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  1. Came in wondering the latest on Fofana, left knowing Tony Cottee sold cup final tickets to Spurs fans. Not bad.
  2. Which beers you get mate? Had my first Deya beers a few weeks a go
  3. He is class and seems like a nice guy which is rare nowadays. Big fan and think he will have a fantastic season
  4. Genuine question who would you have in your team Kane or Vardy?
  5. Yeah I see that dr guy chatting complete shit
  6. You ain’t got a clue then clearly
  7. Where has he had a bad rep? He’s a great player anyone can see that
  8. Don’t think any lcfc fan has ever doubted his class. Did well today especially in the second half.
  9. Why is his physique unusual John?
  10. Very cool player seems like a nice guy with no drama etc I am big fan. Hope he plays more this season and stays fit.
  11. I had Barnes and Timmy fgs but out of compete hope. Really didn’t fancy us to do that. Vardy anytime would’ve been too short.
  12. I bet on them on the back of your post so thanks
  13. West Ham were favourites pre match! What were the bookies thinking? I had £10 in Newcastle.
  14. I just can’t believe they are playing Carroll up top
  15. Liverpool’s shirt is well dodgy that weird collar
  16. Never felt more pessimistic for an opening game so we will prob win
  17. Lmao Trent even though he is offiside. Wouldn’t see Ricardo doing stupid shit like that
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