been - more than the sum of his parts. A reasonable and respectable goalkeeper but way way above average as a winning influence at the training ground, in the dressing room and on the pitch...he sets the standard
  3. Bob means excrement round here. As in 'he's bobbed his pants' or 'i'm bobbing it when hanging on to a one goal.lead in injury time' Not sure if that's a UK wide slang. Certainly in my childhood, Bobby Charlton was affectionately known as 'poo charlton'
  4. I don't think you'll find it too comfortable this season. You'll be in for a rougher ride. You played a clever and unusual (for the premier) format last year....a sort of long ball side at the back, playing long diagonals into the channels...then a highly skilled attacking mode. Basically mixing it up, in old money. I think good coaches will be better prepped this season. Also, the small squad coupled with Europa league Thursdays is a worry. That said, you've a fine manager and seemingly impressive back room set up. You seem one step ahead. I hop
  5. Anyone else dislike the 'womens' tag added onto the team names? Or the feminine style names tagged on; lionesses, belles etc It comes across as ever so slightly patronising. I'd prefer the teams were given their own monikers, Leicester, Leicester Kickers, Leicester Dynamo....whatever. Leicester City Ladies or Chelsea Women just sounds vvank
  6. Exactly this. Confidence, mentality and expectations have a huge bearing in results. Celtic have largely championship level players (with a couple of exceptions) and manage to, more or less, hold their own respectability in Europe. Stick those very same players in derby or Middlesbrough shirt in a champions league game and the outcome would be gruesome (for them, not me. I'd enjoy watching the Rams butchered alive by Rosenberg)
  7. I'm a bit worried that all this hubris is going to bite us on the backside. Transfer window isn't closed. Maguire is likely to leave. And as much as I don't rate Arsenal's squad in particular, they finish top 6 every year and we don't. I've supported City for too long to know that one dickie result against wolves is all it takes for the traditional Leicester mentality of told you so, glass half empty eeyores to get going. Let's just go quietly and humbly go about our business rather than sneering at Man U and Arsenal
  8. He's a youth team coach and has (had) no administration, legal nor commercial skills that warrant such a senior position and salary. But in fairness, none of us really know what the job spec is. Whatever it is, a conventional CV isn't going to fulfil.it. So he meets that criteria. Send me lucky generals, eh?...
  9. Agree with this. I worked so much during my stint abroad - more than I ever do here. It's like a switch flicks in your head -IMMIGRANT. YOU HAVE TO PROVE YOURSELF NOW
  10. I'm not entirely sure Maddison, Evans, Soyuncu and Benkovic were his work. But without doubt, Ghezzal, Ricardo, Diabate and Tielemans were. Even his two 'duff' signings are not bad. In fact, if played as a roving no.10, I think Ghezzal is pretty decent. And for a million, diabate was worth a punt
  11. I jacked it, more or less, after many years a few.months ago oadlad. You'd know my username on there. We've corresponded plenty of times. Chin up. I still.lurk and enjoy reading your posts (even though I don't share your socialist views) ....you, sixth swan, clapham, foxinabox, brizzl, mickythehoss are all fascinating contributors If not, come over here. They are pussycats on here. Which is nice...but lacks that bit of edginess because of it. What you lose out of one pocket etc.... Edited to add Soho Fox, seeing as he's reading this thread, is a
  12. A note of thanks to M. Puel for starting this. Ricardo and Tielemans. Whatever his shortcomings, those pair are helluva legacy
  13. Yep. Bert. He of supposed ITK when it's clear to all and sundry he reads between the lines and makes an educated guess. Quack quack oops. Still, not a moment for petty digs, eh?
  14. Please Lord make Claude Puel create an account too
  15. He looks like a Graham. And a Nigel. He doesn't look like a Karl or Josh though
  16. Arsenal are the likeliest to encounter relegation. They have an mid table / upper mid table strength squad. And, as any mid table side knows, you are one rocky start or a seven game bad patch from relegation trouble. It'll be interesting to see if panic and implosion sets in, if (and it's entirely possible) they fall to around 15th at some point next season
  17. School holidays kick in next week. So the rush starts to get away (well, for parents of school age kids, anyway)....and I still get child like glee to see a City kit in foreign climes. Last year I saw a Dutch lad wearing a City kit in Croatia. I was buzzed all holiday after that.
  18. I notice a Tamworth man - and not a City fan by birth - still (correctly) refers to us as 'City'.....unlike a certain broadcasting clown who seems to think 'foxes' is our everyday name. Anyhow, thank you and good luck to Rob Tanner. It can't be easy working for a local newspaper anymore and I hope he lands himself a 'proper' journalism job elsewhere
  19. Julian Peroni - Palace clown
  20. Geoff. I reckon there's only me, you and about 4 others on here who will get that reference. To think they were on BBC2 at around 6.30pm. Bizarre.
  21. Yeah, Leicester had a funny period in the late 80s of clubs out of town. Jimmy Deans. Airmans. Junction 21...and one in Great Glen (Roosters?)
  22. I'm gonna sound contradictory here but i largely agree with you and his obvious nerves ....but I reckon on a more optimistic view. In spite of the nerves, I saw in his little run at RB last year a player still willing to accept the ball and still willing to take the difficult decisions to keep possession (I.e take an extra touch and move inside the defending winger)....normal.behaviour for nerves is to boot the ball down the line and/or pass back to the keeper. That all said, I still think his personal development would benefit from.a.move to a league a notch down in st
  23. I really like him. An proper unit and very comfortable on the ball - he passes my own personal litmus test of a player....is he prepared to accept the ball under pressure? He don't take the easy option either. That said, if I was him, I'd be keen for a move away to a half decent European club. He's got the profile and CV to get himself a decent move. Pop him in the Bundesliga or serie A club and he'd rip it up.
  24. But a decent sized portion of their idiotic fans don't wonder or wish for anything. They have a total almost superhuman belief that they, and they alone, are doing the right thing. A total, unshakable belief in themselves. It's staggering. There must be a clinical word for it.
  25. Wonderful When will this repellent club learn some humility? A dreadful team. Lurching from.one charlatan owner to another and yet that red filth mob greet each if those conmen with total belief that Man City man is about to roll in. I wish them ill upon evil and a slow death. MON....you are well off out of it. Come and enjoy some LCFC hospitality
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