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  1. I’m surprised, I was in the kop and could tell he was on
  2. What for our winner? Where were you sitting? That’s an awful shout if you’re not trollling he was clearly on.
  3. I thought the Lino’s were told to only raise their flags if clearly offside? He needs suspending, really dodgy officiating needs looking at. I was behind the goal and even I could see he was clearly onside.
  4. Fairly comfortable they didn’t offer a lot, pleased for Iheanacho he did well when he came on.
  5. He’s having a good game, looked absolutely terrible for the previous few months
  6. That was well and truly pathetic from Arsenal. Just no one trying to defend that second goal at all. Imagine supporting that lot I would be furious.
  7. Anyone know why people keep posting on Twitter “gonna tell my kids....” then insert something
  8. Yeah they always bottle it so don’t really fancy their chances
  9. I bloody loved the Irishman took me two days to watch it though.
  10. With Man City ****ing up I make us favourites now and that’s mental, never thought after the first time we would ever be in this position again.
  11. I feel sorry for anyone unfortunate enough to be related to him. That’s a big insult.
  12. Yeah it’s really good and they are open as a boozer everyday. You can either drink in any of their bottles/cans and they also have 5 beers on keg. All brilliant beers usually too.
  13. What do you mean “nah didn’t think so” my answer would be “**** yeah let me google Olaf”
  14. Mate if kids are out on the lash in Copenhagen then something is wrong whatever they are dressed like.
  15. why would you find a Christmas party cringy?
  16. Made a great double save? Did you not see it
  17. He literally bailed them out today at. 0-0
  18. Why do Everton fans think they’re a big club it is so odd. I would say they are a small club and maybe on west hams level or Burnley.
  19. If that had been against Liverpool 100% that gets ruled out
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