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  1. What’s Neville saying? I’m in a pub and can’t hear. Also I www very down due to our result but Man U losing helps.
  2. Going to Birmingham early December Covid permitting, anyone got any bar recommendations for craft beer?
  3. Me either they are my current favourite brewery. I had their triple IPA the other week which was crazy.
  4. I’m pretending I’m having fun but deep down I am punishing myself.
  5. Is there a manager who moans during a game more than Sean Dyche? He is mental
  6. He’s a right oddball I think. Sky need new commentators
  7. Martin Tyler would shag this game if he could
  8. beer made up for the weather although I’ve been kicked out now as someone had booked from 6.
  9. The weather or the beer?
  10. This from Pollys earlier in Brew ****ing world class.
  11. Turned down a taxi ride from Nigel Pearson, regret that everyday
  12. That is truly shocking from Laura wtf clueless
  13. Just need to be able to call up a good manager now.
  14. Yeah mate there is another decent beer pub called the tap at 76 which do decent keg beers (not as good as Brew imo but depends what you like) they also have a good local cask selection. It is tollgate brewery if you know it. There are a few other standard local pubs n a spoons. Then there is the white hart which is good for the football and any sport really. Also a great but small boyb Indian called Little India which is opposite the pubs. I think it was you who mentioned getting beers from the tap house brewery during lockdown? That place is about a 20 min walk from town or a quick taxi. All
  15. How has Mane stayed on and the commentators didn’t even really mention it. Basically punched him in the face
  16. Best bit I backed mahrez fgs haha cheers
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