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  1. 2 tickets for sale in Walkers Hall, West Stand. Can meet outside ground before match. £45 each.
  2. Nope - the guy wasn’t punished at all despite one of the stewards hearing it. Shame really. A report was filed but no doubt it won’t result in any action. Few Man City fans have tried to identify the guy’s photo on twitter but no luck.
  3. My brother got racially abused at Man City on Saturday. Leicester fans were excellent and told the stewards immediately.
  4. Agree that the best team won and not doubting their class at all. I think what frustrated me is that we totally flattered them with our performance. Some of our defending was criminal but I don’t think it was helped by the way we just let them continue to bombard us down the flanks. BR can be forgiven for starting with the team we had, and I like that he was brave from the off. But 25 mins in it was clear where Man City’s attacking focus was so I was surprised to see no change to the formation or tactics at half time. I did however like BR’s interview - he didn’t protec
  5. This decision infuriated me. Was 1-1 at that point as well!
  6. Got 3 tickets for this. Severely restricted view. Face value, but only willing to sell all 3 together.
  7. I don’t think it helped that we had the whole lower tier as opposed to part of upper and part of lower. I was right by the home fans by the corner flag and constantly heard our stand singing about 3 different chants simultaneously
  8. I’m just repeating what Tanner said. Also he did play Albrighton central when he first took over.
  9. I suspect to add creativity/ability to pass to a blue shirt. Also think with Albrighton more central we may be better at picking out Vardy on the counter.
  10. Tanner reporting that Albrighton playing RCM so it’s 4-3-3.
  11. If you look at his positioning before the ball had been pinged by Neves, he wasn’t even in his own half and had already lost Jota. It was poor defending from the beginning of the attack.
  12. Because that’s literally what the majority of this forum have been saying?
  13. Not to mention these are quotes from an interview that’s 3 days old...
  14. I think this is an example of the provocative journalism you refer to, particularly as this interview was conducted before the Southampton match. Strange timing to publish from the Merc. Just adding fuel to fire and creating more toxicity...
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