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  1. You didn't miss much, except my tears.
  2. I was at the '84 win. Terrific match, great atmosphere.
  3. That was wanq. Hamza so sloppy just before the goal. Little Wes was a plus.
  4. Bob was/is a true great.
  5. I wasn't Puel out ever, but I'm having serious doubts about Rogers. Tactics, Subs, lack of motivation. What the hell happened?
  6. I wish we could bum Arsenal the same way the commentators are.
  7. It doesn't mention genitalia so it won't take off.
  8. Ken Shimura, famed Japanese comedian, dead at 70 after contracting coronavirus
  9. I didn't see it. How shit were we this time? Just kidding.
  10. Lethargic and neutral. No desire or interest. Very worrying to say the least. We really don't deserve Champions League, Championship would be more fitting on this form Can we turn it around? As others have said we only have one team, and they are struggling for form and motivation.
  11. We are going to get tonked, aren't we.
  12. I'm not bothered. Wish we went out earlier. Shit cup, should be scrubbed from the schedule.
  13. I don't know. Cups are nice, but shouldn't the league be number 1. We have a real shot at top 4, but its going to be tough. I say heavy rotation for Villa and Brentford.
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