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  1. Didn’t Col once say Cattermole was better than Cambiasso? That one took me a while.
  2. What channel was eurotrash on? Those were the days
  3. Why are people watching this it’s only a friendly? Nothing better to do?
  4. Hmmm no way he is 28 times the player Vardy is imo
  5. It’s hard to say really for me it is worth it. The kegs don’t work out too bad as you get £5 back for each one and also beer tokens with every purchase which you can use on future orders. In terms it the beer the options are great and the pints come out better than a pub. I have tried all different beers and have enjoyed them all.
  6. Also anyone who has praised black pudding is a good person. Only seen fussy eaters and people who have never even tried the stuff say they don’t like it. If you taste it then you will know how world class it is.
  7. I’m a big lad with a big appetite so most foods make me want more if I like it. Some favourites would be curry and naan and then sweet stuff like ice cream and pick n mix.
  8. Bbq is the worst sauce out there. Hot sauce now there is a sauce
  9. Fussy eaters, people who have steak well done. People who go on come dine with me yet don’t eat fish or are fussy eaters. Mainly things to do with food annoy me.
  10. No food makes me gag as I am an adult. Dislike mushrooms though. Good shout re food turnarounds from @Miquel The Work Geordie though, black pudding is class.
  11. Yeah but he’s better then chilwell
  12. You seem very negative from every post you’ve posted?
  13. Do folk not have a life or something. Who cares if we haven’t made a signing
  14. Extremely concerning. Makes you wonder how they get through day to day things.
  15. ****ing clowns man, comparing the Praet transfer to Silva scary stuff
  16. Is that meant to be a slant on Praet? If so I don’t get it Praet has done exactly what he was signed to do?
  17. Why anyone would even watch this I have no idea let alone complain about it
  18. See what has annoyed you on the road thread
  19. Currently drinking a draft Verdant Loud Charge DIPA at Brew Ashby. Really good.
  20. My local has this on tap now alongside a great selection.
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