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  1. Had a vocation stout last night which was mental
  2. Is anyone gonna actually cancel their Christmas plans due to what this disaster of a government tell you to?
  3. Today’s decision was one of the worst ever, clearly onside. That coupled with Pawson not giving our pen on first glance looks like corruption.
  4. Can’t believe Martin Tyler is still Sky’s main commentator he is pure cringe.
  5. Shame mate. One brewery I would really recommend currently is neon raptor, even if they are based in Nottingham.
  6. Premier hop delivery just arrived
  7. Anyone know why there are fans at Everton when they are tier 3?
  8. I prefer bourbon and would recommend Woodford reserve.
  9. Also really good thread idea much better than the coronavirus and Brexit ones.
  10. Skittles Moam pinballs Sour skittles Percy pigs Strawbs
  11. I swear he has 3 goals and 3 assists so far in the Europa league.
  12. His stats this season in this comp are great. What do you expect from a striker who is back up?
  13. Let’s not use a good performance to slate players who aren’t playing
  14. It’s scary that some people can’t see how this is not ok. We need to keep promoting racial equality in football it seems.
  15. @TamworthFoxes seems to sympathise with racist behaviour a fair bit!
  16. Any white person who says the words all lives matter without irony deserve to be taken absolutely not seriously.
  17. I mean we won in the 90th min who cares how barnes and under are feeling?
  18. Also those who liked my post must’ve assume the same
  19. Haha wow I must’ve subconsciously just assumed we couldn’t have got a winner
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