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  1. I was listening to drive on talksport on Tuesday and they were saying how Vardy is the greatest ever premier league striker and I thought wow these guys are actually taking sense for once. Yesterday they said Chilwell is the best lb in the world and taking the piss out of leicester fans for not being fussed with him leaving. I then realised nope they are just a joke. Although H and J don’t troll and are pretty good. The amount of adverts ruin the station though just way too many.
  2. Born in Coalville and spent all my life there besides uni. Moved to Ashby about 5 years ago and love living here.
  3. Haha I don’t know. He is a bit cringe but I like seeing different places and foods.
  4. Bookies have Leeds as faves tomorrow wtf lump on us early
  5. Apparently ole has some dirt on Man U hence not sacking him. Really controversial
  6. Somebody feed Phil season 4. Anyone like food and travel watch this series ****ing class
  7. Not sure just his general look is drug baron assistant
  8. Bellerin looks like a guy in the narcos programme on Netflix
  9. Brew in Ashby. As I was in there on Friday they got a delivery. Decent price as well considering what they cost online.
  10. Had a few great beers last night: Verdant - Track and Field, seriously good this. Vault City - Had the rhubarb and ginger and cherry skies, both pretty much faultless. Amunsden - Dessert in a can pistachio cookie dough ice cream, these are great but man sweet and rich as ****.
  11. I’m definitely team Pearaon not team Merc
  12. No just placed my order on Sunday got the usual email and then delivery updates etc then it arrived on Wednesday. Then today got a DHL email saying your parcel will be there today and I assumed it was for some kegs that I ordered last night. Then the vault city box turns up, same order number on the box as my other one. Really weird, same number of beers but with another 1 change.
  13. So my delivery arrived on Wednesday, and then it has arrived again today (apart from one bottle being different). Checked my bank and the money hasn’t gone out twice. I now have a fridge full of sours.
  14. Are you even a Leicester fan
  15. You serious? The more they act like bellends the more views and the more money they make. It’s hideous but that’s what it is
  16. Now today was a pure masterclass. Very impressed.
  18. Results like this make me glad I’m working from home
  19. That wasn’t a smash and grab as we weren’t getting smashed by the arse. Just a solid win
  20. All those crying at the team pre match hahah idiots
  21. But the point is Rogers got it right v Man City and wrong v West Ham. So who knows maybe tonight it will work
  22. he beat Man City in the last away game ffs
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